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  1. Probably from even younger than that, but your ‘level’, whether that be strength, mental acuity, reaction time or whatever, depends on how you train it, and what level you start from. Mike Tyson is getting on a bit. Would you fancy your chances in any sort of physical competition with him?
  2. Bonnet de douche, Max 😀
  3. You’d probably enjoy Susie Dent’s book ‘Word Perfect’ - one word per day, with a page or so on its history/etymology/usage. An ideal ‘bathroom’ book.
  4. Scaphoid. Its equivalent in the foot is the navicular, also meaning boat.
  5. I did Latin for a couple of years. Great for learning about grammar, which applies to many of the local European languages, and some of it has filtered through to English. And many words in the medical lexicon have Latin or Greek roots (not that it’s particularly useful to know that a little bone in the wrist is apparently shaped like a boat, which is where it got its name)
  6. We had this discussion, about Manx language in schools, years ago. Conclusion was that having a bilingual education is beneficial, regardless of the utility of the language being studied. Someone will be along to link the evidence shortly.
  7. Cats like laminate just fine. If they don't they'll move out and live elsewhere. Don't worry about cats.
  8. wrighty


    A very reasonable argument, and I too don't understand the resistance or aggressive counter-arguments. Having said that I do think there should be some allowance for property inheritance, perhaps tax is only due once the property is sold? Currently, IHT has to be paid before a probate order can be granted (this is in the UK), which can mean property has to be sold etc, even if beneficiaries don't really want to. There ought to be a better way, perhaps paying tax initially on more liquid assets that are part of the estate, rather than the whole lot.
  9. Leaving next week, to pursue a new challenge. I actually asked him if he was pushed, or asked to leave, or really is pursuing new things. He tells me he is, and I have no reason to doubt him. I know he does have other things going on - it's up to him not me however to publicise them if he wants to.
  10. Not trying to defend a 3 year waiting time, but it is the case that some GPs refer patients in with relatively trivial, self-limiting conditions. ENT receive a high number of so-called ‘two week wait’ referrals for potential cancers, so naturally have to prioritise seeing these. And I’m not necessarily blaming GPs for this - there are patients too that demand referrals and we all know it’s less traumatic all round if we just give patients what they want, rather than spend time explaining why they don’t need (whatever it is). Personally I push back on a number of referrals I get, which sometimes annoys my GP colleagues, upsets some patients, and has gotten me a reputation of ‘being difficult’. But it does mean that my routine waiting list to be seen is measured in months not years, and there are very few patients who turn up not remembering why they were sent in (although that still happens occasionally)
  11. I think you're right, unless you're doing track racing in it. 155mph on the road, even in Germany, is never necessary. I've got a car that is limited the same, and could presumably do faster if 'unlocked'. I've never got anywhere close to it.
  12. Or Islamic State (ISIS). There was a meme about it years ago which 10 seconds on Google has failed to find. But it was quite apt.
  13. Maybe. In one case the sentence was passed 40 years ago, the guilty party being 76 when they finally killed him. Whatever you think about the rights or wrongs of state executions, the way they do it in the US is just ridiculous.
  14. No, absolutely not. Personally I try to park parallel to the lines, and equidistant from each one. This can sometimes take some fiddling about, in and out a couple of times depending on the car park and how much space there is to manoeuvre.
  15. But the space to the right might have been over the line. And the one on the left is quite close. So, if they have to stop sharpish, and two coppers need to get out quickly, they don’t need to be squeezing into a space just so it’s between the lines, and then faff about squeezing out without bumping the neighbour or the next post would be “police car dented my micra” or whatever.
  16. It can. There may have been another car parked on the right when the police abandoned theirs. Sometimes parking only looks bad after other cars have shifted around them.
  17. Less than I started with, yes 🙂 point was that I have my crypto with 4 providers. They can’t all go bust, surely?
  18. You’re doing it now. See what I wrote previously. Move on.
  19. People need to move beyond the playground notion that whoever speaks/posts last (before teacher/moderator intervenes) has ‘won’. Put your point across, move on.
  20. Pretty much. I bite once, but then let it go.
  21. I had a 3rd gen iPod touch that I advertised as free and somebody took it off my hands. I don’t like chucking stuff away. I have a MacBook Pro from 2003 that still works but is of no use to anyone as the OS is out of date and won’t run modern software. It sits on a shelf gathering dust.
  22. Not at all. I could talk to you about your dodgy hip and examine you in my front room. I might however run into regulatory difficulties doing your replacement operation on my kitchen table. When private operating was effectively banned at Nobles, combined with making access to private consulting space difficult, some consultants decided to quit, others did exactly like Mr Khan and carried on outside of Noble’s. Personally I’ve never been a massive fan of private practice - it leads to over-investigation and over-treatment as practitioners have a perverse incentive (money) to do ‘something’ rather than ‘nothing’, and even without that you have self-limiting conditions that get treated which would have recovered on a waiting list.
  23. We don’t, as I think I’ve explained on this forum before, perhaps even in this very thread.
  24. Can’t argue with most of that. Two things however. The Gold Rush in the 1800s US (probably, I’m not a historian) led to many similar fortunes and losses until gold stabilised and became mainstream. It also led to technological developments in mining, industry, transportation etc. Again, don’t quote me, my degrees are in Maths and Medicine. Secondly, electricity. Some cryptos use Proof of Stake, not Proof of Work, which uses 1% of the energy. As well as that, processing Visa and Mastercard payments is not energy neutral either. Heating and lighting those huge offices at Barclaycard et al is expensive, and they have computers running too. I’m not 100% certain of cryptos, and in fact I’m quite sceptical still. But it shouldn’t be dismissed as ‘fools gold’. Non-crypto financial institutions have gone bad too, as well as FTX. Lehman, Northern Rock for example.
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