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  1. According to what he said at the Manx Radio question time thing the other night, he is no longer eligible for the position - he was quite clear that there could only be 12 candidates, those that won their seats. That's obviously not the case, but if he believes that it's difficult for him to now put himself forward as CM in my view.
  2. I’d like to see a directly elected CM. But as we don’t have that yet, I don’t think coming second in a seat should preclude an MHK getting the job. For example, if one of the Douglas South MHKs were up for it, should a difference of 2 votes mean they can’t stand? And there might be tactical voting going on which could explain Allinson and Thomas getting second spot. The people need to vote in CM in a parallel, national poll.
  3. So I’d have to listen then?
  4. Where you getting these from Declan? I can’t find them on the the MR website.
  5. But why? If I was a secretive megalomaniac billionaire wishing to infiltrate Tynwald I’m pretty sure I could find (and fund) a better candidate than Michael Josem to do my bidding.
  6. However, countering my own argument… Ed Milliband
  7. Sources close to the establishment tell me that it’s already been decided that Jane Poole-Wilson is our next Chief Minister. They could however have been bullshitting me. And she apparently doesn’t want the job.
  8. It’s things like this that make me prefer a single transferable vote system.
  9. Purposeful Stupidity - how very apt.
  10. I must have missed that album release. Was it terrible?
  11. The best things come when there is a definite tension between the main players. Think Waters/Gilmour or Blackmore/Gillan. Would Pink Floyd and Deep Purple have been so good if they’d been besties?
  12. Got all the manifestos in. Haven’t read them all - even for someone relatively interested like me, some of them are tl;dr - but I have weighed them. Chris Thomas - 38g Ann Corlett - 29g Damian Ciappelli - 26g Sara Hackman - 11g I actually find the weightier tomes off-putting. I’ll base my decision on how they come across at the Manx Radio question time thing this coming Tuesday.
  13. Might be worth a few quid. I still have my Spectrum 48k, and as far as I know it still works. Worth about £30 as they're dead common. Clive Sinclair was one of those inventors that should have finished on an odd number. Invent the calculator - lose it all with a portable TV - invent the home computer - lose it all on the electric car etc. His computers, with such limited RAM, have been credited with giving a whole generation of programmers a very economical approach to programming and file structures. A legendary, eccentric, typically British geek. RIP.
  14. Moved these quotes from the 'flat earth' vaccine thread to this one. Personally, I'm unsure if I should get a booster shot. On the pro side - my jabs were 3 weeks apart almost 9 months ago. The 3 week dosing schedule probably wasn't as good as the UK gamble on 12 week intervals, being jabbed at the earliest opportunity my immunity will have waned as much as anyone's, on average. However, real world data suggests I'm still protected against serious illness (although a mate of mine was pretty sick with it despite being vaxxed), I'm not personally vulnerable, I'm a bit disappointed the vaccine is unchanged - should have been tweaked to Delta mRNA in my view - and there are others in the world who would clearly benefit more than me by getting their first jab. Me not having mine though doesn't ensure that. I'll probably have it. Risk is low, and if governments suddenly introduce rules on vaccine recency and I can't travel because mine's out of date I'll be annoyed. It's certainly not as clear cut a decision as it was first time though.
  15. wrighty

    Manx Care

    They picked this up from a Facebook post I saw yesterday.
  16. I'm not saying they're without difficulties, I just think it's ironic that one of the forum's main TT protagonists is arguing against them on safety grounds, but is perfectly happy with the inevitable death and destruction arising from the regular event that has, to be frank, a somewhat casual and seemingly entirely reactive approach to H&S.
  17. wrighty


    You mean your wife is
  18. Electric bikes too risky for the TT? LOL
  19. I’ve probably said before that TT would have been better off extending the electric bikes rather than scrapping them.
  20. @Max Power what’s the point of the sidecar races? Do they boost sales and aid development?
  21. Been invited for my booster shot. Does this mean that the government have realised the initial chips aren't working as well as they wanted, or do they want to just finish me off sooner than the already scheduled 3 years?
  22. Ranson. I realise it's probably auto-correct, seen it many times, but possibly quite apt?
  23. Ashamed? He’s far more polite than I would be in his position.
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