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  1. Maybe it has stopped and certainly not before time if so, it was certainly still going on 18 months or so ago? They used to discharge it into a manhole in Mill Road IIRC, I watched the tanker there with a big hose from the back into the manhole a few times. The driver never looked very happy about it either...
  2. Leachate collected and tankered from the Raggatt site is also regularly discharged into a sewer which outfalls off the Breakwater AFAIK?
  3. It might be the other way around? Given that we've now got 770-odd cases which equates to quite a high percentage per head of population, some visitors (in particular those "getting on a bit") may not be all that eager to come?
  4. Consider the Chief Secretary's defence of the civil servant responsible for the discharge of pollution into Peel Bay?
  5. It may be that he's knocked a few heads together behind the scenes but protocol dictates that it's not been public. But if he hasn't, with Crookall coming out of the blocks with this approach he's clearly either misread the public mood or he's (Crookall) been very quickly assimilated into the DOI bloc; somebody on here a few posts back has already alluded to Crookall already having a close relationship with some of the "usual suspects", that's not a good omen. We could be up for another 4 years and 11 months of this before the GMP are listened to?
  6. Contradiction in terms alert, Gladys....... 😁
  7. One can almost feel the relief in the DOI offices - "It's ok chaps, new guy's onside, pressure's off, we can just amble along now at our own pace, Govt will have no option but to supply funds on demand in order to get it finished. Chill out, life's cool. Now whose turn is it to make the brews?"
  8. From a Duke Video catalogue that dropped onto my doormat today. Looks like it's all get set to go?
  9. Is it worth opening a book on how many visits to Tynwald for supplementary funding will be required; and to the tune of how much?
  10. Was she a "Lady of The Night"...? If so, how apt....
  11. Is it ever designed to be completed though, or a permanent work-in-progress with continual revisiting to modify and remedy? Now the points need more work, another section of the tramway is "put back", along with that already announced. This will see some people into retirement.
  12. Didn't Allinson have a hand in moving this? IIRC, there was an online consultation as to what the legislation should encompass and there was an overwhelming response that the brewery was engaging in uncompetitive practice by imposing covenants on their cast-off premises. This legislation incorporates the wishes expressed in that response. All this was quite public, if the brewery haven't made representation then that's down to them? Another separate point might be to do with the overt neglect to registered buildings in respect of their pubs that are such and how it's not addressed?
  13. I'm neither defending nor criticising their offerings. I'm simply saying that some posters are clearly keen enough on their defence to research and post up their menus. If one reads this thread from the start it's the same few incarnations though.
  14. Yes, the Thai kitchen, I agree. The Raven had a Thai couple in there doing food about 11 years ago and it was absolutely packed virtually every night of the week. They left and went to the Horse and Plough (?), the Raven promptly emptied.
  15. It's quite interesting that posters on this thread avidly defending H&B cuisine appear to have almost instantaneous ability to post up the various H&B menus.....?
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