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  1. Good. There's nothing remotely "heritage" about what's proposed. If the original Cosy Nook is that knackered, drop it and rebuild like for like.
  2. In a lot of places the route was assimilated back into its bordering agricultural areas (by fair means or foul), if the Govt is going to reopen these routes it would have to recover these sections from those who have claimed them.
  3. I can't understand why they've even bothered. We had 25 deaths. That's not an optional scenario, it's a fact. All the other scenarios presented are therefore null and void. As you say, the best scenario would have been zero deaths but that doesn't appear. Because that would have involved swifter and more stringent action in imposing lockdown and closing borders. None of which are shown as options either, nor could they be, after the event. We simply have to tolerate the other conditions we have had to suffer such as loss of income, quarantine and borders shut as the price to be paid for keeping that 25 as it is. It is what had to be done. These scenarios as presented are pointless. Why do we pay people to produce this guff?
  4. Civil servants and teachers not back at work yet....?
  5. You haven't. They run the quarry there
  6. Are we not looking at a bit of a culture thing here too though? There are many branches of motorsport not all of them in the financial realms of F1 and relatively affordable. Yet how many black competitors participate in affordable motorsport? Could it not just be the case that motorsport is simply not traditionally of interest to the majority of the black community?
  7. I see that Ramsey Commissioners are now railing against the DOI plans for redevelopment of Ramsey Quay too, claiming that their objections and concerns voiced during private discussions with the DOI in February have been completely disregarded. Quelle surprise. Apparently the plans to coat the quayside with even more Chinese granite are not acceptable on the grounds of the amount of cleaning and maintenance that the similarly redeveloped Courthouse grounds surfaces have required ever since. All the above in iomtoday.
  8. Oi got a brand new Combine Harvester (The Worzels).
  9. H&B will ensure that prices remain stable.....
  10. I see there are protests in Serbia now after the reintroduction of restrictions following a second outbreak blamed on the easing of initial restrictions. Which included all shops reopening simultaneously and packed football stadiums for national matches (BBC News).
  11. He's just in there vamping it up....
  12. Interesting news on BBC News online this afternoon. Data is emerging that suggests that only 22% of those testing positive in the UK testing regime show any symptoms. Which could suggest an awful lot of asymptomatic carriers.
  13. The problem is, against an invisible virus that takes up to 14 days to incubate, affects such a range of people in such different fashions and can be spread by unknowing, asymptomatic carriers; for many it will be less of a personal risk assessment and more of a game of Russian Roulette.
  14. Don't forget the workplace benefits. Some cracking weather in some of these places that need their democracy monitoring and advising on.
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