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  1. Now "Unlikely to be March 2021 and more likely to be June" sayeth Minister Baker (iomtoday). Just as well there's mooted plans to push the TT back then?
  2. At least his wellies aren't green. The debris trap is well and good but it also needs to be kept clear of trapped debris, I wonder which dept's responsibility that will be to derelict?
  3. Looks like a channel to carry ducting of some sort? Pedestrian crossing or traffic light related maybe? Or maybe it's a permanent hi-tec, eternal traffic counter to give accurate figures on MAMIL use to justify future cycle lanes... Just as well they didn't install it on Peel or Lezayre Roads then....
  4. My most sincere apologies. It should have been "An Unsuitable Shitheap".
  5. And another. Green LWB 4WD station wagon lying on its side in the gorse northbound on the approach to the Gooseneck; lots of Police tape in evidence.
  6. I wonder about the possibility of some sort of smart Mall on there, it's right in the middle of the town retail centre and the previous buildings were obviously retail. Whether Ramsey would have the footfall to support such a development would be the next question?
  7. +1. I think he's been put up to this and whoever has done it has realised that he'd be gullible enough to do it. Which is a crying shame because he'd accumulated so much credit for his performance and handling of this business previously. Somebody(ies) with an axe to grind with RG decided they needed a patsy to administer the poison. Which is just what our elected are for. Personally that directs my gaze away from HQ.
  8. Ideal opportunity for Mr Lloyd to purchase, demolish and give him a usably-sized plot (combined with his existing vacant plot) on East St. That would go some way to removing the lack of parking spaces that are the stumbling block to the existing proposals.
  9. We've already got several. All Spaffing like mad.... I honestly don't think it will stop until there's some sort of off-island oversight, if not control, the list of overspend and financial recklessness just goes on and on. Ministers, eg Baker, clearly have little or no control or even cognisance over what goes on. Taking Tuesday's Tynwald for example, a bit of criticism initially over the flumes situation - then Alf Cannan of all people actually tries to make light of it by joking. Then it was business as usual, vote through £227k for the flumes, another £300k for other departmenta
  10. Apparently he was up for bombing Iran's nuclear establishments last week too until his military heads talked him out of it. The man is a liability.
  11. Yes, at least two, Matty Sayle in the north and there's another guy southside who does it too.
  12. Non-Believer


    Well, I see that Tynwald today voted through the extra £227k for the NSC flumes, not without members voicing criticisms though, "A national embarrassment" (Quine) and "Govt has a poor track record in delivering capital projects on time and within budget" (Cannan - no shit, Alf?). At the same time they voted through a further £330k+ in excess expenditure from other departments and voted heritage railways a further £642k which was apparently something to do with "timing differences" over the last two years. During the same sitting Tim Baker announces that the Liverpool Terminal is unli
  13. Mostly agreed. But was he, as a driver, advised or trained in those principles? This looks like a procedure that drivers had adopted amongst themselves (a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing), unfortunately the way the law works nowadays, their supervision should have been aware of this and stamped on it. A lot of supervision in BV is actually busy out driving buses, covering for driver absence (don't ask me how I know), and doesn't have the time or awareness to be properly "supervising" (all those minibuses too). This will bite them on the arse. The letter of the law and th
  14. Some pretty heavy-duty stuff being handed down in UK now for COVID breaches. Guardian online reports a London gym owner being fined £67k for refusing to close during lockdown. He might have preferred 4 weeks in Jurby Hilton.
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