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  1. Non-Believer

    Robertshaw [brilliantly] states glaring obvious on MTTV

    All goes to prove that when in office, MHKs are led by the nose by their respective CS. And out of office, they're in such a minority that even when vocal they have no influence. The Abyss beckons with the wheelbarrows available for the scheming few before the rest tumble.
  2. Non-Believer

    Donald Trump

    Must be about 10 years ago now, "F" but I well remember it.
  3. Non-Believer

    Donald Trump

    Hmmm. A few years ago there were raging plantation wildfires in California. A Fire Chief being interviewed on TV firmly placed at least part of the blame on new, "green, environmentally friendly" methods of forest management that left fallen brushwood and timber on the ground throughout much of the plantations, including what had previously been firebreaks, that fuelled the fire spread. I quite clearly remember his statement of, "This is the last time that we listen to these people". Obviously it wasn't.
  4. Non-Believer

    The Art of distraction

    I wonder if Guernsey's wheelbarrow manufacturers are rubbing their hands together too.....?
  5. Non-Believer

    The Art of distraction

    Not likely to be bloodless, the way it's going....
  6. Non-Believer

    Account`s Hacked

    There was a time in the recent past when even the appearance of the words s@@k pu@@et in a post on these boards invited a ban.....
  7. Non-Believer

    The Art of distraction

    So, so familiar. But if Guernsey are discussing and contemplating this NOW; I'll give it another 15 years before it's thought about here. Given that it's now 12 years since the 2006 Scope of Government Report. That's before the job and empire protection fighting starts. Hope the reserves are plentiful.
  8. Non-Believer

    Manx Radio

    Do you think anything else would even have been considered....?
  9. Non-Believer

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    If we put them up in Lord St. flats, they'll not stay long....
  10. Non-Believer

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    Only if we all register for homestay...
  11. Non-Believer

    Tits Out...

    Absolutely. If she can make a living out of being blessed(?) with being voluptuous, fair enough. But she's not Manx, she's Scouse. So hardly bona fide local news but presumably DED will be trumpeting this one as being an entrepreneurial success that they've engineered as well, attracting her over here and all that. Wonder if she got any of the £50M?
  12. Non-Believer

    Memorial Ride Out

    Agreed, but I wonder if MR have their journalistic wires crossed on this? Motorcyclists have previously held their own remembrance "services" in memory of their brethren who fell during the wars as despatch riders and such.
  13. Non-Believer

    Message For The Dti/iom Government

    The only way Govt will see it is a saleable/rentable asset to assist with revenue. Does it have any history or worth as a military building? Doubtful. Its only connection with the TT or anything else was as a bike museum which it has ceased to be. So it's a potential pension funder. And as such, will be there for the foreseeable. Despite being "limited in use" in respect of location.
  14. That's why spin doctor recruitment at the Communications Dept. has gone into overdrive then. Howard's previously assured that we'd done nothing wrong. This article (if authoritative) states that it's quite clearly infringed EU law. That's a turd that's going to take some polishing, so's to speak.
  15. Non-Believer

    Bexit (who the f#*k cares)

    36% of European gas is supplied by Russia. 47% of UK gas is supplied by Europe. 44% of UK gas is North Sea production. 9% is LNG shipped in. Just googled it.