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  1. This thread's getting a bit anal..
  2. Perhaps it could be arranged for it to be dropped on Ian Longworth?
  3. Bet Skelly and his trinket firm would be straight in on that one....
  4. We need an "Allinson's Run" Carousel (as per "Logan's Run"). Get to 50 and you'll be given a mendacious promise of regeneration and a new career as a civil servant...only to be reduced to a puff of smoke and ash. Pension crisis solved in an instant.
  5. Wait til February and March or even the end of this week if the forecasts are right.
  6. In the case of the FOM/MGP, WHAT visitor numbers...? Precious few of the older demographic attended last year and by dint of being older are less likely to need zero speed limit on the Mountain for example?
  7. IIRC there was a proposal a number of years ago, during one fuel "crisis" or another, to reduce the UK motorway top speed limit from 70mph (ho ho ho) to 50mph. Again, IIRC, this was going to result in a quoted fuel saving of +40% (not my figures) simply in that 20mph reduction.
  8. And Rog can be proud to know that UK is currently offering immoral e-gaming and such even bigger tax breaks than we are. And probably will even more after Brexit
  9. But the labour isn't cheap, it's oft quoted how good the salaries and benefits are in (local, anyway) e-gaming concerns? Regulation (lack of) and tax breaks are more like the big draws to them?
  10. It'll keep local garages busy too, dealing with all the blocked DPFs and other emissions paraphernalia that will get blocked up through cars pottering about and never getting warm enough anyway as it is on IoM short journeys. And help keep drivers forking out for the privilege.
  11. They're relocating themselves to jurisdictions that are bettering nearly 0% tax...by granting rebates as well, it would appear?
  12. I can see the "green" card being played on this too. Reduced fuel consumption and emissions from a lower overall speed limit. All grist for the climate change mill. Of course, it will obviously be a total waste of time buying large, powerful anythings as small engined vehicles will nowadays easily meet a 50mph top limit. So we can ban the sale of Chelsea tractors, luxury and sports cars and bikes too on redundancy grounds. Even greener. I'm sure the population and its politicians will happily adjust to life with a Toyota Yaris or Citroen C1 and mopeds
  13. He'll still have a strong core support from family and friends in the farming community who he showered with largesse last time. One good turn deserves another...
  14. 12,000-odd motorbikes a couple of times a year may disturb the sleep patterns somewhat though....
  15. Although doubtless you can take satisfaction in the knowledge that you've now alerted them to the situation if nothing else....?
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