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  1. Communications Dept maybe? There are good few ex journos in there, mostly ex-IoM Newspapers?
  2. I think what Derek is driving at is, it wouldn't be by the time our lot had finished with it...
  3. Inscrutable to our politicians too....
  4. But think of the employment that was generated.....
  5. Sky have had the Xmas film channel running for weeks.
  6. Which by definition would also have to be unfair and/or unworkable.
  7. It'll be a long time, if ever, before an actual usage tax will ever see the light of day. As previously posted, consider 35,000+ households currently paying a blanket "toilet tax" of £250pa. Tidy sum, MUA aren't interested in any potential reduction in revenue based on actual use.
  8. Yes I saw that. Another Jurby prison regime success story.
  9. Exactly. It's not like they don't get their bins emptied by their respective local authorities. Or use their local town amenities either. Why shouldn't they?
  10. IF......Rog is correct and has also alerted DVSA to the situation of untested Manx vehicles being used on UK roads AND DVSA then decree that they must be tested either annually or at Port of Entry... Rog won't have many friends...
  11. Depends where they are situated under the current system. Rating valuations vary wildly from area to area - look at the current Rushen/PE spat. Some of these piles out in the countryside will be paying the same as a 2 bed in town.
  12. The proposed changes in the rating system are supposed to be "revenue neutral"? Therefore the overall burden will be shifting from those with small properties to those with larger properties who have been paying relatively little, courtesy of the IoM's antiquated and outdated current system. What's wrong with that exactly, Mr Moorhouse? If they've been getting away with paying an inappropriately small amount in rates for donkey's years then they've had plenty of time to save up to start paying their fair share. Shit happens. But there's no votes in that, is there?
  13. I followed an agricultural tractor which was towing a large trailer through Kirk Michael at @ 5pm one night last week. The trailer was displaying no registration number. Its lights were not functioning, neither tail or brake, nor indicators (the tractor turned off the main road and headed towards Peel at the Douglas Rd junction). Because of the size of the trailer, the tractor's own tail and indicator lights were obscured, however it was displaying bright white lights to the rear in respect of cab roof-mounted worklights that were switched on and shining rearwards. I trust that such vehicles will also be subject to MOT and roadside examination on the future?
  14. There's a whole new marketing opportunity being missed with Douglas prom. "The Battlefield Experience". Enjoy the reality of a warzone bomb or shell site. Hitler's Atlantic Wall had nothing on the obstacles created by the DOI.
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