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  1. Jurby Junk Regency Travel Ramsey Courthouse Euromanx
  2. If this is true numbers wise, there'll be no hurry to publicise this by Govt. Remember, e-gaming is the, "Can do no wrong" saviour of our economy. Methinks things are starting to unravel a bit over here. Expect recruitment of more spin doctors by Cabinet Office to mask bad news. They're trying to put a positive spin on Flybe's pullout at the moment too.
  3. Another Govt. "saving" at the cost to the taxpayer and a reduction in service to same. How many managers at the P.O. again...?
  4. I do know that there was discontent after the 2018 event over increasing regulation (Govt imposed) and that VAT was to be charged on the takings (again, Govt imposed) which was the cause of a considerable rise in gate price for this year. Looks like Skelly's Heroes have pulled off yet another outstanding coup in the name of job, salary and ego justification.
  5. It was said from the start that the DOI had neither the experience, resources or skillsets within themselves or their contractors to take on the promenade project. It should have been tendered out to UK civil engineering concerns such as Balfour Beattie who could have employed local labour if they had needed to and worked to a set contract. The way it has been done is just a thinly veiled attempt to shovel yet more money at the local construction industry, with no eye on quality. Unfortunately nobody has had any concern for the inconvenience and expense for the local taxpayers. To say nothing of the knock on to tourism. IMHO there will be yet another inquiry at the end of this, asking why it ran so far over time and budget (and it will). Then lessons will be learned, hands will be wrung. But nobody will be accountable though a few will be very rich on the back of it. As always.
  6. Just been advised that the local Vintage Motorcycle Club who organise the Jurby Festival have decided to stand aside and suspend the Festival on the grounds of an increasingly rising burden of regulation and workload to keep things safe and within the rules. A sad loss to the Festival of Motorcycling if it is indeed true? ETA. Concerns over EU medical insurance implications too, quoted.
  7. iomtoday coverage of the enquiry now has ex- Dept of Economic Affairs honcho Stephen Carse, who now "just happens" to be in bed with Dandara as an "Independent Consultant" (presumably being paid by Dandara for his services?) claiming that the 2016 Census figures (that he oversaw) were "wrong" and there was NO drop in the Island's population for the Census period. Well he would say that now he's got Dandara operating his jaw, wouldn't he? You couldn't make up the level of duplicity on this Island.
  8. Hope they make a better job of it than IoMG after the 2009 VAT review.....
  9. They've already started clearing the fields in Ballasalla...and purchased the Manx cottage to demolish to accommodate the new Balthane roundabout.
  10. Absolutely true, Roger. The Courthouse grounds also home the town Cenotaph which had been paved around as part of the "regeneration" area. ETA...I'd say the "Castle Mona" scenario was played on too Further ETA. Malarkey and DHA were also in the middle of a "necessary fire sale" of departmental assets with the backdrop of a "cash-strapped" Govt desperately trying to offload "liabilities" and unwanted properties to make ends meet. To include the Courthouse that Malarkey described as "derelict", pre-sale. They certainly realised a lot of money, for Dept/Treasury/Govt. Courtesy of sentiment of some Ramsey ratepayers.
  11. Thing being, "something actually needing to be done" (certainly to the tune of another £500k) wasn't part of the vernacular when the purchase was proposed and then put through. It then wasn't helped when a member of the Board subsequently declared that, "Well over the odds had been paid" (for a building that had reportedly been erected out of Ramsey public subscription anyway?) If local people are reluctant to support (if not skint anyway), it may not be surprising...?
  12. The problem is simply too many cars? Our increasing affluence has made them more affordable. But the available on street parking space hasn't increased much. Used to be one car per family. Dad or mum used it for work. Kids walked, cycled or bussed to school. Have a look in any school carpark now. Full of "R" plated roller skates. It's a problem born of our own economy. We even have MF threads dedicated to it
  13. BBC News online, Mr Harmer now announces a timetable of works review in order to try and, "Pick up time" on the 9 weeks the project is behind schedule.
  14. Along with sorting out the environmental impact and needs of their manufacture and disposal.
  15. I can see the first two applying to a number of our Cav's-success-plagiarising politicians. 3. is a poor fit though
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