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  1. No. We can find 15 sensible, electable people. The first problem is, they'll be independents, each with their own agenda. Uniting them and keeping them united in their "mission" in what they're up against is the 2nd problem. Especially when the establishment is slipping them £10k each to keep quiet as Dept members.
  2. Hmmmm. An ALLEGED sexual infringement in a well known Douglas nightclub by a leading TT rider is being given a bit of "under the carpet" treatment too...
  3. There are extras, Roger.....that's the basics.
  4. There's a Town Clerk that accounts for well over 1/3rd of that alone. Then a full time deputy. And a couple of other town hall officers too. Easily £300k. That's before the rest of the town hall rank-and-file.
  5. A matching pair of buffoons.
  6. Well over £300k across a very, very few offices in Ramsey Town Hall.
  7. Ramsey, sadly, is a town with both feet firmly on the downward slope of decline. Yes, new shops open. But the town loses shops equally fast, usually being replaced by charity shops or the recent phenomenon of coffee shops. In common with lots of other places it's almost devoid of any sort of nightlife, pubs that were once thronging are now empty or sparsely patronised as are most of its many eateries, certainly during the evenings. Events like the Chruiinach have been lost, even turned away. Why it has arisen and how to reverse this decline are the questions that need answering. Long ago it was said that Ramsey was becoming a dormitory of Douglas. Perhaps it wasn't heeded.
  8. Thread bump. iomtoday announces that IoMG has lost its appeal over legal action to be taken by its "initially preferred" developer, Sondica Ltd for the Bus Station site after Govt dumped on them in favour of Kane Ltd. Stand by to dig deep again taxpayers. ETA. Oops, might have posted in wrong thread?
  9. As many on these boards first suggested they should have brought in major UK civil engineering contractors, Balfour Beatty etc. with their experience and plant. Let them hire local labour etc if required. But get the job done. That might free up some DOI labour to get some of the roadside trees limbed around the Island. Some of the tree debris down on the roads after this evening's weather is considerable, it must only be a matter of time until it causes or contributes to an RTI.
  10. And appearing to be well qualified in the most desirable characteristic. Believing his own bull, unfortunately. Maybe he's been taking instruction from Skelly?
  11. DOI is a political graveyard. Even Gawne, who's been there twice, said that it was a monster when it was first created. Too big and unwieldy though oddly not in respect of its manual workforce. It needs breaking down into manageable and above all, accountable units.
  12. I can't comment on what others may know. My post was based on what 2 previously reliably well informed acquaintances advised in the last 7 days.
  13. Kippers have as much right to pillows as the rest of us...
  14. As per my post a couple of days ago. Applied for Govt money, all turned down, allegedly/apparently. Little else to move things forward it would appear?
  15. If you've paid for it (and let's face it, modern cruise ships offer amazing surroundings and fine cuisine) why wouldn't you make sure that you took advantage? A trip ashore, sure. But you'll go back for the finery you've already coughed up for. A sausage bap doesn't really compare?
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