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  1. Onchan rates up by 27p...once again, refuse disposal charges cited. When is somebody going to start querying the incinerator charges?
  2. The inherent culture of most LAs is opportunist expansion though. Expansion of their area of jurisdiction, expansion of their Rates take and finances arising in particular, expansion of the administration and workforce to cope with extra responsibility. That's without any jobs for mates as well. All trying to prove that they can do it better than the authority next door or better than central government.
  3. They can just use the same calculating methodology as they use for the heritage railways.
  4. Has Mike Proffitt been recalled for this..?
  5. I stand corrected Gladys, which makes the question even more pertinent IMHO. Gawne was at the helm of DOI during this period (for the second time), one hopes that he will be called to make submission to PAC in respect of this, albeit that any other accountability has passed.
  6. Smells and noise interrupting the slumber of the back offices of the Town Hall during working days and hours. Utterly untenable. 🤭
  7. Charlie Kerruish was a menace of his own kind to the public finances...
  8. They've probably still got hanging baskets there too 😂
  9. The only time he should be heard on public media is when he's being torn to pieces by a good investigative journalist (of which we have none) getting some answers about and reminding the public about just some of what he inflicted on the Island's taxpayers during his time in politics. Let's start with increased farmer's handouts on the basis of the population starving without, move on to Douglas Promenade redevelopment and the bag of bollocks about why it was necessary and then on to the Liverpool Terminal undertaking at a proposed £3M.
  10. It'll be a charity shop probably 🙄 Newsons were never the same after they moved off North Quay (IMHO), they used to sell reasonable quality stuff at a reasonable price in NQ, when they moved into Strand St they went "up market" certainly with the prices although they most likely had a rent hike to match. Sad loss.
  11. A black man being beaten to death; by 5 black Police officers. How will the black community react to this, I wonder? Had those Police officers been white, rightly or wrongly there would have been riots and buildings being burned by now. The Police community stand in the Dock with some questions to answer now though.
  12. Hopefully PAC will be able to shed some light on what has happened during the course of this 10-odd years. Including why overt lies were dreamed up and fed to politicians and public alike as part of the justification, the "bus-swallowing" voids that were never found for instance. It makes one wonder about the justification for all the other projects too, the RESA for instance. Clearly our politicians are not close enough to nor cynical enough to be questioning some of what they are belt-fed about these projects. And how much of this is produced to support other Depts? For instance, with the Liverpool Terminal costs and concerns rising and rising, I'd bet that the DOI were absolutely creaming themselves when the DfE announced that there'll be 500k visitors a year arriving in 10 years time who will need a Rolls Royce facility to be shepherded through. More justification for our "sunk costs" in Liverpool. Mutual support indeed.
  13. They can be accompanied by DOI engineers who will now have to resurrect the tram warning lights pole that somebody's demolished on the Laxey side of the crossing too; snapped clean in two.
  14. Maybe they're going to take over the closed bogs from the DOI?
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