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  1. It may be true but the malaise goes deeper than that, Baker's just symptomatic of it. The democratic will is being ignored, pan-government, in favour of self-service and self-preservation with no small portion of ego also thrown into the mix. Every recent external report, commissioned by Govt itself and received, points to this.
  2. It would be interesting to see if their Departments themselves permit them to wield that power? For example, the much maligned Tim Baker at DOI who has frequently been reported as having his wishes/will ignored by the Dept. Would the Dept take any notice?
  3. Where will this facility be sited I wonder, extra dishes on the top of Snaefell? It's geographically pretty central to the British Isles so it would fit in with the stated coverage aims?
  4. Our elected have been repeatedly proven to have little influence over the incompetence, structure and continuous waste of taxpayers money though?
  5. This should provide the 5G radiation mob with a new worry 😂
  6. We elect MHKs on the basis of personality, past record claims (which may or may not be exaggerated or accurate) and doorstep promises which may or may not have little chance of being realised unless they are picked up by the Chief Minister elect and incorporated into his policy on a patronage basis. In short, take a chance.
  7. Can't see anything in those regulations about "decorative concentric circles" as roundabout markings? There's also a minimum width of 6.75 metres for anything used as a bus route (which Pulrose Rd surely is?) which would suggest that these proposals aren't compliant in that respect? Also "coloured surfaces" to define user use....more coloured concrete, presumably?
  8. Is there anything about Promenade roundabout markings in there too....? 😂
  9. The amount of vegetation build-up along the edges of the road in areas of the Mountain Rd will restrict water run-off when the weather breaks, Windy to 33rd being prime example. Ditches are blocked with weeds elsewhere, there's also a shallow gulley at the base of the wall around the inside of Verandah 4 bends that's blocked solid with vegetation and bits of car. The straight section from there to Les Graham now floods in heavy rain too. But there's no glory in basic maintenance.
  10. But they're also farming patchwork out to Carey's and Cringles?
  11. I'd like to know what wonder drugs do the rounds in DOI HQ and if they're also available to the general public.....
  12. I've yet to see a cycle on the new path down from the Anagh Coar crossing, and precious few on the Peel Rd Lane, or anywhere else. At what point do the DOI foresee us all jumping on bicycles and becoming active travellers to justify these millions spent?
  13. Baker has just been having his strings pulled for fun by Black, Robinson, Longworth et al at the DOI, if he'd been as critical of them as he's tried to be of Robertshaw it might have raised a bit more respect. It's been refreshing to see that Lars Ugland has been clearly unwilling entertain any bullshitting Ministers and their lying cabal of CS over Liverpool and the SPCo, clearly we need more Lars Uglands, including at the Meat Plant. So which strings will it be tomorrow, Tim?
  14. On the "Promenade" thread on Wednesday poster @The Chief related what they'd seen re. a pothole repair team, I've seen similar myself. The Govt are employing contractors who themselves are employing casual labour to go out and do these jobs (I also know a couple of chaps on it). We are on a race to the bottom in terms of not only the standard of service to the public but also employment and pay for the lower sections of our society (including Govt), in order to preserve, retain and justify positions and salaries at the top, which appear to be on the increase all the time. There was an employment question on the recent Census as to the nature of employment, casual etc. It will be interesting to see just how many of the population are now on casual and zhc terms.
  15. The DOI has seen off yet another politico. If the head count to date and the Beaman's Report don't instigate a root and branch reform of the DOI then there is seriously something wrong with the governance of this Island and the view that is taken of taxpayers money, particularly within that Department. There also needs to be a forensic PAC (is that an oxymoron?) examination of why this project was undertaken, who drove it and why it's gone so badly amiss. Although to me personally it looks to be born of idealism and perhaps recent qualifications, not tempered in any way by experience or any practical considerations.
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