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  1. It keeps a needy mate in a job. Quite common practice in Island Town Halls.
  2. Never happen. Land Rover would go bust for lack of Disco sales...
  3. Some way behind looking after themselves and their usual favoured sections of society.
  4. Do they have an Office for Inventing Silly Titles too?
  5. Suggestions from city commentators on Sky News this morning that higher interest rates impacting mortgages may lead to a fall in house/property prices. Australia and NZ quoted as having already experienced this, NZ Central Bank in particular having already opted for a more aggressive rise in base rates in recent months.
  6. We need somebody (without being paid a fortune for it) to stand back, look at both and ask why does it work for them and not us? Perhaps it's because the Scottish Isles aren't a mish-mash and mix up of decaying architecture from periods through history? They've stuck with their granite and it fits in with their countryside and environment, it's authentic. We have decaying Victorian buildings and 21st century Chinese tat to welcome people, it's neither one thing nor the other.
  7. Chris Thomas is the perfect fit for the DOI.
  8. From the very article that you posted...?
  9. Precisely, the door is wide open now for somebody to come in with some much-needed new thinking. Britain is royally fooked, the economy is in rags courtesy of covid, Ukraine and Brexit, even a press opinion from the US recently described Britain as now falling apart at the seams. The country needs some bright new ideas to deal with the new problems, not Brexit Little Englanders, Thatcher wannabees, Johnson clown show or Loony Left, and above all, some leadership. Blair got in 25 years ago by appealing to and dominating the centre ground, love him or loathe him. That centre ground is again there for the taking.
  10. Every interview with her that I've watched confirms that, Beth Rigby from Sky News had her gasping like a goldfish. She just repeats the phrase "grow the economy" like Boris said "get Brexit done". 33% lead for Labour, I bet they can't believe their luck.
  11. We need another £400M quick, Your Highness, how are you fixed for a loan?
  12. Maybe it's another Sloc...using up the budget before April next?
  13. Indeed. As per radio news report it's all to do with hitting the eventual target of 500,000 visitors a year. So we can expect that the same sort of thinking was applied to the method as was applied to the creation of the target. I.e. Job Justification and Airborne Porcines.
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