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  1. Might be a lot of people struggling to pay their rates this year too if this goes on for as long as some are predicting.
  2. Indeed. How do you fall back on a farming industry that now majorly "cares for the land" and supplies as much cut grass and hedgecuttings as you can eat?
  3. I predict a plutocracy of civil servants and farmers.
  4. UK Covid-19 deaths up 30% yesterday with another 260+.
  5. But not on the Douglas prom...
  6. One way or another, it's going to be a massive redistribution of wealth, certainly in respect of Govt funds. Whether the beneficiaries will change is another question.
  7. I'm looking forward to H&B doing their duty to society and opening their pubs to the general public to celebrate overcoming the virus. And the first two weeks being on H&B's tab.
  8. If it proves "successful" it may indeed be very reluctantly rescinded.
  9. A bit like the Media Development Fund...?
  10. That reserves will be invested in future development?
  11. Why change the habits of a lifetime career?
  12. Laurence, no less, assured us. "Billions". Well, if it wasn't going to be raided for PS pensions, it's going to be raided for maintaining PS Coronavirus pay. One way or another, they've got their hands on it.
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