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  1. DofE? Tell them that Spock sent you, they'll welcome you with open arms and a "space cluster" contract 😂
  2. Electric vehicles are a stop gap only. I don't pretend to know what the total solution is, but electricity/lithium batteries with the current range limitations, expense and use of resources cannot be the answer. I see electric vehicles as a temporary solution. Somebody, somewhere will be working on something more sustainable than this. Maybe hydrogen technology will be the answer but whatever it is, it needs to stop raping the earth of its resources in the unsustainable, non-return, difficult to manage fashion that electric vehicles currently offer.
  3. H&B have shut most of them 😂
  4. There's an article in this weekend's Indy, a couple of pages in, with a large photograph of Bill Dale (Beach Buddies) flanked by two much prettier young ladies who are described as "Environmental Project Managers/Assistants" all to do with Biosphere doings, naturally. Presumably they are on the Govt payroll as part of DEFA's little army too. You can be certain that Petrol Engines will not be part of their nor their Dept's vernacular anyway.
  5. We don't ask questions like that in this time of departing glory...we need to forget what actually happened, disregard the fact that the fallout cost money, jobs, businesses, maybe even a life or two...always look forward and move on. Govt mantra.
  6. Ramsey Commissioners have already expressed doubts about DOI's ability to deliver the Quay proposals following the Douglas Prom shambles. A further project of this size is DOI fantasy material, as @TheTeapothas suggested above, how does this tie in with the development of the marina too, although I'm told that the DOI itself have yet to receive any development or financing proposals that they regard as viable and as such it's a non-starter? If we're going to go down this route for flood defence, let's have some competent and sizeable UK Engineering Contractors involved please, from design to completion. Not the piecemeal shambles we've seen in Douglas.
  7. Nothing more than we all suspected or knew. It's just an eternal project to justify people's careers and employment. 10 year snagging. How much will this cost and who's paying for it? Members of this administration shouldn't be seeking re-election. They should be hanging their heads in "collective" shame and contrition and apologising to the electorate.
  8. And cyclists holding up business traffic on the roads.....
  9. It's also unfair taxation if the amount being taken is disproportionate for the services being provided, either in quantity or quality/value. Plus whether those services are even wanted, needed or used by the taxpayer?
  10. Surely a contradiction in terms...? 😂
  11. The Island has beautiful scenery and nature. But IMHO too many of the other "plus points" are myths perpetrated by those who are comfortable and/or doing very well out of the Island just as it is. The same people who are slowly sucking the life-blood out of the place and are part of the cause of it currently transitioning to a high-cost and relatively low pay jurisdiction.
  12. All very environmentally sustainable..
  13. The TT works as a spectacle and also as a one-off esoteric challenge for racers (and payday for the top TT guys). It has little to do with sales or development anymore. That is shouldered by the televised WSB/WSS/BSB series to promote the sales of bikes for which there is a shrinking market on account of their becoming so racetrack-focused that they are now of little relevance to the day to day user.
  14. You'll be hard-pressed to find any mention of failure in any manifestos. The fact that most of the public would need an Andrex roll to write them all down doesn't matter...
  15. There's a number of references in Allinson's manifesto to things within Govt, "moving too slowly". I'd say his manifesto is tempered with his experience of the last 5 years in trying to move stuff forward whilst dealing with the glacial pace of Govt/CS/PS who despise any change lest it might be to their own detriment?
  16. I've just received Dr Allinson's A5 Manifesto through the post, long lists of wishes and things that "need" to be or "should" be done...unfortunately not much infill on how or when they would. A careful stance on the Marina which appears to be a spot of fence-balancing. Nothing in there that would personally make me rush out and tick the box I'm afraid.
  17. He was "on the stump" in the Sulby Glen the other night, not answering many questions though.
  18. But Max, the machinery used at the TT bears little resemblance to the production machinery it is supposed to originate from. Buying a £13k roadbike and throwing most of it away to be replaced by £60k's+ worth of aftermarket work and parts in order to be competitive (some of it often TT-specific) does not influence the buying public anymore. The TT is no longer the advertising board it used to be. It would be interesting to know precisely what knowledge earned at the TT ever gets incorporated into modern production machinery, precious little, I'd suggest. I can remember watching an interview with a tyre baron years ago who said that by the time the TT came around, the development for that years tyres was long finished. Most sports bikes now are developed from CAD/CAM and short circuit development, which is why their sales numbers for road use have long been dwindling.
  19. A cynical point of view; of course, it's worth remembering that in 8 days' time the political slate of responsibility for all this will be wiped clean, as far as the elected are concerned it was all down to the previous, dissolved administration. But at this point today you, the electorate of course have the opportunity to vote for and legitimise the continuation of what's gone on in the last 5+ years, which is what it will amount to. Vote for change they tell you. Well, we voted for change last time with a 50% new house. It brought us non-regulation Promenade works, shoddy workmanship, non-descript roundels, extensions of project budget, red zebra crossings now painted white, strange markings on the Curragh Rd. It brought us increased Govt headcount and payroll and an extra billion on superannuation liability. It brought us a £50M and rising ferry terminal. One of my candidates thinks it will hit £100M. It brought us the unsanctioned purchase of 100 minibuses. It most recently brought us sanctioned pollution of marine waters and protection for those responsible and huge compensation payouts for pissed off developers over planning cock ups. It brought us a huge bill for dredging a marina. It may bring us a huge hike in car road tax. It already brought us rises in sewerage charges. But we all need to rush out and vote for more of the same. No thanks.
  20. According to DofE. Who are also proposing/predicting 340,000 visitors pa elsewhere. However, their Chief Fantasist is now President of Tynwald, there may be something of a reduction in future prediction numbers.
  21. A tenth of the loaned sum for "green" projects then? With the remainder to pay off the debts of some distinctly "ungreen" projects?
  22. This sounds like what I was told (about 5 years ago at the time) about the dressing material they applied at the "Conkerfields", Ramsey to Sulby, it was some sort of recycled material. It's still there but didn't appear to adhere well at the edges by the pavement kerb, you could lift the edge of it like a carpet in places.
  23. I think it will be back, I know the organisers are working on some new classes and formats to make it more accessible and affordable (including sidecars). The big question will be the response from marshals and spectators. Having said that, I was "across" a couple of weeks back and normality seemed to be in full flow, little evidence of people being overly observant on masks or restrictions of any type. Given that, there's no reason why they wouldn't make their way here again?
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