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  1. No, the potholers were the ones who died in Derwent Drive in Onchan
  2. Non-Believer

    TT 2018

    The TT needs adjustments. Long overdue but I believe that commercial considerations (as I've previously posted) are taking precedence. Example. The sidecar class (albeit a breed apart) was subject to change for the 1990 event over concerns in power/speed/construction following fatalities inquests in previous years. The old open class was debarred and F2 350cc 2T/600cc 4T regulations were adopted to be the class standard (at questionably short notice if one listens to some competitors of the time). At that time the lap record stood @ 108 mph for the now barred larger machines. Where are we now? The lap record has been pushed to @ 120mph, largely through the development of engines and tyres (early 600s lapped @ 100mph), passengers still cling on by grace, in sharp contrast to the safety requirements of the 4 wheel racing car technology that now influences much of their design. Any sign of the informed concerns that imposed limitations back in 1990..? No. But what's majorly changed in terms of racing practices and safety requirements? Nothing. The sport knowledge and concern that had precedence in 1990 and imposed restrictions no longer has control. Because money and attraction has overridden safety.
  3. But regardless of the projected ins and outs - would anything actually or substantially change...? Particularly given Beecroft's broadside that the Civil Service run the place (that everybody with a grain of interest knows to be true). ETA. But nobody in their right minds, not even Peel, is going to put Harmer back in again?
  4. As do most frogs and toads. To which he bears an astounding resemblance.
  5. Me...but just in the name of sarcasm
  6. The camera gear looks like it was cobbled together in the DOI kitchen....
  7. Scary looking at those lining up to replace May. Be careful what you wish for....
  8. And for an extra £20k pa each, each house could have a permanent G4S security presence.
  9. I haven't seen it personally. However I was recently told that it looks a bit sorry on account of unsuitability of location for the oaks, along with the density of planting, many of which have apparently perished. Which was apparently pointed out when it was first proposed. However it was hearsay and I stand to be corrected. My kids planted trees up there too FWIW.
  10. Who was it posted a couple of days ago that they'd heard that the VAT rebate had been returned to previous levels? Any truth to it? And what might have changed in the IoM economy that would have raised the figure? Because we seem to be on money-pissing season again, another £2.4M for more new buses too, another loco being proposed to be resurrected from a museum, Lord knows what being spent on the horsetrams. All of which is in sharp contrast to proposed cuts in Benefits and what's generally being fed to the population? ETA, found it, it was the Stinking Enigma on the Bullying thread. Come clean Stinky and tell us all
  11. Non-Believer

    TT 2018

    They do though. At the end of the season. At least the ones they can access via climbing teams and helicopters etc. Although there are some that are a) inaccessible permanently due to location and b) those who are permanently lost and never found. Of a) above, there's one in a cave or on a ledge that climbers on one route have to pass on their way up, they call him Mr Green Boots or something like that.
  12. Ask somebody about how the Millennium Wood of oaks that the Island's primary school kids planted has fared....
  13. 1) The sooner the better 2) Probably most of the population of the Island except 3) Most of the Civil Service who will remain to collect their pensions.
  14. All on his land no doubt. Grant assisted, naturally
  15. Non-Believer

    TT 2018

    I don't think it's as clear cut as that, Max. With the speeds the bikes are now travelling at it's increasingly unpredictable. Spectators at 26th in 2007 sitting on top of a 10ft high bank must have thought they were safe (I've sat up there myself). They couldn't have predicted that the bike would have come up the bank almost behind them. What would have happened if the Paul Shoesmith incident had happened 1/4 mile further on towards Sulby bridge where the spectators sit on the bank doesn't bear thinking about. Or on the drop towards the 11th where the bank is another popular vantage point.
  16. Something has to explain the apparently bottomless funding for current Govt spending?
  17. If it has started to be implemented, it should have been started 10 years ago. That it wasn't is testimony to the lack of awareness of what needed to be done, the internal resistance to change and just how cosy some people had it. And how reluctant they were to give it up (see resistance above). Plus the total lack of backbone and willingness to enforce what was required. Pension repayments required in some quarters.
  18. Maybe reality is actually starting to permeate down through the layers of Govt? If so, it's only taken 10-odd years. So with it being only a start, could we suggest that it'll take another 10+ years to complete the task? How much have we got in reserves?
  19. That's if they're even caught, what with much reduced Police presence throughout the Island?
  20. Non-Believer

    TT 2018

    I have to say Max that I'd disagree with your response in the second paragraph. The bigger machines might be theoretically easier to ride to a quick lap - but that doesn't make them easier to ride in reality. The fact is that the bigger 1000cc bikes outstrip the abilities of far too many of the lower order riders, by their own admission on many occasions. Some actually admit to being fearful of the machines. The vast majority of TT deaths in recent years have occurred in those big bike classes. We have a situation established now where a 37+ mile road circuit, intended for early 20th century machine development, hosts an event seeing machinery being used with performance specification in excess of that being used in British Superbikes on relatively sanitised short circuits. With that machinery being designed and developed for those short circuits. And safety improvements on that road circuit being made on a largely reactionary basis and at a far slower pace than the machinery has developed. The event has now become nothing more than a highly commercialised means of making money by a needy host. It is madness and a disaster waiting to happen and I know local competitors who are of the same opinion, who also now speak of the pressures they now feel under from the "get go". We have been extremely "lucky" (if that's the expression) to date that deaths including spectators have been "relatively" few and far between. By the law of averages, a "big one" will occur and we are busy shortening the odds against our favour.
  21. Looks like Ms Bettison's gone public in a big way about the Noble's regime on the front page of the "Indy" today....
  22. It'll give Ramsey residents more trees to swing through...
  23. Anybody told the MUA.....? They're about to drop a few at the contentious demolition site as well..?
  24. Wonder if the "Cabbage" would have the right wheels? Then again, would it be capable of crawling the length of the prom before croaking?
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