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  1. Non-Believer

    Manx Radio

    And off-island stations...?
  2. Non-Believer


    Do you think that they'd even have that sort of vision with their pension-tinted glasses.....?
  3. Non-Believer


    Job creation and taxation to pay for it. Pillars of IoM Govt.
  4. Non-Believer

    Manx Radio

    Can't for the life of me understand why he gets so much airtime. Mind, with the passing of Brian Stowell, MR may inflict even more Gawne on us.
  5. Non-Believer


    The other (genuine) road safety points aren't going to go away just because they decide to introduce an MOT (aka bleeding the taxpayer for a bit more). The committees will still sit and waffle.
  6. Non-Believer

    Are Screwfix coming ???

    Hold the Island's economy together.
  7. Non-Believer

    Well done Mr Skelly

    Hope he's cleared it with DfE and Rob Callister.
  8. Non-Believer

    Plans for lord street

    Particularly when you're occasionally seeing it first hand.
  9. Non-Believer

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld

    HQ and Telly Savalas are similarly follicly challenged?
  10. Non-Believer

    Prosecution becomes Persecution by Government Policy?

    How in the name of Sweet JC on a bike could the IoM authorities bring a case to Court without even having tested the substance in question to ascertain that it was an illicit substance? Is there any end to the the lack of professionalism and sheer incompetence on this Island?
  11. Non-Believer

    Third Worlds Safest City

    Dandara might know....
  12. Non-Believer

    Plans for lord street

    Favours for mates/cronyism and nepotism are cornerstones of our governance.
  13. Non-Believer

    Alistair Ramsay

    True; but how many others have gone in there with expressions and visions of reform and hit the establishment wall? Eloquence, spoken or written, counts for nothing in there.
  14. Non-Believer

    Third Worlds Safest City

    He of the EJ's murder was still in prison on a life tariff (off island, for the EJ incident) a couple of years back getting sentence extensions for stabbing incidents in the prison, IIRC.
  15. Non-Believer

    Third Worlds Safest City

    EJ's was September/October 94 wasn't it?
  16. Non-Believer

    Third Worlds Safest City

    Quayle and Skelly haven't been in that long, have they...?
  17. Non-Believer

    Third Worlds Safest City

    Seem to remember now that his name was with-held in the Manx Murders book to save his family from grief/retribution?
  18. Non-Believer

    Chips, Cheese & Gravy Day

    Or just take a quick walk to the chippy and save yourself (or the wife) a shed load of washing up...
  19. Non-Believer

    is the mountain road shut?

    Tynwald generally receive perfectly sound evidence. Then equally generally choose to ignore it. There is much previous...
  20. Non-Believer

    is the mountain road shut?

    That's two occasions of ice/frost or snow so far this winter. Three crashes thus attributed to, and two prompt closures of the Mountain Road due to those two occasions of those conditions, i.e. two out of two so far.
  21. Non-Believer

    Douglas Terrorist attack!

    Another of Ian's self-combusting buses. Obviously it's caught on from the bendy ones.
  22. Non-Believer

    Fairy tales?

    It'll be all due to excessive wear and tear. Very few domestic properties are designed for 30+ Tynwalders residing with the fairies full time.
  23. Non-Believer

    Highway Satisfaction Survey findings

    How come I never get asked about/to participate in these surveys? Or almost anybody I know, either? Did all the relevant local responses to this get sent back by Ray Harmer?
  24. Non-Believer

    Plans for lord street

    IF....rumour is to be believed, a developer is about to try and sue the arse off IoMG after IoMG allegedly welshed on an agreement to sell the Lord St site to them....in favour of another developer, "a bit closer to Govt". But it's ok. The taxpayer will be paying the Govt's lawyers and anything that's awarded.