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  1. Bearing in mind that these rails and their foundations are also proposed to carry the bigger electric trams in time...?
  2. Non-Believer

    TT 2018

    My previous understanding of this is that riders were returned from the Glen Tramman area without authorisation from Race Control. Marshals at Glen Tramman made the decision without authorisation. Other marshalling points where riders had been stopped (eg Sulby Bridge) held their riders pending Race Control decision. If there are loose cannons out on the circuit the C of C may not have known about it? It might be best to wait until further facts become available?
  3. You forgot the felt and the world-leading monorail technology.
  4. If they don't know what's going on beneath the surface, how could they know it's going to cost £25M and take yay long? Walked past there this morning, on Loch Promenade. Utter bombsite. And gonna be like that for a good while yet too. But they only seem to be scraping the surface off. Where's all these voids and washed out foundations?
  5. I'm sure he'll have learned lots of useful lessons in Jurby......
  6. Didn't we have this survey last year, or was it the happiest place or something?
  7. All that money poured into IRIS and its offshoots does appear to be making some difference out of the 19 tidal bathing locations monitored. But is it enough of a difference, yet?
  8. A project of this magnitude, commenced KNOWING that there were going to be so many variables and unknowns has the potential for huge cost and time overruns. With no other option if those unknowns are encountered other than to simply embrace those overruns and suck it up. Once it was started there was a one way ticket on it (no pun intended). That's why there was such cynicism over this project and its budget, only partly due to the involvement of the horsetrams. £25M? Lets look at £35M or £40M maybe. And a couple of years more than estimated as well maybe. Nobody knows. Because nobody CAN know. It's DOI justification heaven.
  9. Are there not even larger Govt industrial units and premises available to rent on the Jurby Industrial Estate? I thought there was a major push to develop up there?
  10. They can't possibly be 9 - 10 weeks+ behind schedule and still be "within budget". It's a contradiction in terms. And you can bet that the "contingencies" for money will involve going back to Tynwald cap in hand for another handout. Which Tynwald will/would be unable to refuse or the capital's promenade is left looking like a bombsite. Win win if you're DOI.
  11. So....with a large fanfare quote from Phil Gawne extolling efficiencies and savings (could you make it up?), there is a proposal to merge Arbory and Rushen Commissioners (iomtoday). Maybe we're finally going to start slimming down and realise that an Island 15miles x 30miles doesn't need 22+ independent states?
  12. I wonder just how much money Government thinks it's saving (or spending) by contracting out conage and work signage costs to a (monopoly) private contractor? It would be interesting to see the figures, especially if it's at some of the costs quoted in this thread. And compare them to the (previous) costs of DOI etc purchasing their own. After all, they can be used over and over again on further projects and jobs, by which time they should have paid for themselves?
  13. AB was Tourism Minister up until 2000-ish. Oversaw the £80k Jurby tyres debacle and the £90+k "Bounty" replica thingy that never happened. £250k on consultant's fees for an Aqua-leisure centre at the Villa that never happened, though that was kicked out by Tynwald. Mount Murray..... Moved onto Treasury. MEA....etc
  14. I think Al and Eddie had a comfortable little pact that they weren't going to do too much issue-addressing or boat rocking during their term, despite the obvious problems that were beginning to surface courtesy of the VAT review. That pact was born of self interest and a lucrative superannuation. The fact that both stood down having "achieved" that speaks volumes IMHO.
  15. I could see that. Since time immemorial rails have had to rest on sleepers and ballast to absorb shock and recover. Concrete does neither without sustaining damage?
  16. Eddie Teare, despite the financial expertise that many of his voters had aspirations for/endowed him with, was provenly little more than an IoM Bank gofer and a Bell bitch, simply calculating and waiting for his Tynwald pension entitlement. In that he was 100% successful.
  17. PLEASE don't tell me there's actually any oversight of the DOI......?!!!
  18. Nothing seems to have changed that anybody is talking about(?), so perhaps all is well and above board? Genuine view.
  19. Yes, I saw that. Time as a member of DOI interfering with scrutinising legislation or something? How many hours a week do they have to work again? And how much legislation is there? And how many of them?
  20. There is talk John (and admittedly that's all it is at the moment) that some sort of ground/land contamination issue has been discovered and is now going to have to be dealt with. Peel aren't building as far as I know either. But they've done extremely well out of it to date. The Packet paid for the repairs to extend the life of the PP landing stage (doubtless over a barrel). Then PP were going to contribute £15M. Now IoMG have bought the land and are funding the whole shebang. Like I said. £100M by the time it's finished.
  21. Agreed and it's strange. When the redevelopment was first proposed (and the sky was going to cave in if it wasn't done?) it was at least partly on account of the promenade foundations having been undermined/washed out by tidal action. So they'd need to go deep to rectify that. As you say, they aren't. Yet, anyway?
  22. There was a quote from Mr Harmer in the past month that work was being majorly delayed on account of encountering "uncharted services". On a Victorian promenade. Who'd have guessed?
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