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  1. Non-Believer

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    It's better to be in the tent, pissing out...and you can't effect any change when you've exiled and ostracised yourself whilst remaining bound to certain terms and conditions. This period has massively reduced the UK's standing in the international view IMHO. Shown to be a fragmented, divided nation, riven with political and class self-interest incapable of presenting a unified, negotiating front on the most important decision in a generation. Nobody in this world will take the UK seriously again. Unless we send an aircraft carrier to the South China Sea of course It is/has been a watershed. The EU must by now regard UK Govt in the same way as UK Govt regard IoM. A collection of disorganised, backwater, hickey amateurs.
  2. Non-Believer

    Alesha Macphail

    With no soap...
  3. Non-Believer

    New upmarket Caterers for the TT Hospitality Tent

    Did they have the DOI in....?
  4. Non-Believer

    Bell (end) charged

    In particular, given how the event is "promoted", the "unlimited" Mountain Road etc. If they're not insured, they shouldn't turn a wheel off the landing ramp. It's a basic legal requirement and common sense.
  5. Non-Believer

    Manx Radio

    Speculate to accumulate. It's easy with taxpayer's money.
  6. Non-Believer

    Bell (end) charged

    These new-fangled colour scanner/printer thingies are great for tax discs
  7. Non-Believer

    Nobles hospital

    I have heard similar from one employed in there. Vetting procedures tightened up, less of the jobs-for-mates-syndrome.
  8. Non-Believer

    Chief Minister doesn't know the largest employers

    KFC must have been amongst the Island's biggest employers. There were 100s living upstairs...
  9. Non-Believer

    Manx Sport is Golden

    Is Tarne still banned here?
  10. Non-Believer

    Doing It On Your Doorstep

    Free return tickets for the tram from Derby Castle to Groudle. That should really bring them flocking and boost Groudle's credentials as a burgeoning tourist destination. How much does the MER lose per year again?
  11. Non-Believer

    Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest

    They didn't call it, "The Dirty War" for nothing.
  12. Non-Believer

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    He allowed the same motion to be brought forward twice and voted on, to be rejected on both occasions. Some might say he was being generous in allowing it twice. He has now called time on it happening a third time. Nothing wrong with that. Simply stopping a waste of parliamentary time.
  13. Non-Believer


    I'm sure there was a major refurb in 2010 or so, which saw changes to the slides and equipments? There was a Govt statement that said "Believe it or not, the equipment is now 20yrs old" (NSC constructed 1990ish?) and it was well overdue.
  14. Non-Believer

    Manx Radio

  15. Non-Believer

    Year Of Our Island

    I think it was some sort of dark skies/light display celebration based in the park. Not sure if it was widely advertised. Central Govt I think too, rather than a Ramsey Commissioners promotion.
  16. Non-Believer

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    If your name is Liam Fox it's a significant victory though.
  17. Non-Believer

    Bullying at school

    RGS. They still haven't found the bodies.
  18. Non-Believer

    Blacksmith gets boot

    According to the news, the MER rumbles into life again this weekend too. Wonder if there's a meter somewhere ticking up the annual £ loss.
  19. Non-Believer

    Manx students go on strike

    Must be W2
  20. Non-Believer

    Blacksmith gets boot

    How much does the MER cost us owner/taxpayers per year, currently?
  21. Non-Believer

    Blacksmith gets boot

    He's got one of those blacksmith's dogs too. Kick its arse and it'll make a bolt for the door. I'll get my coat...
  22. Non-Believer

    Blacksmith gets boot

    All the time. They keep telling us.
  23. Non-Believer

    Blacksmith gets boot

    A bit like the unpaid £50k in rent that they "let go" over Ramsey Shipyard. Without including the addition of "unlawful disposal" of assets before it was vacated.
  24. Non-Believer

    Manx students go on strike

    Until it's realised that they might. Then it'll be stopped in its tracks.
  25. Non-Believer

    Mallett's Mallet