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  1. Because that would involve some hard questioning and criticism of capabilities and competence, within the government organisation and body. And we don't do that. We'd rather not. We just investigate noisy bang bangs in the public domain, for instance.
  2. Hmmm. Just reading the Budget breakdown in the Indy and there's comment by Michael Josem, chairman of Lib Vannin. He's claiming that the Budget has incorporated a £48.5M raid on reserves - and that £33.6M of that has been taken from the PSP "reserve". Also a £3.4M cut in DHSC funding despite a claim of an additional £14M invested. With £2M of that being due to the transfer of the PH directorate to the Cabinet Office. Page 8 for those interested.
  3. Hence his recent marriage? Sad news. RIP.
  4. Which is ludicrous, Pava is not a lethal weapon, it's a temporary incapacitating agent. The legislation was presumably drafted by the same sort of people as our locals who'd try and classify fireworks as being high explosives in order to ban them? Completely OTT.
  5. The only thing we'd be able to muster in response would be a flotilla of cushioned CS lifeboats and a huge floating escaped turd from Meary Veg...
  6. With respect Wools, it's Rog who is suggesting interning certain sections of society, starting with the economically disadvantaged (for whatever reason that be so). Where does one stop after that? There is previous....
  7. Enough. He should have gone down. 5 years minimum.
  8. We'll start with the unemployed younger and older folk with their families (as per Rog's suggestions a couple of posts above) then the mentally or physically infirm, then the gays, then the gypsies, then the communists....who's next Rog?
  9. And the lads in blue'll be round with the, er, pava.....
  10. Just doing a sail past to remind us who's actually in charge.....
  11. People hand in ancient illegal stuff. Meaning they've missed Gawd knows how many previous amnesties. So why was this guy different? He wasn't out using it on the street any more than some 19th century crossbow or WW2 pistol that's been equally locked in a cupboard for a few years. A surrender of the substance and a caution would have been enough.
  12. Need to be careful here. This sort of National Socialism bred a particularly vicious anti-Semitism 70-odd years ago...fancy some of that, Rog?
  13. So did most of the people who decided to hand in stuff last year. From the previous year. And the year before, etc etc. This guy appears to have been made a special example of. Maybe it's because it was Pava. Or maybe something else?
  14. Plenty of stuff handed in here on amnesties. He could have been given the chance. Perhaps he was just keeping it for Tynwald canvassers next year....
  15. Doesn't make a lot of difference though, does it? Nobody wished for Howard Quayle. Well, nobody who's admitting to it...
  16. Will it result in the same meaningful changes as the report by Lisvane...? Or into the SPCo? Or into MG?
  17. Non-Believer


    How hard can it be to order and install a set of flume slides for a swimming pool? Especially since there's been a set there since the early 90s as a template. It's not like anybody was going in blind.
  18. So....Laurence stateth that no fewer than 3 operators seek to give TT radio coverage for 2020 (iomtoday).
  19. Which in itself was supposed to end the days of the fudge and forget, unaccountable Boards. We replaced it with fudge and deny, fill yer boots, unaccountable ministerial system, governed by the civil service.
  20. It's been like this for the last 35 years. And we had the money to throw around to maintain that impression. And we did, generously. And if you do that, they will come. Which they did in their droves. Like flies to poo. Eager to please us and impart their knowledge. Just like an all-Island sewerage system for instance. So much so that we came to rely on them and stop thinking for ourselves. Although the salaries paid to our own experts wouldn't have given that impression.
  21. It'll be fine Phillip, we've got a whole new raft of "green", environmental taxes and charges on the stocks ready to raise the necessary revenue.
  22. We've certainly got a PS with raptor-like tendencies when it comes to money and their pensions...
  23. I got the impression that "Sarah" must be a Govt employee (and DED at that) to make such a statement..?
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