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  1. We were told that there would be enough workers though, 60+ at any one time. There are not. We were told that there were community-swallowing voids underneath that were the justification for it being done in the first instance. There were none. We've been given progress and completion dates that have continually lapsed. We have politicians whose good-meaning will and requests for progress have been continually disregarded and ignored. It doesn't matter who we elect, they're not running the show. Our Treasury Minister is now alluding to this and has proposals to address at l
  2. This edict from Government requesting voluntary compliance is only until tomorrow when they will hopefully have more information and be able to give us a better picture? That's my take on it. That request has been delivered in an extremely poor and ambiguous fashion but presumably if it's "all clear" we can go back to normality, if not, the compensation packages will have to be restarted again. But we need the time to establish the facts. The virus isn't interested in economics unfortunately.
  3. We can all take positives from the current situation. Just think of how much money we're not directly or indirectly giving H&B. 😂
  4. Pubs seem to closing voluntarily...4pm and 6pm depending whose they are.
  5. This decision would appear to have knocked the ball firmly back into H&B's court, there would appear to be 3 options open to them now: 1) They offload it for what they can get for it, bearing in mind the state of the building and that the "no demolition" decree may also apply to the purchaser. What does that make the building worth? 2) They refurbish it and run it again as a pub, which isn't going to happen given the brewery's approach, the spend required and the likely patronage. 3) They sit on it, it owes them nothing and isn't registered in itself, meaning that there's no
  6. I was thinking of asking how much has been spent.... really? £1Bn?!! You could drop lots and rebuild for that.
  7. Mr Perkins has previous in gas matters. Like Manx Gas and his OFT involvement.
  8. And would it have stood being tested in law...?
  9. Is this materials/labour shortage hitting any other building concerns?
  10. I think he's right to be concerned. As others have pointed out, helium is in short supply. If we fritter it away on frivolous things like party balloons, what are we going to top Mr. Perkins' head up with?
  11. Documentary on the latest developments on Covid, BBC2, 9pm.
  12. Exactly, it's the direct fault of neither but in any case, neither are directly accountable to the electorate in respect of the Prom, nobody is. The public have been continually fed utter bullshit about this job from the word "go" (uttered by Phil Gawne unsurprisingly), from the necessity of it (the undiscovered voids) to the manning (60+ men at any one time), to the scheduling and completion dates (ongoing), although if any part of those dates were predicated on the daydream manning figures then it's no wonder there's slippage. 2025 for full "completion", anybody, with the built-in
  13. What I was trying to refer to was the Promenade taking the tenures of two DOI Ministers of the current administration (Harmer and Baker) and suggesting that its duration may see out two Ministers from the next administration too. They're just being taken along for the ride as Heads of Dept. None of them will have been in control of it but Ministers are duty-bound by protocol to support and defend their Depts and staff, publicly at least, hence the lack of Ministerial criticism of the obvious to date, including Baker's so far unstinting support and ongoing excuses.
  14. We had quite a few "new" bloods last time, of which great things were expected in respect of bringing change. Largely they carried on (sometimes inheriting, admittedly) their predecessor's routes, including the subject of this thread, what's the betting on the Prom "seeing off" two members of the next administration as well?
  15. What, clean his genitals with your rough tongue? Ooooer missus....
  16. I see from iomtoday that the genius planning department have denied H&B permission to demolish the Britannia in Ramsey. Although the building itself is not registered, it sits within a "Conservation Area" and planners have decreed that demolition would not be in keeping with that status. So what future now for a derelict pub, unwanted and stripped out by its owners and requiring so much work that it's unlikely to be attractive at its price tag and presumed covenants to other investors? I'm told that the upstairs living accommodation is so far gone that all but one room are uninhabitab
  17. Partly, but not exclusively - the broader picture is PS culture.
  18. All spot on. The stumbling block is that any major change (ever) always needs to be implemented in conjunction with and with the approval and agreement of "The Problem" itself. And if those changes are likely to be to the detriment of "The Problem" then they either won't be allowed to happen or they'll be so delayed and opposed that it's not worth bothering. Political candidates, good and bad, come and go. "The Problem" remains. Alf Cannan has identified some of it. Let's see how successful he is in addressing it.
  19. But to what end, AT? Even if total incompetence was the verdict, who's going to be accountable? The Unholy Trinity of Black, Robinson and Longworth will still walk away with their pensions and payoffs, politicians ditto, the contractors have largely been led in circles from the start and are thus blameless, the only people who are left in it for the long haul are the taxpayers. The best you can hope for is a "Lessons will be learned". Again.
  20. Never? Government not a "sue-able" entity or something like that? But consider: If they can pull the, "Nobody's fault, nobody accountable" verdict for a £350M Power Station debt, a mere £30M-odd Promenade fiasco can definitely be batted away without a blink? Perhaps the only recourse open to those affected is to get on to their respective MHKs and say, "YOU are part of the administration which is responsible for this epic cluster-fuck. What are YOU doing about it and I want to know BEFORE YOU come asking for my vote in September? And if YOU haven't got an answer, don't come asking".
  21. Needs to be closed to vehicular traffic, get rid of all these noisy cars and let the dogs shit in peace.
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