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  1. Somebody needs to call DEFA's Infectious Diseases section. There are rabid cyclists at large...
  2. No. There's a possibility that somebody forensically-minded might reconstitute it. Into the blank sheet of paper that it always was.
  3. Like most of the pubs around the TT course, Raven and Sulby Glen to name but two?
  4. It was at least as much about the surrounding grounds (to include the Cenotaph area) as the actual building itself IIRC? Bill Malarkey and DHA took it upon themselves to have a firesale of DHA properties ("savings"), conveniently forgetting that Ramsey itself had paid for this building many years ago, that firesale included the surrounding grounds which would have potentially been lost had it been sold to a developer. So now it's back in Ramsey's ownership which is something it always was anyway. And the generations of ratepayers have paid for it twice and will continue to do so as long as there is required upkeep on the ageing building.
  5. Looks like what it was often previously mooted it would be; a daily drop-in centre for old dears?
  6. I see that Mrs Barber's esteemed Department are also now recommending that people (including the MUA apparently) should not plant daffodils, on the grounds that, "They're not native species to the IoM". (P4 of the Indy for reference). Which might also beg the question, "How many of the chrome-plated dickheads in DEFA aren't "native to the Island" either?
  7. Has anybody told the shops this....? 😂
  8. "Conservative establishment member implicated in public money scam" shocker...
  9. This crossed my mind too...blocking the pool, as in nobody else can get in...?
  10. Might be part of the reason why the Conservative government keeps the IoM open for business with an exceptionally generous dollop of VAT every year too...?
  11. How many of "us" actually had a say in it? And if there had been thousands of objecting voices, would they have been heeded or listened to in any way? Democracy tends to fly out the window when there's big money involved, there's also the matter of Dandara's conduct about a year ago in respect of those who'd paid their deposits on the development and what that indicated about their attitude.
  12. I have an explanation that I was offered for this recently, I thought it was a cycle lane too and did post this a few months ago. The story I was subsequently told was that a DOI operative drove a line-marking machine out of the depot and proceeded towards Ramsey, not realising that he had the paint dispensing equipment engaged. He got as far as the "K" tree on the TT course at the conker fields before he realised the error.
  13. "Build it and they will come". We built it - so where are they all? Where are the pelotons coming into work everyday from Farmhill via the new infrastructure through Pully for example, let alone everywhere else. One or two isn't validation of the expense. The theory is flawed. For most, cycling is a summer leisure pursuit (I exclude the mountain bikers cos getting wet and muddy is their "thing") but most commuters don't want to spend the day at work having got wet and cold on the way there and then face more on the way home, quite possibly via a steep uphill journey.
  14. I think the point that Stu is trying to make is that encouraging (or criticising for not doing it) people to commute by bike to work is barking up the wrong tree for the reasons he's put forward. What we should be doing is providing better/more environmentally friendly public transport for work commuting and encouraging active leisure for fitness and health. We could have put the money used towards installing an electric tramway system to bring people in from Farmhill etc?
  15. The Island's major pub operators and closers sponsoring the "Scale Up" award. Oh the irony...
  16. We have hundreds of thousands of pounds-worth of new cycleways installed already, bereft of bicycles. Cooil Rd, Pulrose and its Bridge, Peel Rd, Gansey, Lezayre Rd to name a few. Where are all these commuting cyclists that they were put in place for the benefit of?
  17. Surely if income is a problem then spending needs to be adjusted accordingly until such time as the problem is resolved?
  18. Only in the view of ardent Govt apologists such as your good self.
  19. Fitting a new meter regardless of the serviceability or remaining lifespan of the old one will all be part of somebody's Very Good Idea. And as we are all well aware, there are no price tags on Very Good Ideas on the IoM.
  20. Crookall said something similar upon taking the DOI reins. His predecessors probably said the same. All that ended well....
  21. I say welcome to the new normal for many. Huddling in dimly-lit rooms desperately trying to keep bills for lighting and heating from going stratospheric. This is what the new energy costs will mean.
  22. He and his mates are stood on Parliament Sq. in Ramsey every morning and evening if anybody wants to ask/hear his opinions.
  23. Charlie Kerruish was an authority on that, years ago....
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