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  1. It's all about self-preservation and has been since the VAT cut. The same applies to the trajectory and with the UK now in recession (technically or otherwise), we are likely to catch a sniff from that too, it's unavoidable.
  2. There is no tax strategy that is going to close the £100M pa gap currently filled by the reserves draw. It's tinkering round the edges while the ship steams full ahead towards the reef. Not even taxing MNCs and HNWs will fill that deficit. The only strategy they have is hoping that a stork with a nappy full of magic beans in its beak gets waylaid here for some reason because Govt numbers cuts are out of bounds.
  3. Totally ignoring the fact that it's the private sector that's funding that increase...and as Stu P. posted on here, why shouldn't MHKs and Govt workers receive inflation-and-above rises to cope with the cost of living? All you need to know. It is a two tier society. With that tier consisting purely of entitled fuckwits.
  4. Might be linked to AC having publicly released a defence of Govt officers in the matter, only a couple of days ago?
  5. Disappointingly, another lamb to the CS slaughter. Personally, I hoped that AC would be stronger 😔
  6. Who still don't realise that the other 96% are now increasingly realising that the main purpose of the Budget is to maintain Govt terms and conditions for its masses.
  7. Alf'll give Stu the Climate Change gig....it's been the plan all along....
  8. Have we still got a well-remunerated man in an office in Brussels representing our interests?
  9. And now potentially over 5.8 billion... It's confirmed. It's another Reynolds..
  10. From the 3FM article introducing the new CEO...
  11. I think he's either been reined back by people we can only guess about or he's realised the enormity of the task. I think there's a huge amount of frustration showing in a lot of what he says and in his demeanour and behaviour, whether that arises from the above or realising what he has to work with is another question. Either way, he's not the AC that he was in recent years.
  12. Exactly. How many have we had put into the office in the past on promises of being "boat rockers" only to have them quickly stifled or U-turn faster than a greased weasel once they realised that there would be no mileage in it?
  13. Sadly, this is not the same Alf C who came in, in 2021 like a stiff new brush. Getting rid of Black and then Greenhow and some of his public statements suggested that he had some mettle and gave hope but it would appear that the behemoth now has him on the ropes. Clearly the culture that it was hoped that would exit with Greenhow still exists which makes one wonder who is pulling the strings now?
  14. It's quite remarkable, the number of people who are stating that Govt expenditure is out of control, some with credentials such as this. And yet current members of Govt assure us that all is well and in control.
  15. There is indeed, it has been started by leader of the Green Party, Lamara Craine (also a Ramsey Commissioner) who has instigated a FB petition. It is proposed to build it on the Poyll Dhooie reserve area which is part of the Auldyn floodplain bordering the Sulby River where it flows into Ramsey.
  16. They can tinker with the tax rates all they like, until they get PS expenditure under control and reduced it's like sticking their finger in a hole in a dam while the water is slopping freely over the top.
  17. The removal of paying of MHKs uplifts is only part of it. It would appear that our "democracy" is still flawed in the form of a bloc vote that can still be wielded, under pain of dismissal for its members should they not agree with the CM's dictat or indeed for expressing any critical opinion.
  18. Didn't we engage a chap called Lisvane at considerable expense to propose methods and recommendations to try and iron out shit like this once....?
  19. You're missing the point, it's not (just) about holidays, it's the wage costs and employment numbers that are the current point of concern and discussion, on here uf nowhere else. It takes years to implement any changes to these PS T&Cs and if change started tomorrow under the current terms it wouldn't be fully implemented for years. We don't have reserves to sustain us for that period. If you take the £100M reserve draw, that's only 1/6th the cost of the PS payroll of £600M, without the £40M pensions gap as well.
  20. They can't be reviewed "at any time" without huge input, consultation and agreement from the employees and their unions which can take months if not years to obtain. This is exemplified by the changeover from Whitley Council to Public Service Commission in 2015 which left existing terms and benefits untouched for the recipients of the time (including the big tickets that were causing the problems) and introduced cuts for new starters and transferees. It will take over 40 years for the intentions to become fully effective in respect of this. Such is the timescales that have to be worked with, which makes the rate of burn of the reserves even more concerning.
  21. Politicians fear the "Legal Challenge" of any cuts to PS terms, conditions and superannuation. They will not touch it with a bargepole. Therefore the only way to fund it if revenue doesn't match it is tax rises and reserves raids.
  22. If you revoked Energy's licence, Juan Turner would have a field day in publicity and exposing Govt, including his inside knowledge of what goes on. If Govt want to protect the taxpayer then introduce a phased withdrawal of the subvention and let MR stand on its own feet and compete. Their listening figures now are a joke, it's no wonder they lose advertising revenue when it's known that fewer and fewer are listening to them. If their "culture" programming is so important to the nation (again, look at the listening figures) then let the Phil Gawnes of this world do it on an enthusiastic philanthropic or volunteer basis, they should welcome the opportunity.
  23. Eddie Teare started the raids on reserves during his tenure as CM and predicated his Budget figures with projected growth rates of 7%+ for the Manx economy. Budgets which Alf Cannan shredded as, "Being nothing like balanced" for their use of reserves. Also famed for the all-time quote of, "Theoretically it's not actually taxpayer's money". His failures laid the foundations of the current situation.
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