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  1. Remember the black ones with the celtic 3 legs emblem they had painted up for the Tynwald millennium in 1979? Wonder how many saw 1981...?
  2. If they were from off-Island by now they've probably been reduced to a gibbering wreck and been sectioned. Or just done a runner.
  3. Non-Believer

    TT 2018

    I think the TT was still important as regards the sales market, even after losing World Championship status. It was seen (and is) a proving ground for reliability, that was important as the Japanese saw off the last of the British bike industry, and probably why Honda remained such a staunch supporter of the event. Suzuki have put effort in over the years too, as did Yamaha for the 2007 Centenary. But bikes nowadays have increasingly become CAD/CAM and racetrack developed so the TT now relies on tradition as its foundation rather than sales relevance.
  4. Ayre Motors pretty much folded in 1979 when they lost the Peugeot franchise to Island Garages Ramsey.
  5. And now we've got Jackson's selling everything! Or not, as the case may be....
  6. Raymotors, EB Christian and Empire sold Ford. Mylchreests in Douglas, Castletown and Ramsey sold Austin/Morris BMC, Rover, that became British Leyland, Jaguar and LR and Rolls Royce for a while. Kirk Michael Motors sold Lada and I think, Polski Fiat (for their sins), the various Island Garages outlets had Vauxhall/Opel, Fiat, Talbot and some other oddities, Eurocars sold Citroen, Ayre Motors sold VW and Peugeot. What was the Island Garage commercials workshop in West St, Ramsey sold Saab when IG closed and the premises were sold.
  7. If it was good news it would have been trumpeted by the Govt's extensive communications department from every rooftop they could gain access to, along with bunting and streamers? That it's so slow (along with the FoM visitor figures?) MIGHT suggest that they are reluctant to release it?
  8. It'll not change until we're all living in mud huts, cooking in clay pots and living off the land as hunter/gatherers. How else can it? All Technology means pollution either in its use or its manufacture. How far back into the dark ages these environmental zealots would like to take us in the name of saving the planet is anybody's guess. I'd suggest until it starts to impact on themselves. Then laws will change to exclude them and the wealthy.
  9. Inconvenience and expense for road users...and the previously expensively resurfacing job left looking like a ploughed field/patchwork quilt. The road was only done in April-ish...could MG and their contractors have known about this then (assuming it's not a fault)?
  10. I see Manx Gas are busy digging up the just-expensively-reprofiled-and-resurfaced-for-TT-week May Hill in Ramsey too. Why can't these utility concerns liase with each other and the DOI and try and co-ordinate works?
  11. Well, planning permission for the proposed alterations is granted (MR online). Now the task of raising £500k in 12 months to fund it begins.
  12. Probably too embarrassed to say anything....
  13. As others (and me) have recently posted elsewhere, roadside tree growth all over the Island has remained unaddressed now for far too long, it surely can't be long until it starts to impact on road safety conditions with leaf fall and the winter gales on the way. There's only so much growth that artics and double decker buses can knock off.
  14. All of whom are paid and will be pensioned out of those taxes. Doubtless to dream up one hypocritical lifestyle change after another to be imposed on the rest of us (but not them because they'll need to be able to carry on as they are in the name of saving the planet) in the name of changing the Island's 0.00000016% contribution to global whatever. Mind, what's currently going on in the Brazilian/Amazonian rainforests is FA compared to what's been wreaked on the Island's plantations. Strange how the "diseased" trees concerns suddenly stopped when the felling contractor's money ran out. Including leaving large areas of "affected" trees still standing. With local contractors now being brought in to clear the mess up.
  15. The first bit is all the DOI are for the most part
  16. We're fully self sufficient. Phil Gawne assured it with his generous terms for the farming community, ensuring that they could keep us supplied with the fruits of the land. I think....
  17. THINK about what it means to get Our Sovereignty back though....worth sacrificing everything we've become accustomed to. Er......
  18. You can bet your best that the Corpy will spend endless £ks of ratepayer's handover contesting this in the name of defending its ego too.
  19. Douglas Town Hall - Area 51. Complete with aliens and their artifacts.
  20. Never mind the 20th of the month, it's like that 365. Friday and Saturday nights are like a wet Sunday or midweek night. Yet our Govt proposes massive project after massive project at costs of millions upon millions, cruise berths, grandstands, Liverpool dock. Where's the money coming from?
  21. And there's an indicator by itself - from the days when we had a tourist sector that needed those quantities of hire cars. Wonder what the hire market is like now in comparison?
  22. It is in mine, certainly over the past 8 years. Taxes and charges from Govt up, along with general cost of living and wages certainly not keeping up. And I very much doubt that I'm alone.
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