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  1. This was it, I think, they've won an award of some sort for it, tyres recycled into energy and all sorts of useful by-products with no waste, clever people
  2. Ramsey is still on Zeppelin attack footing....
  3. There was a concern on tv the other night who claim to have a new recycling technology now on the stocks to deal with the global issue of used car tyres. However the environmentalists will probably oppose on the grounds that mosquito larvae will have nowhere to develop....
  4. So what we appear to be establishing here is that retrofitting is not really a viable proposition either practically or financially for a great many older properties, let alone the finances of their owners? How long would it take to recoup the outlay, in savings on heating costs? We may as well be proposing trying to convert all ICE vehicles to electricity with the same aim; it's not going to work. There needs to be another way here, we are trying to heat properties that were designed and built in an age when coal/gas/wood were the norm and affordable, when their side effects weren't known or a consideration. One wonders what technologies might be available that were invented and then bought out and shelved in the past in order to keep fossil fuels the norm?
  5. Well, at least a Joe Lycett ticket is cheaper...
  6. The steam engine "Maitland" returns home after a 15 year restoration process. No cost quoted in the article as yet though...
  7. The only viable solution to our contribution to the global problem is to demolish everything that's more than ten years old and rebuild everything to a future-proof standard. The Greens can crowd-fund it.
  8. Non-Believer


    How about a "FOI Enquiry Centre" along the same lines...? 😂
  9. Non-Believer


    Bit of a thread bump here - the Good Doctor is trumpeting success...
  10. If the volume of passenger numbers and volume of business for London existed, surely the airline operators would be flattening the airport's £675k fence trying to get in for a slice of the action? That a hoover-type operator like EZY doesn't see a regular service (currently) as justifiable surely speaks volumes as to the current demand? How do all these passengers currently make their way to London without a current, regular airline service?
  11. If it looks like a goose and walks like a goose and quacks like a goose....
  12. I'd like to see the gas extractors and refiner's reasons for gas prices being at their current levels. This is the real reason for consumers at the end of the chain paying the prices that they are.
  13. No doubt the eco-warriors will be up in arms about the removal of the self-seeded plant life and the rest of the fauna...
  14. I doubt if anybody is happy about it and as a gas consumer I'm not, but most now understand and accept the reasons for it, other than the Social Media cadre. Government is now offering limited, targeted assistance to assist the low paid and those on fixed incomes deal with a commodity situation that is being exploited and manipulated for the benefit of multi-national concerns and their wealthy and/or institutional shareholders. There is surely nothing wrong with that or should we leave the poor to freeze to allow the rich to get richer?
  15. Where is there any suggestion of this, other than Facebook? Having said that, if Jo Cox says the prices will need to remain at high levels for two years then the actual requirement is probably 6 months.
  16. How much would Jason and Tony like to contribute then? Say, 50% of their pension entitlements?
  17. As was pointed out on the news tonight, there's not as yet been a peep of support for Johnson from Sunak who might be considered as one of the pretenders to the throne.
  18. I'd like to see a couple of posts that would, "Day to day, map out, prioritise and actively manage out pointless excess headcount in Government offices, focusing on savings and the taxpayer. Also work on behaviour change campaigns to help normalise actions that cause unauthorised recruitment. And there'll be no requirement for a new website to do it."
  19. It might also be worth recalling that during the Quayle administration alone Govt headcount rose by @ 400 and that "x" number of those posts reportedly may have had no prior political approval?
  20. They all help to maintain the Island's resident and working population levels which is reflected in the low unemployment figures. And every pound each of them spends is multiplied 96 times throughout the economy. Or something.
  21. I wonder when we'll get the official public announcement about the new firm then? And what spin to go with it as to the whys and wherefores?
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