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  1. They don't need to be full size and they don't need a front, similar to motorcycle regs. A small one mounted below the rear of the saddle is more than enough.
  2. They don't have a £180M power station that cost the thick end of £500M, to try and finance either...
  3. It looks to be less about revenue and more about being identifiable for road traffic transgressions?
  4. Neither is crawling around David Ashford's nether regions. Worrying trait.
  5. It might be interesting to see an accurate breakdown of the steam rail costs (not that we ever will)...and rather than "getting rid" altogether, is it actually being run as economically as it could; I'd suspect not.
  6. All sound advice in theory but of little use to anybody who hasn't got <£10k spare to buy a used EV to ease their "long term financial pressures". Most people will now be contemplating (or already struggling with) the short term. Investing that sort of money now with an eye on the long game is out of the question for most people I'd suggest.
  7. There's bigger fraud than that being committed by some of the salaries being pulled in Govt...
  8. Because they bring huge amounts of spend and investment to the Island. And I like them to be my mates. Signed, Allan.
  9. I can't understand why we don't go the whole hog and put the monorail through to Lime St.
  10. It works fine in times of plenty, such as the annual receipt of a tsunami of VAT rebate, allowing many a doorstep promise of social nirvana to be realised. And various expensive faux pas to be smoothed over and paid off without too much concern or protest. Times ahead may be somewhat more austere and people may well start to question things with a bit more vigour when they are being directly affected - principally, in the pocket.
  11. As happened with much of the minibus purchases....
  12. There's a net in that picture too, maybe they're barbying what they caught...hope they had permission off DEFA 😂
  13. A good few years ago now I watched a TV programme on what effect caffeine had on the human nervous system - put me right off my morning coffee.
  14. Needs to be dragged out of Banks Circus. Preferably by a rope tied around his ankles with the other end attached to the Mannanan.
  15. Don't even use light bulbs, use a candle instead. Whilst it's burning you can warm your small tin of beans with it. Thus one candle can supply light, heat and warm food. Save the melted wax too it can be used to reseal the envelopes your tax and Rates demands come in.
  16. Welcome to the local politician's outlook. Others on these boards have also alluded to it.
  17. I'm trying to imagine what Allan Bell's strategy for this scenario would be, were he still TM or CM. Probably throwing money at HNWs faster than it could come off the printers.
  18. Whilst making and reading all these savings suggestions never lose sight of the fact that their true purpose is to allow us to divert more of our money into keeping energy market speculators and their institutional shareholders very, very rich. The fact that people are even on here discussing these economies already is a good indicator that we're already meekly rolling over and accepting it which is just what they want us to do of course. And as the delightful(?) Liz Truss pointed out a few nights back, we daren't even tax them on it in case they take their money somewhere else.
  19. Are they edible? Would many of the population not find the brass neck a little unpalatable..? 😂
  20. Without playing devil's advocate here - what's the score with tv licences here? Are they a legally enforceable requirement on the IoM?
  21. The next year or so is going to also have a massive effect on the economy of our consumerist society which has naturally been based on ever increasing consumption, buy, use, throw away, rinse and repeat. That's going to hit manufacturing and importing of our increasingly disposable goods. There's going to have to be a lot more mend and make do, or even do without altogether. Some sections/generations of our society will have never known such strictures anyway but maybe the older generations will adopt more easily, having grown up with less.
  22. The ancient religion of peace....
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