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  1. It's not a curved mile of pristine white coral sand which it should be to complement the new Promenade...
  2. It's "skim-reading". Refer to the President of Tynwald for further information.
  3. I have a vague recollection that their removal was a matter of some debate within DBC some years ago, a Cllr Chatel might have had something to do with it?
  4. You're already/still contributing to the long thousands to have seaweed shunted around?
  5. And also the capacity to cope with the routine brown envelopes..... 🤭
  6. "When you're up to your neck in alligators - it can be difficult to remember that the original intention was to drain the swamp"...?
  7. But that's so they can say, "Look how much money we've saved by getting rid of X number of bottom-feeding Meter Readers". As with all IoMG "savings", you're not supposed to look at how much they've spent doing it which is usually 1000 times the saving. The average householder already knows what ramps up their electricity consumption, primarily anything to do with heat and doesn't need a collective £12M spending to show them.
  8. There's a man driving a tractor around that beach (on a reportedly very lucrative DBC contract) most days pointlessly shovelling seaweed around without doing very much to dispose of the problem properly. One wonders how much sand and gravel he could have moved away from the seawall had he been engaged to do so rather than said futile seaweed operations.
  9. Eating out might be regarded as an option, a luxury some might even say. Handing over otherwise disposable income to local utilities, be they private or public concerns for units of energy consumed, standing charges or additional taxes levied for said essential energy is not an option. For most people there will be little choice.
  10. They're powered by Rates money and it's run out, need to get some more....
  11. Maybe they employed the same head-counters as they do for visitor figures...?
  12. The Prom will be finished by then....that's going to be the draw.... 🙃
  13. They'll be the brewery pubs then....
  14. He thought he didn't need to, Rob had given the Louis Group such a glowing appraisal in terms of their morals and honesty that God thought they were a company of saints.
  15. Yes, the usual Govt approach. Let's conveniently forget and dismiss the past and all those awkward, embarrassing and as yet unresolved issues. Just keep looking forward, the taxpayers can be relied on to quietly deal with anything from the past arising from rank Govt corruption and incompetence.
  16. The millions for the bail outs are invariably acquired by raising taxes and charges for the serfs. Unfortunately, there are so many already in place that there's not a lot of width left for any new ones to counter the new challenges.
  17. There's far too many in the DOI offices.
  18. As opposed to what we all know it will turn out to be....
  19. All part of the mantra that the wealth transfer operation would have you believe. Give all these breaks and wealth back to the rich and they will rush out and invest the money thus philanthropically boosting industry and creating jobs in the economy for those less well off. We've been 100% signed up to it for years here on the Island too. The fact that the wealthy are influencing (if not the owners of) the Govts that they are using to push this is not a matter that we should concern ourselves with.
  20. And they were there as it was probably touted as an in-house jolly....
  21. "Around 1000 attended"..... Energy FM News.
  22. Attained Chair of IoM Post Office?
  23. What a load of cobblers. Salient point. The Promenade bears little resemblance to the projections that were wheeled out prior to commencing the works. Why would the walkway be any different?
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