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  1. Sorry Lawrie, you nailed your colours to the mast which has proved to be the wrong one. You backed an overt attempt to block due legal process in the name of protecting previous corrupt actions. A truly appalling stance for a Minister to have taken. Write out your resignation and hand it in please.
  2. Govt hasn't done "graft" for quite a few years now...
  3. I'm sure he was called on to chair a Govt inquiry into something or other a couple or more years ago?
  4. A race with only 24-odd starters on 10+ year old bikes originally designed for races of ten laps of a three-mile short circuit being subjected to 4(?) laps of 37+3/4 miles? Machine mortality predictions?
  5. Surely they'll just have been hired to help make DHSC's defence of the allegations made by Ranson's team. Whatever evidence Expol may be able to find will be presented as such? ETA. One might wonder if it would be better to call in an off-island constabulary to investigate?
  6. The unspoilt bits in the summers, the hills and scenery and the access to it. The community spirit of the genuine locals, some of the traditions. And anything else that's left before the pursuit of money wrecks it.
  7. I think judicious use of timers helps, well, it works for me. I'm on gas CH with no other option for CH possible so in the winter it's a 15 minute burn in the morning to warm the house before people get up and then a couple of hours in the evening, starting just before people get home so the house is warm. Doors and windows opened under pain of death in the winter nights unless it's just to air the house during the day. Showers and hot water usage to be kept short and sharp. Younger generations (of females in particular, sorry ladies) who have something of an expectancy of being able to walk around houses 24/7, 365 in little more than leggings and a t-shirt....the above practices are hard to accept 😂
  8. You can guarantee that some did very well out of it though.
  9. Any Marine Drive offerings? Asking for a friend.. 🤭
  10. Delay, deflect, deny. The three CS staples (and those of one or two on these boards too). Certainly in respect of the first, if you can delay long enough lots of people will lose interest (or the means) and the problem will go away.
  11. That article dates back to 2019, just over 3 years ago. Time has proved it to be a masterpiece of "inaccuracies" (read, a pack of lies, as most of us knew it was), the railway was not relaid "like for like", making the two railways 300mm wider clearly meant that that 300mm had to be taken from somewhere, given that the overall width of the lanes on the Promenade is constrained by the pavements on either side. So the traffic and parking lanes are narrower, it's easy to see that by the way that the parked cars now overhang the parking lane markings and many vehicles can no longer pass the horsetrams now in operation. In the same vein that we were told and paid for, the horsetrams to run all the way to the Sea Terminal.
  12. We already are repaying it. It's adding well over £200 annually to your Rates Demand, multiplied by the 35k-odd households here. What's another £26M eh?
  13. How many didn't defend it, endlessly?
  14. It was a generalisation, I'm sure you get the gist?
  15. Somebody posted the other day that a DOI management meeting now looks like a load of schoolkids. This explains much....all the experience and knowledge has gone. All we have left is inexperience and fancy thinking with nothing to temper it. Douglas Prom is somebody's apprenticeship project.
  16. But less frozen and more deferred, surely?
  17. The People's Prince has spoken...
  18. 1) "The Isle of Man - where you can". 2) "It's our differences that make us different".
  19. The current global situation (which to be fair, couldn't have been predicted) is bringing into sharp focus the failings which have saddled the taxpaying Manx public with millions upon millions of pounds worth of public debt; let alone the extra costs brought by the aforementioned situation.
  20. You could see people buying electric heaters, say microwave or oil-filled types though and then using them to replace or cut their gas heating usage. But it's only kicking the can down the road until March next when the piper comes calling to be repaid. In an ideal world we'd have had a wind or tidal generation programme well underway by now but that wouldn't suit the debts (and egos) associated with the Power Station unfortunately.
  21. That will go straight onto the Standing Charge or the Rates Sewage Charge then? Either way, the consumer will pay and all going towards the MUA's gas supplier, ultimately.
  22. Steam Packet at loggerheads with the Govt again. Travel inflation figures disputed (source, Gef).
  23. Just confirmed on radio interview this morning. As posted above, Allinson stated that MUA advised that they needed to hike electricity prices by between 70 - 90% in October. For many people that wouldn't be sustainable.
  24. There was also an absolutely horrendous prediction for the price of gas in the near future too a couple of days ago too but I can't find it at the moment 🙁
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