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  1. Something Terry Liddiard in his MA days alluded to on more than one occasion; the "extraordinarily high" fees charged by Ronaldsway.
  2. It's all part of the huge wealth transfer operation ongoing and is all well above what is relatively minor bickering between Govt workers and their employees. This is what people need to stand back and look at. If it continues as it is doing there will be international civil unrest amongst the lower classes and sooner rather than later particularly if it is driven by deprivation over a long winter. It could be addressed by global taxation initiatives and agreements but as long as you have countries with aspirations of being Singapore-on-Thames, it's not going to happen and the descent to the bottom will continue. What happens then is anybody's guess but it will more than likely not be pretty.
  3. Whoever knew there were so many paupers in Onchan....?
  4. Well, the local branch of at least one PS union has just rejected this year's pay offer following balloting of members.
  5. Putting future generations into debt is a trait that recent IoM Governments have had few peers in.
  6. Other than an electoral mandate from the people of Ramsey, what qualifications does Dr Allanson hold in matters fiscal?
  7. Did he happen to mention anything about how they propose to recoup the still rising costs or is that another Great Unmentionable amongst the pigs on the wing?
  8. David North as in ex-MHK and the founder of Fort North Roundabout?
  9. I was being less than sincere... 😂
  10. Had to wait until Longworth pissed off to do it?
  11. Combined with our high cost local travel nowadays...? Never mind, now the Prom is done they'll be flooding back soon.
  12. It's 30 minutes not available for spying on skiving teachers...
  13. Late seventies and early eighties the local papers used to have a centre pages supplement called "Summer Scene" which listed all the available attractions and advertisements for, throughout the summer season. I found it a couple of years ago when I was up the Museum trawling through the old papers (on microfilm) for some stuff. It brought the memories flooding back....
  14. For far too many of them, exactly the same as they do when they're at work....
  15. If it's still the same ones who tried to turn the Mooragh Park's cafe (now Costa) into a "bistro" then I'm not surprised.
  16. That was Longworth's leaving do.....
  17. Whilst proclaiming that he was going to introduce huge swathes of financial discipline to the process....all of which have yet to be seen.
  18. Kwasi Kwarteng proposing to remove the cap on banker's bonuses now apparently, will there be grumbling about that from the bankers? 😉
  19. It's a Tynwald learning curve 😂
  20. All indicative of a booming economy. Or all indicative of a sham economy?
  21. Me too and the new brush approach, particularly on the back of some his edicts while in Treasury must have impressed others too. Dealing with Greenhow too. But the momentum seems to have been blunted somewhat.
  22. Indeed. One might look at Crookall's rapid exit from DfE and ask if he refused to have his principles quashed? Has there been any expansion as yet on the reasons for his departure other than being "unable to work within Govt" (or words to that effect)?
  23. The UN biological weapons inspectors uncovered manufacturing facilities during their inspection programmes from 1998 up until when Saddam threw them out of the country. It certainly wasn't on the scale that was used to justify the war but it certainly existed. The attached screenshot is taken from the biography of Dr David Kelly who had involvement in the inspection programme.
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