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  1. More than half, the ruling Sunni Ba'ath party was a minority. He was ruthless in his treatment of all the other groups, the Shi'ites, Kurds, southern Marsh Arabs, all particularly during his quelling of the instigated uprisings after the first Gulf War.
  2. You're overlooking the 1000s of daily cycling commuters....
  3. Daffy would be the perfect fit..... ๐Ÿ™ˆ
  4. Backing the DHSC/Manx Care/AG's rather than Ranson or remaining neutral would be my guess. It's a convenient move to get him out of that particular world of shit.
  5. Another victim of Traffic queueing on the revamped Douglas Promenade?
  6. Don't forget the Iraqi "supergun" of the 1990s (which British manufacturers played a part in the manufacture of).
  7. We haven't got any, we're still desperately trying to recruit. Sweet Lord. This puts the final touches to my emigration plans...
  8. Of course Lizzie's approach might also be coloured by the amount of money that Tories, including Sunak, currently have invested in the fossil fuel industry... Isn't it strange how VdL doesn't seem to have any worries that taxing fuel companies might make the EU "unattractive" to them...?
  9. BBC News reports on mass graves now being opened up in recaptured Ukranian territory around the town of Izyum. 500+ bodies of soldiers and civilians, including women and children, bound and hanged.
  10. And also a huge advert and money-spinner for the nation as a whole although I would agree that there are far and away too many hangers on in the Royal circle. Precisely how the death of QE2 will affect those national benefits remains to be seen.
  11. It's how much notice they'll take of any public opinion or ideas that is the crux point. Look at all the other public surveys that have been carried out and the application of any opinions gleaned...?
  12. Bested only by the IoM CS....? ๐Ÿ˜‚
  13. The issue here was that he didn't have "permission". It's documented that the minibus fleet and some of the larger fleet was purchased without any political sanction and Treasury appears to have offered little financial scrutiny to much of his action.
  14. Whilst we all have a go at the current politicians and management, it needs to be remembered that this hasn't happened overnight. People from both those groups were paid considerable amounts of money during this decline to ensure that it, er, didn't. Some people need to be asked how and why it was going on under their watch - and why they weren't addressing it. Because some people have recently admitted to being cognisant of it too...
  15. Or even Stalin's "purge" of those he distrusted?
  16. It's difficult to see anybody within his circle not seeing the error by now, regardless of whatever support they might have given initially. Decimated military forces, their country now an international pariah and a huge economic and human toll. Surely nobody would want to continue this madness, regardless of their doctrine? And the war crimes wheels haven't started properly turning yet.
  17. If not those connected to the thousands of bereaved Russian families?
  18. Were any taxpayers or their representatives invited to contribute and/or give glowing appraisals of either of them? No, I thought not. I wonder if it's actually possible to calculate what those two have cost the Island vs any benefits they may have brought?
  19. Another very sage contribution from poster @oldmanxfella. Albeit to do with Peel Rd but more than equally applicable to the Promenade.
  20. Would "F@ck Off" (to him) be suitable?
  21. Prom business actually begins on P23 of this thread, the previous pages are all devoted to the Peel Rd fiasco, makes some interesting reading looking back. Many predictions had more than a grain of truth, with the benefit of hindsight.
  22. Another one from the MF archives...
  23. The flowers are probably for assorted ex-DOI Ministers and Nick Black to thank them for letting him run amok for far too long. It's taken how long for the rest of us to get to the smiling stage though....? And at what cost in ยฃ.s.d.? ๐Ÿค”
  24. Well, living in Ramsey it sort of goes with the territory....in fact, it's sought-after accommodation ๐Ÿ˜‚
  25. I wonder how many fans and toadies have been invited/will attend? They might be outnumbered by taxpayers carrying flaming torches and pitchforks if word gets around...
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