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  1. Any of our politicos amongst the shareholders or Boards?
  2. BP and Centrica (BG) the latest. The problem is that these multi nationals have grown so powerful that when they start taking the piss Governments, including ours, are too scared or chummy to do anything about it.
  3. A reduction in Govt taxes and Domestic Rates would ease matters for those who are going to be struggling with fuel bills in the foreseeable future.
  4. Not much that our independent, self governing nation of international status can do about it though.
  5. The Island's serfs have had things far too good in the past few years and have accumulated far too much wealth, assets and property. Well beyond their status. This is just the establishment's way of addressing the problem. It's called "Levelling Down".
  6. And all because of the EU. Thank God we're out eh, we can start to rebuild now especially since we've got that £350M a week back? 😂😂
  7. I propose an upwards salary revision for politicians and civil servants, a large increase in grants for farmers and landowners and bigger tax breaks for HNWs and developers. This will cause more money to circulate throughout the economy thus stimulating economic growth. After all, we've been told this for years and it's served us so well that a bit more of it is all we need to tide us over this current crisis surely?
  8. Concerns over the price of gas arising from the Regulatory Agreement of five years ago brought protests outside Tynwald. Whilst the ongoing current price rises are outwith Tynwald control, one wonders what the public reaction will be, particularly if you combine simultaneous rises in electricity costs.
  9. That icon of public sector value for money, the Lord St Police Station, is shown standing proud though.
  10. I'm concerned about the growing lack of accommodation for pigeons...
  11. Remarkably detailed knowledge, some might say.....
  12. No, no, he got it right the first time 😂 ... I think it's expensive (and I know a good few others who think so too), I was in there a couple of months back and was a little "taken aback" when I got a round of drinks in. Still, all very subjective and if people are willing to pay the prices then fair enough.
  13. It would take a special type of client to frequent Fynoderree until 12.30am. Probably a HNWI.
  14. Vicious rumours circulating about further huge gas price rises too, I was being told about another 40% yesterday too 🙁
  15. And naturally none of this mess would be as a result of Brexit, would it?
  16. I sometimes wonder where Ramsey is headed myself...I think the pub/nightlife situation is a bit chicken and egg now, there's not the trade (through socio-economic changes) to support the number of pubs that there used to be (25 including hotel bars at one point); conversely, without the right type of attractions it's unlikely to pick up. People largely steer clear of brewery houses because of the price structure, the one or two private houses that remain mop up the trade. A lot of other people leave the town for their entertainment. Ramsey is a quiet place of a weekend night these days. RTC should be doing everything they can to support anything that helps reverse the trend.
  17. Bet we spent much more in 2018 on Ronaldsway than they did on Guernsey though...
  18. Announced this afternoon, the death of David Cannan, father of Alf and former MHK for KM with various Ministerial posts held.
  19. Been discussed (at least on here) many a time. Utterly unsuitable both in relevant skills and attitude, most wouldn't last a day in the private sector before life in reality, as opposed to their cushioned, privileged public sector life, gave them a rude awakening.
  20. And essential at that.... 😂
  21. Entirely personal point of view but it never ceases to amaze me the amount of stuff that's posted on MF that would seem too outlandish to be true at first glance but which duly transpires to be more than a little based on fact....
  22. The long grass is where far too many of these CS make their abodes. And where far too many subjects in the governance of this Island are kicked. Unseen and unaccountable. It needs cutting and to be kept that way....
  23. A consortium of experienced business folk tried and failed to come up with a viable plan for it.
  24. The world of accountants and market traders.
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