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  1. Has it been run past their electorate?
  2. Govt HR needs a massive review. Bring in people who are capable of filtering out bullshitters and chancers attracted here by the Island's FORMER wealth and select people who are capable and willing to do the job. Although that may now be difficult given what they've been left to work with. Look at the record to date from these highly qualified HR "professionals", Longworth, Reynolds, Spake, Magson, even only recently and all the other chancers who have taken the dollar plus compo and left with mayhem in their wake. We have and are paying dearly for this department's incompetence.
  3. Jebus. Not much of a career booster. Mind, IoMG are suckers for good quality bullshit. Proven time after time.
  4. Pity he wasn't this vocal and critical when he was in Keys....
  5. Probably not Elf and Safety compliant now, a worker on the top deck might deliberately climb over the side and plunge, lemming-like to his fate...
  6. It would be interesting to know precisely what qualification he possesses to allow him to start getting involved with major input into our heritage railways, to include the horse trams. He came with a questionable history in respect of previous involvement with buses; how did that qualify him in respect of railway engineering other than making it his personal hobby set?
  7. Tastefully draped over barriers and displaying discreetly-located £1 coins..?
  8. Are there enough shopkeepers in Laxey to form a rabble...? 😂
  9. Maybe he's so attached to the horse trams that he's refusing to leave? After all, he came back from previous retirement - maybe the job was starting to look like it could be successful and it needed buggering up some more?
  10. Are you sure? I thought it was a local legal obligation that local ATMs had to dispense Manx notes and special dispensation had to be given to the Sea Teminal and Airport ATMs to allow them to dispense UK?
  11. We clearly need a new app....
  12. I can't believe that arsehole possesses the arrogance to even be seen alongside what he has created down there. He should be forming part of the foundations.
  13. Partly because of jiggling around and repackaging of the MEA debt too, don't be fooled. It was all combined when MEA and Water (WASA) were amalgamated. Since then they've variously split and repackaged again (Allinson) but some of your Water Rates is still where it comes from, as well as your "Toilet Tax" Sewage Charge.
  14. One on the Mountain, Ramsey-bound, @ 5.30pm
  15. They weren't paid to say things like that...
  16. This has been happening, pan-Island since the VAT reduction 12+ years ago. I remember that somebody posted on here that they thought the Island's population would turn inwards upon themselves like longtails in a barrel and so it is happening. Those with the power to do so are imposing cuts on those below them in order to maintain (and justify, if it wasn't such a joke in many cases) their own pay and conditions. When was the last time you saw an accountant or manager turn the knife upon themselves?
  17. Certainly in its recent past, like the Meat Plant, it used to post significant annual losses.
  18. 24hrs notice is generous compared with some of these ZHC terms/employers. I've heard of people being called in at less than a couple of hour's notice on occasions with the employer then getting shirty if the "offer" is declined and "overlooking" the employee concerned on the next occasion. They forget that ZHC works both ways.
  19. Not so many years ago it was Govt's ambition to have a "high value, high pay" economy. Now Govt leads the way in low pay, low terms employment offers across many of its operations. How times have changed.
  20. Clicking on the link on the vacancy on the DED/DfE jobs website usually takes you into the process?
  21. Jobtrain is the Govt's "preferred" (or even contracted) recruitment agency for most, if not all Govt vacancies (unless you're a mate). A lengthy process usually too. Some say it's a major deterrent to application.
  22. Just another part of this....
  23. Bearing in mind that this is the same judgement that heaped adulation and defence on Quayle and Ashford...
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