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  1. There is no worse...
  2. "With a 'like for like' system" ? And that's what we now have?
  3. Douglas in 3 years' time, the way it's going....the people depicted are only part-timers too...
  4. How many other Civil Engineering entities are/were headed by a Weights and Measures civil servant, a Waste Incineration civil servant, a number of "engineers" with no civil engineering qualifications (as per FOI Request last year) and an individual with a dubious record in bus management and at best, a hobby interest in rail matters? How many other places would let such a motley crew loose, with only loose and limited political oversight, on a major taxpayer-funded civil engineering project? Answers to the Public Accounts Committee please.
  5. No reason for him not to, everybody else will have paid for it...
  6. Offer her an all-expenses paid trip to NZ, I'm sure she'll bite your hand off...
  7. Nah, Matt was a good lad, one of the coal facers, shame he hasn't posted on here for a good long while, makes one wonder if he was gagged...? Happier Diner however comes from much, much further up the structure IMO....
  8. From P1 of this thread, almost ten years ago, with respect to poster @Matt Bawden....
  9. £7M was burning a hole in a Departmental pocket and needed to be got rid of, post haste. Plus you can bet your bottom dollar that a testing regime/additional testing points (emissions) that will bring luvly extra revenue will be on the stocks somewhere, that needed to be accommodated.
  10. A lot of people are still devastated over how long he took to resign...
  11. And what do these people go back home and tell their relatives and friends about their IoM holiday....?
  12. Don't forget the ZHC too. All forming part of the brave new commercial world. Get those kids back up those chimneys, I say...
  13. Staffing problems up there, some retirements who have agreed to come back in part-time to help ease matters too I'm led to believe. Although there were also grumbles that the Indians hadn't been consulted by the Chiefs on layout and equipment apparently.
  14. The Government are ultimately responsible for it. They decided the job needed doing and represented the taxpayer who was stumping up. BSA, Auldyn and whoever else were just contractors to whatever respective aspects of it. If Government weren't then managing those contractors and their output to an acceptable or required standard then it is the Government's failing. Although to be fair when the Government's side consisted of a collection of unqualified half-wits like a sequence of Ministers and Black, Robinson and Longworth it was never going to be a success.
  15. And big savings on heat and electricity. Kerr...ching!
  16. That is a massive pillar of what was left of international respect for Britain gone IMHO. Internationally, countries held her in huge esteem, that carried through to the country itself. It will be most unlikely to be replaced.
  17. She gave her reasons for this during electioneering, that taxing these obscene profits would make Britain "unattractive" to these companies. So she's fallen straight into their beds and the wealth transfer can continue. It is nothing more than overt self serving corruption by the Conservative Party.
  18. I'm not by any means a Royalist but her conduct in her reign has been exemplary, particularly given some of what her own family have generated that has had to be dealt with. It's a great pity that they and some of the politicos couldn't follow her example.
  19. The DOI were winging the job from the start, from both the minutes from meetings and the actions of the contractors who had no Scheme of Works to adhere to. That is both documented and anecdotal public knowledge. I am acquainted with some retired "ex-Sea Terminal" who openly commented that they'd never seen so much bullshit being generated to try and cover what was going on.
  20. This is purely my personal opinion but Chris Thomas' recent edict that there had been no misuse of public funds during the Promenade project was obviously the first in a few coats of whitewash for this farrago. Given that the project "result" is patently not what was touted at the outset (nor has been all along, nor has been what the taxpayers have paid for) and questions over allotted expenditures have remained unanswered during that time, IMHO certain people are wanting to draw a broad black line under this business regardless of what the taxpayers are left to countenance on Douglas seafront.
  21. I've long said this, on these boards too. Yet they have their supporters on here, I've read them described as having, "A superb business model" in the past.
  22. Or a trip to New Zealand with some other parasite hanging onto his coat tails.
  23. Going for a pint around a log fire is something I'm quite happy to use a pub for, I'm a rare user of the food side of things. But I've long been becoming a rare patron of the former too, simply on price grounds and it's also very obvious that others are similarly affected by the drop-off in pub patronage. But when you see £4+ being asked for a bottle of cheap "Mexican" lager that can be had for little more than £1.25 in the supermarket is it any wonder? I remember a few years back when the brewery started bringing in Sol and Corona and marketing it as some sort of yuppie drink a mate of mine looked into it and found out it was about 20p a bottle in its home country, brewed for poor working classes. Pubs are going to lower their sights, if not have a bit of a reset themselves IMHO.
  24. It is yet another Report slating yet another facet of the Manx Government. Consider how previous reports into other facets have a) Been received by those concerned and b) Have actually achieved Given that this aspect has a bearing on the health and lives of Manx people/residents and there can be nothing more important, let us hope that those failings identified will now be addressed. Not another lump added to a rug which has long started to resemble a relief map of the Moon.
  25. And can we have some decent results if we're going to hand out said dollar to construction industry?
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