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  1. "Let's have some ideas we can plagiarise and claim the credit for ourselves"?
  2. Anybody interested (or influential) will find the time. They always manage to do it for the Budget Breakfast.
  3. That's because the issue was addressed in Tynwald Court itself....
  4. It will be interesting to see the official visitor stats when they are published. If the old format over 2 weeks attracted "X" number of visitors in total, coming and going over the two week period (as they do), then if you attract a similar "X" number to the shortened, compressed programme; then yes, it's going to look busier and fuller for that shorter period. One would naturally expect the DfE stattos to make full use of this?
  5. "We have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down". Parallels...?
  6. Edge raised concerns over Govt numbers last October. It all went quiet. Nothing else heard. Moorhouse raised the same concerns @ 2 months ago following the release of the latest recruitment numbers. It's all gone quiet again.
  7. I hope Dr Ranson and her team win it.... 🤭
  8. A very glib dismissal of another very expensive faux pas, Chris? Presumably, "years ago" also applies to the MEA overspend that we're all still paying for and will be for years to come? How long will it be before the Liverpool Terminal costs can be conveniently dismissed as being "years ago" as well then? These things need to be remembered, not swept aside and dismissed. It's part of the reason why we are where we are. The taxpayers paid for them and still are paying. Perhaps if some "Lessons" were actually learned rather than the ad infinitum hollow assurances trotted out, the taxpayers of this Island might have more of a cushion against the challenges we now face?
  9. Big, big reset being forced upon the West (and further) here. Western industrialised economies got developed and rich on the back of cheap energy which allowed them to overcome the obstacles created by their climates. The first chink in the armour was in the seventies when the Arabs twigged and wanted their share of the spoils. This could well be uncharted territory here for many economies.
  10. "Work" familiarisation?
  11. Food for thought.. ?
  12. Yes, could well have been, thanks for the correction
  13. £22M in a Forex miscalculation if my memory serves me?
  14. I thought the whole idea of tourism was to increase takings for local businesses? I watched the first two races from a regular spot yesterday and had the whole vantage point to myself...there wasn't a soul around me. Ramsey has been quiet all week though there is an uptick today in the town with the Sprint being on. Which might be as much to do with the fact that there's little else on. I'm hearing reports that members of the VMCC, prior to withdrawing from the Tuesday event, had difficulty even contacting the members of the TT/MGP organising hierachy.
  15. Screenshot from a disappointed fan on FB...quite a lot of concurring comments too.
  16. Much of that is applicable to the entire Civil Service.
  17. It's kicked the platform out from under the glitter-rolled turd... ( I was going to say stool but it was at cross purposes 😂 )
  18. Skelly...... The perfect fit...
  19. She has already served as a departmental member of DOI, 2020 - 21 until the end of the last administration.
  20. Daily Mails may be one thing but quite how the culture has evolved where CS feel that they are above the law and regulations and/or feel that they may disregard or modify them at their own discretion is what needs to be examined and addressed. Did Greenhow instigate this culture or does it pre-date his tenure? If a few bullets need to be fired during this investigation then so be it.
  21. I saw somewhere the other day that the Chinese have just signed up for £35Bn worth of Russian energy. With figures like that, one would doubt that Putin will be sweating over European sanctions in respect of Russian energy. This situation could go on well beyond March 2023.
  22. I bear no animosity towards Lawrie Hooper and he is one of my MHKs. I believe he inherited this situation which was not of his making; however he signed off and therefore supported an action which has failed. The intent of that action was to cover up questionable conduct in the Ranson matter. He should have known far, far better and with this "gamble" having failed he should do the honourable thing. As Minister he is not there to defend or cover up dishonourable conduct by his Department's public servants. He is there to serve his taxpaying electorate.
  23. He's probably twigged what he's taken on and who he's going to have to work with and is busy affixing the rope to the beam.
  24. Like it always used to be? The Manx 2Day Trial was chased out of the period after being there since 1955 and moved to July, the Vintage Club have just walked away from Jurby again citing Govt pressures. There are people in this Govt now who provenly shouldn't be allowed anywhere near motorcycling, full stop. Never participated, no interest in any facet of the sport. We know who they are. The allegations that the drive was to get rid of the MGP are coming true.
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