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  1. Babydoc

    Win a house competition!

  2. Babydoc

    Roger Bannister...

    Wonderful man, Great Athlete and Brilliant neurologist- one of the last great neurology teachers who did not always need scans to diagnose and treat... RIP
  3. Do I need to enable or disable the VLAN for Sure VDSL? Thanks in advance.
  4. Babydoc

    Rob callister mhk

    Over spent or Underfunded?
  5. The recommendations for Jersey are as below: If implemented, Jersey Beans will really benefit. Many of the recommendations would be applicable for the IOM as well, for instance this one: 13.12 To underline further the independence of the Commissioner, and to broaden the field of experience, the Inquiry recommends that the States of Jersey should explore the possibility of creating this as a joint appointment with other jurisdictions. There may, for instance, be some scope for making an appointment with responsibilities across other Crown Dependencies. This would have the potential to facilitate the sharing of practice among jurisdictions. While there would be one Commissioner, we envisage that staffed offices of the Commissioner would be located in each of the jurisdictions served. The exploration of the feasibility of an intra-Crown Dependency Commissioner for Children should not, however, result in any delay in moving to the statutory appointment of a Children’s Commissioner for Jersey in the first instance. Apologies for the long post. Chapter 13: Recommendations for the States of Jersey Recommendations Edited to insert link rather than the full text
  6. States of Jersey has chosen to publish their report in full Jersey Care Enquiry Report
  7. Babydoc

    Medical Staff leaving Manx NHS (Examiner story)

    Agree. Now all we need is some 'new' people with appropriate qualifications to apply!
  8. Babydoc

    Medical Staff leaving Manx NHS (Examiner story)

    There is relevant Isle of Man legislation: please google Health Care Professionals act 2014 (Isle of Man}
  9. Babydoc

    Medical Staff leaving Manx NHS (Examiner story)

    Wrighty, I'm not sure now's the time to let the 'revalidation cat' out of the bag!
  10. Babydoc

    Medical Staff leaving Manx NHS (Examiner story)

    Yes, it is due to impending pension changes. 10 out of 50 is quite a big chunk of the consultant workforce. If recent experience is anything to go by, specialists aren't queueing to take up these positions either.
  11. Babydoc

    Medical Staff leaving Manx NHS (Examiner story)

    Directly employed or on consultancy contracts? All directly employed ones...
  12. Babydoc

    Medical Staff leaving Manx NHS (Examiner story)

    Unfortunately TEN senior medical specialists have given notice. It'll be a huge loss to the island.
  13. Babydoc

    Problems At Hospital

    His interview here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2608266/Crushed-bureaucrats-The-brilliant-cardiologist-turned-whistleblower-save-lives-talks-brutal-13-year-persecution-believes-NHS-managers-destroying-great-service.html