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  1. MR Administration see ads and nothing but ads. It's all about how many ads they can get rather than listeners listening to the ads. I'm sure the top staff there have it beaten into them that "Manx Radio is a Commercial station" and little else. I do a lot of stuff online - I relate it to web sites and stuff. Get quality content on a site (or radio station) and people will visit (or listen). Fill the page (or air time) with ads and people won't want to visit (or listen). Manx Radio needs to concentrate on 'Visitors' and not pure ad impressions. Of course The ads are getting a stack of impressions if they're played every 5 mins! Their 'site' and 'Social Media Presence' is anther rant entirely <sigh>
  2. I'm interested. Drop me an email or message or something.
  3. It's boxing day. I just got done watching the Doctor Who and the Graham Norton Christmas Specials. Matt Lucas and David Williams were on Graham Norton talking about their new show - Come Fly With Me - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1749004/ or http://www.aoltv.co.uk/2010/10/05/matt-lucas-and-david-walliams-to-star-in-new-comedy-airline-show/ Did anyone see it? Did anyone notice the similarities between the fictional Flylo airline and the Flybe logo? I'm sure the similarities end there.... right?
  4. aquayle

    The Press

    It's the Isle of Man - everyone knows that already. It's not 'news'.
  5. What was the program? Hot Dog? Hot Metal? One of those Old-School HTML mashers.... lol, it's not even worthy of Front Page!
  6. So, Mr. Karran heard a rumour somewhere and thought he'd jump on it? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/karran_queries_website_change_1_2871312 Also, the IOMToday site 'redesign' is TERRIBLE!
  7. Blame it on the snow and the DOI. Seriously though..... inclement weather can affect dishes and stuff on the ISP end.
  8. Hi everyone! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that fun stuff. Hope you're keeping warm. My company just helped to upgrade and started hosting SecretAgentL.com and I'd like to tell you all a little about it. It's less of a site and more of a movement - I know the people on the Island are among the nicest people anywhere, ever so I thought you'd be interested. The site was started by now (now) friend Laura who is all about just doing little things to brighten someone else's day. This is what SecretAgentL.com is all about. People leave little gifts for strangers in random places, they give care packages to students, they leave happy notes on wind screens etc. etc. Check out the site and you'll see. The most amazing part is the reactions - these little things change peoples days, weeks and more. Anyway, why not bring this movement to the Isle of Man? sign up as an Affiliate agent? Give the Island some exposure, brighten someones day, and generally do some good. See the TechBurgh Site Profile here Check out SecretAgentL.com
  9. aquayle

    Manxie Migration

    Wow, really getting away from the topic here aren't we? For what it's worth though, myself and my staff like to think we're diverse enough to tailor our communication to the reader whenever possible. For example if I'm writing on a Manx Forum I'm going to try my best to use UK type and even Manx phrases (yessir) whenever and wherever possible. Of course there are slip ups. Auto correct and spell check and simple habit don't aways allow. I don't see UK vs. US much differently to US vs. French. I wouldn't assume that whoever I'm dealing with in France speaks English..... Now I need to read through and see if I made any mistakes here :-p
  10. aquayle

    Manxie Migration

    I was the other interviewee on the show the other day. Like I said... waaaaay back in the late 90's there wasn't anything for me on the Island in the IT profession. I was with one of the (if not 'the') largest computer company on the Island and couldn't do much more. I moved on to (some might say) greener pastures here in the US. The Island is still my home. I'd move back in a heartbeat if the cost of living/exchange rate weren't so crazy compared to the US. Sure, it's alright when you're there. Getting there is the issue right now I guess. Sophistication? eeeh the Island has its own special brand of sophistication. (for those of you who are interested - here's my bio: http://www.andrewalan.com/bio )
  11. They're all tools in an ever increasing tool kit - use the right ones for the right purpose.
  12. ManxVoice.com - yeah that's Wordpress Site speed depends on the theme, the coding, host and the content. I happen to know that ManxVoice was put together by someone who knows about all of the above and it happens to be hosted by a frikkin' awesome hosting service too. :-p Yes, a site is a "must have". Traditional media organizations and the upper level staff who make the decisions don't realize that it's a form of engagement (one of my favorite words online). They're so used to standing on their soap box and spouting off what they decide everyone should hear that they've forgotten that the communication is a two way street. For example. Look at this thread - there are knowledgeable people here... globally. Many great ideas and much valuable feedback. I've offered services before... pro-bono... they don't listen. A lot of money was paid for x-site. We're not going to go red in the face when you come along and suggest something a lot less expensive and more user friendly. From stable hosted, Content management systems, social media integration, content, Search Engine Optimization, streaming media and more... all needs to be re-explored. It need to be done externally too - Radio and Newspaper... they're great at doing what they do but have proven to not have an 'online' mindset. Don't even get me started on moving visitors away from sites completely and pushing them to Facebook *(STU)*. ok - *deep breath* and now back to doing all of the above for a living
  13. China is probably thinking "ok, so they found out - it's all over WikiLeaks that we're targeting Google, we'd might as well go all out and poison whoever we can"
  14. Sounds more like Malware to me but Malware doesn't just normally do its thing for 10 minutes and then quit. Unless you have antivirus on your system etc that cleaned it up in that time and made everything right. DNS problems with an ISP would likely just make the domain unavailable and not forward it to another - random - unknown - search engine.
  15. That's a Manx News site? I thought it had been taken over by the Cheezburger group and been turned into a FAIL blog. I'm sure their publishing platform is overly expensive and terribly difficult to use - just like the Manx Radio site. I know it's not easy to navigate, that's for sure. the big groups over here in the US are starting to get the message - you can use a free, industry standard platform and have a very, very good looking site - Take a look at KDKA.com, local Pittsburgh 'news' - it's all Wordpress (Owen). Manx online stuff drives me beyond batty it really does.
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