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  1. As they say - Source? As they say - Source? If a few of us start perpetuating the rumour it will gather speed and become reality. So far, you've claimed there's a few people against the TT, but for what reasoning?Have you started a campaign on Facebook etc, or are you hoping that some paper will take this up on your behalf? For those who want to see what's happening,see the new TT 2014 Facebook Page Ive not claimed anything. You lot need to chill out. I am sure the event will continue to rip people off for the ferry/accomodation and carry on killing and maiming people unecessarily for many years to come. We can all sleep well tonight knowing it was only a joke but the reality can carry on.
  2. As they say - Source? As they say - Source? If a few of us start perpetuating the rumour it will gather speed and become reality.
  3. I already heard that 2018 was going to be the last one anyway.
  4. I don't get it at all. I would be thoroughly embarassed to use such crap for a personal account let alone business! Especially if you regularly have dealings across. I cant take any business seriously that uses a manx.net address. It just conjures up an amatuerish image from the go. Anyone who doesn't use a proper domain based email address such as name@yourbusiness.com looks small time and untrustworthy to me.
  5. Printing and posting a nice letter to every single household on the island is also a great use of money.
  6. They can't spell Dietitian properly either.
  7. It looks like someone drugged you and disabled your spell checker while you were out of the game Despite there not being a single spelling mistake in that post.
  8. Everybody is bloody manx it would seem. Even if the link is that your great grandmother's friend mabel once fed her dog a lamb chop from an animal that once had a shit in a field here. Christ, even I've got a third leg.
  9. People have an inflated sense of self importance. I couldn't give a shit if they smile at me or not. In fact I would rather they didn't and I definitely can do without the inane small talk. Going through security keeps us all that little bit safer and we all know its a pain, that there will be queues and we might have to take our jacket off. Big deal. Let them get on with it.
  10. Where are they sending them then?
  11. Does anyone look at adverts in papers anyway? It's a really outdated waste of time and money.
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