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  1. That's because he can afford it.
  2. As I said earlier in the thread..... I didn't think IOMG could stoop any lower but it seems they have managed it quite comfortably.
  3. Come along that man..... don't hold back now
  4. We've already migrated to the ocean bed.... well, according to H G Wells we have. HM The Sole is no 'visionary'. He's just regurgitating what's been out there for a long time.
  5. So where can we see the results of the survey.... you know, the numbers/statistics? Lots of news agencies reporting the same thing (almost word-for-word which you would expect since there's only one source) but not one of them has a link to the numbers.
  6. Andy Onchan

    TT 2018

    When was the entry fee dropped for the TT?
  7. This reads more like Howard's Way....
  8. Thanks Roger. Great work. And so by extension DHA won't be able to verify if the restorative justice initiative has been a success or not? It's a pretty appalling state of affairs that even basic data isn't available but I guess we shouldn't be surprised.
  9. We'll see. If they ever publish verifiable statistics.
  10. Indeed Roger, especially when the Cabinet Office and Reform Minister are indignant that evidence-based statistics are what counts!
  11. From Skelly's tat shop, no doubt?
  12. I had you down as being intelligent contributor!...
  13. I'm still waiting to hear/read of the meaningful evidence-based statistics that tell us why Jurby Prison is the 'Best'.
  14. Yes I do think so. You write the law in such a way that it should be a deterrent. Otherwise what's the point? What you have posted above is what those jurisdictions believe is appropriate. If the electorate believe it's wrong then it can be amended/abolished, whatever. I'll say it again, the principle is sound.
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