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  1. A bit like Internal Audit falling asleep for the last 5 years or so over the billing out for NHS services provided to private patients.
  2. Bet it wouldn't have happened with BACS payments for CS salaries!
  3. Aleppo..... a wonderful city, as was in years gone by.
  4. If I didn't know any better (and I have no evidence to support this statement) I'd say that something more serious than poor admin was at play. Internal auditors should have been all over this like a rash(!) years ago.
  5. I don't need to go and put my name down, thanks. Problems, if here are any, is probably due to under-provision and tenant/property mismatches, ie, single people occupying family housing stock.
  6. Too high in nitrates, I thought I read somewhere.
  7. What source, documentary or otherwise, are you basing the "hundreds" on?
  8. This is not new..... Sweden, Finland and in rural parts of Russia they've been doing this since time began. The secret to achieving the correct ph for spreading is the plant that you put in there and the temperature required to turn it into good shite to put on your spuds.
  9. Me too. Still got them.... tucked away in a box in the attic somewhere along with my brothers Eagle comic badge!
  10. Don't all authors do that?
  11. Ataturk managed it all those years ago..... today however, his ideals are being challenged.... for the worse I believe.
  12. How many trauma specialists are brought over for TT?
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