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  1. Nearly fell off my chair when he said that.
  2. Thank god, you've found the full stop key.
  3. Thanks JW. I asked a question way back on whether we were/are getting our proper share and what protocols are in place to ensure we do get what we were promised. I had hoped that a journo reading these pages might have picked up on it but clearly not.
  4. I've always said that 85k first doses are a spit in the ocean for the manufacturers, so can't understand why we haven't had more than the 0.013 or whatever it is. Protecting an entire community makes sense from a health service point of view because they will lack the infrastructure and resources needed to cope with mass hospitalisations. Even the Shetlands & Outer/Inner Hebridies could be done all in one go.
  5. Why don't you just ignore the doom and gloom merchants, Sultan?
  6. We're certainly not all in this together, are we?
  7. Without reading beyond the above, I reckon it's more than one person, hence the unknown unknowns.
  8. I wish this Forum system allowed files sizes greater than 1.95MB. There's a brilliant video of HRH The CM, The MBE and Lady Henrietta doing the rounds on WhatsApp, singing to the tune of 'I Will Survive'. Bloody hilarious it is. (the file size is 2.1MB unfortunately)
  9. Well, he's done himself no favours since I no longer read his input, such as it is.
  10. Has anyone shown you where the full stop is on your keyboard? Hitting the ? at the end of each sentence won't give you immunity if you write something libellous.
  11. Agreed, a lot busier in and around Onchan than yesterday.
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