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  1. Here's the latest So how much cheaper? And how often will the aerial mapping be updated?
  2. Saunders did indeed recover rather miraculously, Gerald Ronson was fined £5 million and served only 6 months of a 1 year sentence.
  3. Can't quite believe that Saudi, UAE & other Gulf States are so far down the list. Especially UAE, it produces somewhere in the range of 12% of the worlds aluminium. I haven;t flown over Dubai for a couple oif years but last time I looked out of the aircraft window there were three chimneys in fairly close proximity to each other belching out smoke which then merged to form a huge cloud.
  4. Something similar happened to me in Tynwald. A few years back I went to a Tynwald sitting (public gallery) in the hope of hearing something from the Treasury Minister about the Signature Sponsorship 'deal' that our Minister of Fun (at that time) managed to engineer without Treasury authorisation. During the proceedings I was leaning on the gallery rail looking down into the pit when I noticed a few MHKs looking up in my direction. As I was the only one there I can only assume they were looking at me. Which turned out to be true because approx. 5 mins later an Usher came up to me and asked me who I was. I told him it was really none of his business but if the President had an issue with me he should say so from the floor of the Court or send me a note and I would reply. At which point the Usher said fair enough and walked away. In the end the Treasury Minister said zero about the issue anyway so it was a waste of time being there. The moral of the story is, that officials the Highest Court can be nosey as well, without reason (it would appear).
  5. Unless someone can tell me otherwise, Bus Vannin stops are not indicated on Giggle Maps. Which is a bummer for visitors.
  6. Would you mind linking where that data comes from, please?
  7. Delays for cash coming in = delays for cash going out, unless you have deep pockets.
  8. I'd get your invoice in now and paid up front if, as you say, there's delays with financial issues Max!
  9. Won't it be a fixed contract price with penalties for delays? If not, why not?
  10. The Picture House was the first cinema I went to when I first moved over in the early 80s. I don't recall much of the inside but it's hard to believe the capacity was 1,900! I dread to think what would have happened if there was a full house and a fire!
  11. Is there basement parking there already? If not, then aren't they going to have to mine/quarry it out of the rock?
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