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  1. The £100 million they're looking for is over and above what UKG had already promised them, ie further time to pay the APD.
  2. Should be brought up in front of the beak! (I'll get my coat!)
  3. It will be interesting to see what the final elevation of the tram rail track will be outside the Villa/Gaiety, compared to the elevation of the single lane track hgeading towards the Sea Terminal. If it's anywhere nearing the camber that's along the rest of the double track area then the tram driver is going to have to have his wits negotiating the camber/crossing from one side to the other. I have visions of a derailment otherwise.
  4. That all sounds very familiar....
  5. Did that couple of summers ago. Although the hire company I used didn't have an airport hire facility then, we had to go into the City to collect our car. But they do now: https://www.thrifty.co.uk/car-hire/bristol-airport.htm Hope that helps.
  6. Indeed. What else have they 'forgotten?
  7. Not quite true... you can arrange savings standing orders and there's a mechanism for having savings from your salary or other earned income to be paid directly into your CU account. https://www.mcu.im/page_445219.html
  8. Because it's the..... Isle of Man, Where You Can.
  9. Oil and Gas industry... there's still some engineering expertise in the North East of England that's called on in Aberdeen and places like Mordijk & Ridderkerk in the Netherlands.
  10. Well, we might stand a chance of stopping it if the politicians had the gonads and the police were given the right resources. I cannot remember the last time I saw a sniffer dog at airport baggage arrivals or at Heysham. Yes, it's expensive but it's also much more expensive dealing with the aftermath.
  11. I've been saying this for years. There is very little choice for those wanting/needing to downsize. There just isn't the right amount of affordable mixed 1-2 bed properties to rent. We need housing association/trust stock.
  12. The dredging contractors are already over with more to follow tomorrow (there's one on the boat now, was talking to him at Heysham at lunchtime)
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