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  1. Cliquey? That can't be right, they let me enter the lieder tenor class a few years back!
  2. Which puts me in mind of this (mathematical bollocks): https://youtu.be/8JoERQE7EFA
  3. I think you'll find that Ramsey is the centre of the universe.
  4. The purpose for posting it was to highlight the fact that there is a strategy.... whether it's the right one is another matter.
  5. https://www.visitisleofman.com/trade/marketing-our-island/marketing-strategy/campaign-overview
  6. Just thought I'd throw this into the mix: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paul-beckett-frsa-mciarb-tep-4664ba25_death-tax-planning-offshore-euthanasia-activity-7017803489011453952-BXpD?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop
  7. Hands off Ballafletcher Sports Ground! There's plenty of room across the road on the actual Nobles site.
  8. You and I both know there'll be no savings.... because the less volume that goes into the incinerator = increased charges from the EfW plant to pay for fuel to keep the damned thing going.
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