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  1. Is that why those LFDs were dumped recently? Were they faulty?
  2. Hey you! Wash your mouth out with soap and water! 😂
  3. Should be a walkover based on that. Have you seen some of the UK "cities" (those without cathedrals!)??
  4. You're not the first I've heard of having issues........... we have a family member having the same problems.
  5. I could be wrong but I thought that by convention a city could only be called a city if it had a cathedral (preferably with a pub opposite!)?
  6. It's more than just arrogance, it's corruption of the worst kind.
  7. Remind me again.... how much did we pay Peel Ports for the lease?
  8. Jiz??? 🤣🤣 I say steady on that man!
  9. FFS don't go giving them ideas like that!
  10. Actually I was thinking more in terms of motor-homes, of which IOM seems to have more than it's fair share!
  11. But it does beg the question as to whether he really does bone-up and reads more than one piece in the Grauniad, Torygraph, or even the advice given by PHE. Has he ever been on the much talked about media training course?
  12. Notwithstanding the flood issue and a quick glance at the design photo, there seems to be a distinct lack of space for parking cars (or whatever).
  13. I recognise that as I'm sure lots of others on here will too.... along with the bedroom window with ice on the inside during Jan/Feb months.
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