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  1. That's politics for yer.
  2. It'll take more than two years, this is the Isle of Man we're talking about here!
  3. That bit didn't get past me either. Mind, looking at the Tour venues they all tend to be in hotels.
  4. The data must be there because all of the heritage transport 'attractions' sell tickets. If you exclude ticket sales during the motorsport and other organised events then that should give you a rough idea of other visitor patronage.
  5. I think I'm correct in saying that: a) it's RAF aircraft (not foreign) b) the aircraft don't touch down; c) UK/RAF has had a presence in Saudi training Saudi nationals since the country's creation and it's part of a bilateral agreement, and d) UK is responsible for IOM defence. Oh and e) there are far more important things that are within Tynwald control, like why are so many people on the Island reliant on foodbanks?
  6. An issue I have is that the Fairy Castles 'story' (as such) is totally manufactured, as in it has no basis in folklore on Mann per se. I can't even find a mention of it in the visitisleofman website at all. IMHO it's a typical IOMG misuse of resources. If it was built around a specific aim to get visitors to parts of the Island that they probably wouldn't get to or know about, even offer an award/prize with pix in the paper/website etc, that sort of thing. In simple terms a wasted opportunity.
  7. You really have fallen for the DfE bullcrap.
  8. In which case Skelly and his heroes responsible for this should be brought before PAC to answer why they spent money on something that can't be justified. You might think the amount is minuscule but it's public money and needs justifying.
  9. Here we go again....there's that word "strategy"! I have to say that IOMG (DfE in particular), are masters of the art of stratagem even when there's no need for one.
  10. At times there's really weird drama on but it's great when they do classics like Dickens etc. And The Archers? Never to be missed!
  11. The BBC is a shambolic organisation and disgusting, to the point of positively encouraging people to take out PSCs at the expense of others .
  12. Tarzan was grandstanding and I'm not entirely sure that he resigned over a matter of principle , Thatcher made sure of that. He was left out in the cold by his cabinet colleagues. They all knew what he was up to. In the end they let him walk to the scaffold on his own.
  13. UK has the world's oldest registry doesn't it? Much older than either EU or USA. So I can't see there being issues post Brexit.
  14. Pay for the top table at the BBC is obscene. There'd be enough to go around if that was tackled in equal measure.
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