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  1. I understand that every dept has a legal-implant (sounds painful!) from the AG's office to keep a watchful eye on matters contractual etc.
  2. The bottom of Broadway won't be open by end of next month, October is the second wettest month of the year.
  3. Won't happen, ie. reduced headcount. It should but it won't.
  4. And it's fairly well known that the flu vaccine given to the over 65's is a waste time/money. Or so I have read.
  5. I wonder then, at what point the whole of the UK becomes a red traffic light?
  6. So how do you deal with the finite number of care workers and nursing staff, in the event of CV getting into the community? Serious question.
  7. Well it would help if you didn't post stuff like this:
  8. The issue I have with IOM Bank is that they are being dishonest in the media bumph that they're pumping out. As I mentioned previously they were telephone canvassing their customers a few months back who don't bank online (for whatever reason) to get them to sign up to it. So to say that an increasing number of their customers had already moved over to mobile banking and had consequently rendered their counter service uneconomical is clearly untrue. In all probability the decision to close more branches was made last year, if not before.
  9. No because that report is out of date.
  10. Been like that for years. That's nothing new.
  11. It was 26C the other day in Aberdeen.
  12. According to Wikiwotzit: So it's quite conceivable that he would have been seen wearing whites. Makes you wonder if he has a Napoleon Complex.
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