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  1. Andy Onchan

    Cut & paste

    Some of them are proven not to work.
  2. Andy Onchan

    Cut & paste

    In that I agree 100%, Steve.
  3. Andy Onchan

    Cut & paste

    Exactly. The Vision is someone else's vision not Michaela Morris'. Why are we paying vast amounts of money for someone not to do their job?
  4. Andy Onchan

    The budget

    So much of our current infrastructure is not fit for purpose (roads, sewerage, electricity for example), they should be the priority. We can't maintain/improve what we have, spending money on new capital projects that would be nice to have is not good government in my books. One essential, in my view at least, is Douglas Harbour. That requires a serious upgrade to meet our future maritime needs.
  5. Andy Onchan

    'no current plans to close Ramsey library' ?

    Well, there you are. Puts that DC job into perspective then, doesn't it?
  6. Andy Onchan

    'no current plans to close Ramsey library' ?

    From Thames Water Utilities: And all that for a salary of 45K. DC need to take a serious look at their spending. They're diddling the ratepayers big time. Does no one in government (local or otherwise) ever, ever consider those who have to pick up the cost?
  7. Andy Onchan

    The budget

    From MR: Holy Crap Batman! That's a staggering amount of money for an Island population of just 83K. I sincerely hope all who voted for this realise what they've let the taxpayer in for. And all this just prior to Brexit... what absolute madness. And I thought the Liverpool Terminal funding was voted through last year??
  8. Andy Onchan

    The budget

    Well they're certainly doing that by making you work until you're 74 before you can collect it.
  9. Andy Onchan

    Crayons at the ready!...sorry, oil paints.

    You forgot the paracetamol.
  10. Andy Onchan

    Manx Gas profits Officially too high

    So will anyone stand up and be counted for this screw up (executive or otherwise), Chris? It's OK you don't need to answer that, I think I know the answer.
  11. Andy Onchan

    Manx Gas profits Officially too high

    Ahhh yes, the dreaded inter-company transactions.
  12. Andy Onchan

    Cut & paste

    Beat me to it!
  13. Andy Onchan

    Flybe nosedives on profits warning

    It's not just economies of scale. You need big pockets to secure slots. Of course it helped FR & EZ by being there right at the birth of low cost travel. Anyone trying to imitate either of them was/is likely to catch the flu not just a cold. It's interesting that Logan Air have picked up the FlyBmi Aberdeen route, as they both share the same beneficial owners (the Bond brothers).
  14. Andy Onchan

    P.O Strike Begins.

    They have 5 development managers!
  15. Andy Onchan

    Cut & paste

    And this from the top/front.