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  1. I agree. I'm sure the patient transport service that was run by the Red Cross cost significantly less than the present arrangement (with or without tangibles such as depreciation on the vehicles etc).
  2. It's the collective marketing shit IOMG puts out.
  3. Wash your mouth out Albert, that can't be right..... IOMG says our systems are resilient, robust etc.
  4. No doubt they could have got a refund (and may be some did) but there's been enough here to make a difference. And long may that continue. I'd rather see many more visitors to Mann than the IOM government's attempt at increasing the population by giving handouts to get people to move here. It's bonkers.
  5. He managed to wrestle the Manx Gas contract away from DOI and the OFT and got them moved to a proper Utilities Regulatory Authority, didn't he? And the only COMIN member to stand up to HRH the former CM during the previous administration. I'm sure there'll be other stuff.
  6. I agree. The lack of marketing, especially online/digital is non-existent. The only organisation that seems to make the most of that is IOMSPCo.
  7. You can do that through the Manx Credit Union, I think.
  8. So despite Douglas now being a City, nothing's changed and they've still managed to screw up?
  9. Could someone please advise which LHR terminal FlyBe will operate from/to?
  10. So they didn't send a leaflet out with the Courier then?
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