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  1. Policy in itself doesn't seem to be an issue as that's driven by the executive, mostly. The main problem is politicians curbing the executive's excesses in implementing them. The executive are, seemingly, untouchable when it comes to managing either their own finances or that of thew taxpayer funding their projects.
  2. For the purposes of COVID, when is a Manx resident not a Manx resident?
  3. All of this reminds me of a story told to me many years ago..... elderly gentleman was experiencing problems in urinating (I recognise that symptom) so he called his local surgery for an appointment with the doctor. The nosy-poke of a receptionist asked him why he needed the appointment, he told her he'd rather not say. She said, "well you'll have to tell me otherwise the doctor won't see you". So he rather reluctantly said "it's my ear". She then said, "what's wrong with your ear?". "It's blocked", he replied. So having got the appointment he duly rolled up at the doctor who asked, "Right Mr
  4. https://www.loganair.co.uk/contact-us/travel-trade-support/our-airline-partners/
  5. The COVID police are out in force in the South of England....
  6. I wonder if the Minister ever considered sharing the contents of the letter with the political members of DHSC before he shredded it? If he had then surely one of them would be able to verify that both the contents and sender were bona fide?
  7. Is he still practicing and drawing his NHS salary as a GP?
  8. It's to be hoped that they don't erect a pole in the middle of the pavement like DoI did at Port Jack. Now that really would piss some people off.
  9. That's a bit technical Stinky.... you OK?
  10. Whatever GDPR says surely the act of reading the letter out in public means it automatically becomes a public document? Or does that now mean that any document that is read aloud by a government official or minister in public can magically disappear?
  11. China. See my post earlier about container shortages and soaring costs.
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