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  1. That's why I said earlier that the Public Service Commission and the board membership arrangement is not fit for purpose. It's institutionally corrupt and must be replaced with something reflecting the real world and with greater accountability to the GMT.
  2. Sorry but how do you know that Ranson's "identification of issues" requiring improvement were widely agreed with, accepted and supported by her peers?
  3. That's always been an issue, hasn't it?
  4. As I suggested earlier there are always two sides to a story.
  5. HR is self policing and therefore not fit for purpose. Current oversight is by commissioners all of whom, I think, have themselves been public servants at point or another.
  6. The IOMPS Commission needs to be disbanded and another agency set up in it's place with greater emphasis on their members accountability to the GMT.
  7. I don't think he was even a serious contender was he? AC has his faults but I don't think he's been taken in by Rob.
  8. But why announce it at all? He's just a humble functionary, nothing more.
  9. So why is his departure newsworthy?
  10. A servant can't serve two masters. Otherwise there'll be trouble at mill.
  11. We have enough Right Honourables already..... we really don't need any more.
  12. Douglas would be nothing if it wasn't for the Victorians. Peel at least has bone fide heritage etc. Anyway, I've no real axe to grind for or with either of them, they both have "something" going for them, it just depends on what you're expect out of a City.
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