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  1. And that's why we should look to end this ridiculous arrangement. It's simply not sustainable.
  2. Housing Associations mid market rentals are the answer.
  3. Correct, ethics are a rarity in business, which is exactly why they should fund their own business with their own money. I don't think many would really give a flying fig how they fund it, but fund it they should without State aid. I wouldn't be surprised if MUA give them some credit, IOMG is soft like that. COMIN, if they haven't already, should be preparing to step in to operate/supply/guarantee supplies to their share/stakeholders (the Great Manx Taxpayer). As has been pointed out by me and others on here.... what the feck have they done with all the profit they have made over the years?
  4. Then their LLP owners should put their hands in their own pockets to finance THEIR operation the same as many, many other companies in the private sector do (perhaps they could start by not remitting their monthly management fees to USA for a start, that would improve their cashflow).
  5. Since when have they needed an excuse to bump up the price of ale?
  6. Roll up - Fetching pinny's for sale!
  7. MG customers should make a claim for a rebate from IOMG if it is offering the subsidy. The support should go straight to the end user not MG or the funding will get swallowed up in their operating cashflow. The actual pricing mechanism of the gas agreed between IOMG & MG and charged to the customer shouldn't need to change. The present arrangement is masking and distorting the wholesale supply agreement.
  8. Don't believe any of the BS that comes from MG or Ms Cox. ETA: remember the "Green Gas" (or whatever it was) quote??? Utter bollox.
  9. Aye... I'm pissed off that IOMG is subsidising Manx Gas using taxpayers money, both as a non-gas user and also on the principle that no one really knows when this will end. Prices are unlikely to come down to the levels they were previously and so this sets a precedent for MG to hold out their hand again. Why can't it be done in the form of a claim per gas customer?
  10. And some of those who do stay on are not really cut out for it either. Just sayin'.
  11. Was he selling something?
  12. The buck stops with the DOI Minister on behalf of IOMG, irrespective of which entity's name is on the contract. The clue is in the name, "Infrastructure". Unless you're saying no one is responsible? In any case it's too late for subtleties/niceties. If I didn't know any better I'd say your'e a former DOI Minister or Chief Exec of DOI 🤣
  13. Ah, but will they be a 'strategic' Change and Engagement Manager? Note to prospective applicants: don't forget to pepper your CV with the word 'strategic', otherwise you won't get a look-in.
  14. Meanwhile our deputy airport director is off filming his new series.
  15. Jobs for Mates, or mates of mates. Nothing more.
  16. Yes there has, for the contractors and others on the other side of the Irish Sea. They've managed to swell the top line of their accounts rather successfully, don't you think?
  17. Don't be daft! Having said that, why haven't IOMG or their project manager set up a website (similar to MyProm) to inform people about the project and the progress (or lack of) of it??? A lot of questions being asked on here probably wouldn't arise if all the parties concerned were more transparent. Is that too much to ask??
  18. I was referring to bicycle racing... it's amazing how some can deliberately misconstrue a few simple words 🤣
  19. How about a TT (pedal) cycling fest? That should appeal to quite a few.
  20. There are many forms of corruption and that's something the CS and their MHK mates seem totally oblivious to. The executive and our elected have, by and large, an unhealthy and cozy relationship (at least to the outsider).
  21. The same as Harmer.... said all the right things, even laid a top coat of tarmac on the prom to quell the masses but soon went south very quickly after that.
  22. The words stable, door, horse and bolted come to mind.
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