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  1. I'm interested to know more about "the unique.... Manx Culture" entertainment they're putting on!
  2. Russian is a good example.
  3. I really don't understand the move to two weekly waste collections. It will be the same amount of rubbish that needs to be disposed of over a month, say. And if the reduction in costs of £25K/pa is to be believed then most of that saving will go into engaging a PR company to keep their customers at bay.
  4. The concept of "if it ain't broke don't mend it" is clearly not something they've heard of.
  5. What happens if the Waste Operative (binman to you and me) is colour blind?
  6. I checked with 'She' earlier and she confirmed what I thought..... that a property we occupied for 23 years had the same meter installed from the start of our occupancy until the day we left. So someone has screwed up if the meter was supposed to have been changed.
  7. Agreed but like most sports changes in laws/rules tends to be an evolving process supposedly to improve the game/sport. Sometimes that doesn't happen. This is one such case.
  8. RC is a very good constituency MHK, much like Quirkio was but neither cut out for ministerial level politics despite RC's protestations to the contrary.
  9. Have't the laws of the game been changed since that event to prevent that from happening again?
  10. I'm convinced that price fixing is going on between the two major providers. I have no real problem with the access to services just the price and types of packages.
  11. Isn't the marketing/PR company British? I read an advertorial years back about how the company came from nowhere to secure the contract. I wonder how that happened?
  12. And two cargo aircraft in recent years.
  13. Long overdue action by CURA: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/cura-to-assess-islands-mobile-networks/
  14. I think you must be referring to the same Dave that delivers to us.... Dave The Delivery Man, a Top Banana.
  15. I think there's some angry dolphins going on here (cross porpoises). I know there's no NI of dividends.
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