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  1. Yikes..... no wonder the SNP & Wee Cranky are in deep doo doo with their membership! 🤣
  2. It was only ever going to be a Labour 'idea' nothing more; remember that note that Ed Balls left on the desk at the Treasury on the day Labour got booted out?
  3. And all those Policy Directors?
  4. Stu. Most of the alternatives/solutions have been discussed on here but we're not in a position to make any of it happen. Only you and your fellow MHKs can do that. The race to the bottom is clearly not the answer. The question is, what will happen if/when EZY pull out of the LGW route due to diminishing returns? Have you had that discussion with your colleagues yet?
  5. Why not put the BMC on the Irish routes all year round for a couple of years and see what business is generated whilst the MXM settles in? DUB & BFS on alternate days for example.
  6. https://www.moneysupermarket.com/gas-and-electricity/social-tariffs/#:~:text=Social tariffs were introduced to,by the Warm Home Discount.
  7. BBC News - Heat-pump scheme 'one-dimensional', say heating firms https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-66723928
  8. Oooooooh... at least I tried being discreet! 🤣
  9. Doing something perhaps that he shouldn't have been doing? 😉
  10. Don't forget there's a max speed limit once entering into the river. So probably 4 hours.
  11. I thought Car Park 3 was/is parking for the Freeport??
  12. It would be interesting to know how many of those 1400 are Manx born returning to the "land of our birth".
  13. IOMG & CS are Top of the Form (remember that?) for buzzwords. Nobody does it better!
  14. What concerns me is that if the proposed increase is allowed what guarantees do we as consumers have that MG will maintain the network to an agreed schedule. That's assuming that there is an agreed schedule with CURA? One would hope so but I can't see any mention of it.
  15. Here's the link: https://www.cura.im/media/1856/20230913-cost-of-debt-working-capital-consultation.pdf Enjoy!
  16. Isn't LCY dependent on the aircraft and pilot being compliant with the short runway requirements? MMP will probably be able to inform us.
  17. I doubt wayleave payments are any better than they used to be.
  18. Possible but I'm guessing there might be an additional carriage charge for the insurance. Not sure what volume of cargo, if any, departs from Mann. There's nowt being shipped then I guess the additional premium won't be that excessive. Or may be not!
  19. The only possibility might be shipping by cargo ship only, ie. Mezeron perhaps?
  20. The IOMSPCo issue is probably true, IMO & SOLAS and all that.
  21. In some of the remoter places in Scotland it's spread it out on fields and the rain does it's best to wash it, then chop it up and put it on the arable land areas as fertilisers. Most tomato liquid feed contains seaweed.
  22. It's not the salt content alone, it's the other 'stuff' that's absorbed by it and goes with it.
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