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  1. But who dictates the 10 minute rule for GPs? And why couldn't/shouldn't the same 10 minute rule apply to PAs?
  2. I don't want to ruffle feathers but an article I read last year about these PAs suggested that a GP practice would be able to employ 2 x PAs for the cost of one GP. In other words, 1 x GP could be supported by 2 x PAs, thus reducing waiting times by assisting with, amongst other things, better triage "processing" (another word was used but can't recall what it was!). Meaning that the GP had more time available to focus on chronic presentations (having first been "assessed" by a PA). That makes sense to me.
  3. https://www.fparcp.co.uk/about-fpa/Who-are-physician-associates
  4. But isn't that no different to the UK...... HMRC taxation and then local authority rates?
  5. I'm referring to the old surface they started to take up over the weekend, not the newly laid part.
  6. And not being loaded into trucks, for disposal at whoever is reducing it to dust these days. It is really odd that they're leaving the broken stuff in place. Surely there can't be a shortage of suitable transport equipment having planned this for so long?? Or are the delays such that the hauliers have moved on to another unrelated job and now DOI have to wait?
  7. I wasn't suggesting for one minute that Practice Nurses are not busy with other routine/follow ups on previously diagnosed or planned treatments... I'm trying to get my head around how a simple triage process might/would eliminate the sprains & strains scenarios that you refer to. Does IOM DHSC employ any Physician Associates?
  8. Are the Practice Nurses trained to diagnose sprains/strains?
  9. What sort of numbers per month are you talking about, the "steady stream" that is?
  10. Thought I would try the MyProm Free Bus service today. Well, I would have done had it been running. But it wasn't. Waited an hour and zero bus.
  11. It was the EU's money in name only, it was Germany who almost single handed that baled them all out. As the Greeks found out to their chagrin.
  12. The 330 perhaps but not the 360, shirley?
  13. I've met CT a couple of times at charity social events; he's a nice fella but a fair proportion of his politics are not of this planet, particularly population growth for the sake of it.
  14. It is in Scotland....... apparently
  15. We'll come on over, you'll feel right at home
  16. You're obviously either far too young or 'new' to the Island to remember TC's contribution to (what was) proper radio and written journalism.
  17. +1 We're the same and we're prepared to run our existing motor for as long as it takes for the collective motor industry to get it's arse into gear (pun intended) and start producing low emission vehicles that are affordable. Until they get together and start pooling/sharing technology then government(s) and others won't be able to plan for installing the thousands of charging stations needed to make the whole thing work.
  18. Aye, that turned out not to be the quid pro quo that we were hoping for, was it?
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