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  1. And this is only going to add to FlyBe woes: https://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/company-news/2020/02/24/airlines-plunge-on-coronavirus-outbreak/
  2. Well, they had to repay the IMF & EU (incl. UK) loans somehow.
  3. There are many, many in the private sector who have no such promise from their employers but still have to pay their tax (by law) so that the above are able to be remunerated later. At one time working for the government wasn't particularly well paid at certain levels, but there was always the promise of a 'decent' pension when the time came. I think what hacks a lot of people off is the fact that even at the lower grades of the CS the salaries (and other perks like flexi-time) are now greater than the private sector. I'm sure the countless numbers of "policy directors" sitting in the Cabinet Office would have a hard time grappling with the fact that there are people out there who don't have that cushion or promise.
  4. Thanks for the update Bob. What's the score on insurance, will insurers renew on the same terms and premiums when the time comes?
  5. So all aerosols should be illegal then?
  6. A balanced Budget again then?
  7. This seems a bit odd though: So he clearly knew they were dangerous in the wrong hands, otherwise why keep them locked up? Although I can see both sides of the argument.
  8. When I was watching the video I thought....... get to the canteen and get a fatty bacon butty! Works every time for me.
  9. Bacon Butties for the breakfast meetings?
  10. Actually, weren't the Boards accountable to UKG up to a point? I thought Treasury was.
  11. Yes, it largely went to ratsh1t when the ministerial system of government was adopted back in the '80's.
  12. Burroughs have been on the Island for yonks. Probably longer than the time I've been on Mann (37 years or thereabouts). They were involved in residential property that abutted our first property in Onchan.
  13. ECOBOB - how are things down in the Valley? Did all of those affected by the flooding get what they were entitled to from IOMG? And the ARUP enquiry.... what's the news on that
  14. An audit is a good idea.
  15. Is he doing this in his own time?
  16. A certain P Karran said much the same a few years back, as I recall.
  17. That was my first thought as well. I wonder if the IOMSPCo bookings are looking iffy?
  18. Me too. Never heard of her or seen anything that she's been in.
  19. I suspect that someone has carried out an audit on pharmacy orders and found that the DHSC was buying branded stuff when then didn't need to. I suspect the savings would not be insignificant. Not all Statins are equal. I know. I've tried about four different branded types plus their generic equivalents over the last 5 years. They all work in a slightly different ways and it's working out which one is best for you. The latest one I'm on now is by far the best. New technology and even AI in pharmacology is light years from what it was, even 10 years ago.
  20. And Laxey Valley....
  21. Sultan, bullying or no bullying the issue here is that the professional body seems unable to get on with their role as arbiters of 'justice'. Why? TBH, whilst bullying may exist or not is irrelevant (or an 'elephant' as my great aunt used to say), this issue is with the individual concerned. And I think patients should know and sooner the better. The silence on this matter is deafening.
  22. Sid, there's something about this situation that doesn't stack up; equate if you will. The professional 'court' that he's answerable to is dithering. Why?
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