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  1. Indeed. Lady & gent in that age group across the road from us have yet to receive their letters.
  2. I'd like to see if the categories and the numbers for each category, showing invitations issued less vaccinated with a running balance and by vaccine type. I'm also interested to see what the take up is for each category. We need to be sure that we have enough people in the community to ensure herd immunity.
  3. Another one that's made it's way to the shredder.
  4. Augustus - do you have the download pdf's from the gov website? If so, are you able to download them into your attachments and then link them so that we can view them?
  5. Hurrah! Something people can understand. That's exactly what is required.
  6. This 'thing', as you describe it, is not going to be over. It's going to be part of our existence until it runs out of hosts and the only way that will happen is with vaccines. Until we get to that stage we still have to function and use every tool at our disposal to get on with life and that includes science and technology probably in equal measure. Closing the border is only a short term solution not the solution.
  7. Aye.... The same as "look at what you could've won!'
  8. It was all very wishy washy. Just like the vaccination 'plan'.
  9. And from what section of the community they are currently working or residing in.
  10. Don't worry DOI will design and build another airport and put it somewhere.... anywhere.
  11. But still no breakdown of which groups have been done. It's all very wishy washy.
  12. Ah.... hadn't thought of that. What a "Stupid Boy" I am.
  13. At least the Villa is dry and relatively warm.
  14. +1 I know of admin people in DHSC who for the most part work from home but have had the first jab.
  15. Quite possibly for the non-urgent jabs but for the first group it's being coordinated by the 111 Call Centre Referrals Team.
  16. Yes but the question is why should we pay for it in the first place??
  17. I said the same about the airport...... it's typical DOI speccing.... ovber engineered and will be over-budget. Money's no object except for those who fall outside the grant or loan handouts when making sure folk have got food to eat and heat to keep warm.
  18. It's already happened..... construction sector have never really stopped. The builders in Onchan were still busy at 14:30 wielding their angle grinders on two story scaffolding (minus hard hat and goggles/glasses).
  19. Our 93 year old family member 16th Feb for 1st jab and also arranged Wednesday morning. If they can't handle rolling out the Pzifer jabs on time how are they going to handle the OxfordAZ jabs? As I said before I would love to see the spreadsheet schedule.
  20. Well, the shredding of 'The Letter' and now a refusal to even review the decision on the returning 'heart attack' patient is not looking good for the MBE. Two events that seemingly make him a DHSC Minister without portfolio and responsibility. That'll be a first, shirley?
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