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  1. I'm inclined to think that they were thinking more about getting into their respective kitchens and getting dinner on the go.
  2. But shirley they would have to have a vote first?
  3. I just hope that Nobles are fully prepared to meet and handle any and all cases referred to them whilst continuing with the day-to-day stuff as well.
  4. If that's the case then they need to get on with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXE8LdXzeHM&ab_channel=lonjil
  5. Isn't the 3A current isolation period 21 days? Notwithstanding that, I think isolation should be for anyone testing positive on arrival, with or without a COVID jab. Having said that there will need to be some sort of proof of vaccination system in place if the Island wants to encourage visitors. Visitors = money; doesn't matter whether they're family, friends or holidaymakers.
  6. Aye, at £249 you'll have been well and truly 'Stieff'ed. Some sucker will buy it though.
  7. Can't help thinking that Watty may have forced the delay to show HQ who really is in charge in The Keys. Having said that, the sensible thing would have been to suspend the sitting for an hour or two to allow the press briefing to go ahead as planned. It's not as if The Clerk and Mr. Speaker weren't aware that a press briefing would happen. We're in the middle of a pandemic, what could be more important than that? They could have, should have, worked into the evening to finish the days work. It's not like they're actually in Tynwald, they're all at home.
  8. Well that very much depends on how much that last word is going to cost.
  9. Just out of interest is there anyone out there who is banking with one of the new digital banks, Starling an/or Monzo? Would like to know what their experiences are as I considering moving over to the dark side of banking.
  10. With the exception of Fastyr Mie, Manx certainly isn't his first language either.
  11. As I've said before... Less is more. He/they have learned nothing.
  12. He's a jack of some trades and absolutely master of none. You'd think that if you're going to announce and pronounce in great detail and length on a matter that involves the death of someone in highly unusual circumstances that a double check on the facts would be in order? No matter if you think that no harm has been done I find this particular gaff quite astounding, to be honest.
  13. Which platform are they using, Vimeo, YouTube or some other??
  14. The first MR post didn't include the audio clip but did report the indemnity issue. After that they included the audio clip but the indemnity issue had been removed. Subsequent to both of the above the indemnity issue is now back with the audio clip. They got there eventually... but probably still an unnecessary subject to discuss at this time.
  15. It's in the audio link on MR website. And I notice that MR have now added the bit about the Crown Indemnity issue.
  16. I see that MR have now inserted the audio from the sitting and he was responding to a question from Ms. Edge. That in itself was probably not necessary but could have been dealt with out of court at this stage... unless Ms. Edge required the answer on behalf of a constituent involved in the case? If not, then it would seem a little crass and insensitive to force the issue. No doubt she'll be along at some point to inform us why the question was necessary.
  17. I see that the comment about the Crown Indemnity has now been removed from MR report. Which doesn't surprise me because when I read it I thought how fucking insensitive it was to even mention it!
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