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  1. Have you had sight of the financials? In any case there is no yardstick with IOMG when it comes to spending taxpayers money...... the fairy houses are a case in point. Why did DfE throw the towel in early with Spark? The truth is IOMG has total disregard for the taxpayer. ETA: And didn't IOMG throw a substantial amount of money at evaluating the possibility of developing a marina (400K??) , including something along the lines of what has been proposed? I really think it might be a case of funding priorities with current projects.... not least Liverpool and Douglas Prom.
  2. I suspect that IOMG might have been accommodating if it were not for the fact they need to find more dosh to fund the proposed Douglas Harbour renovation/upgrade.
  3. It's been going on for some time, it's not just DBC. We either recycle or incinerate, for a population the size of Mann it doesn't and never has, made sense to do both. Last I looked the emissions data from the incinerator have not been posted online for months. And if the latest SUEZ report is correct the incinerator didn't generate any electricity from mid June to July 9th (approx). The only good outcome (if there is one) is that we no longer have landfill. ETA: I've not been able to find any minutes at all of the Richmond Hill Consultative Committee.
  4. Andy Onchan

    TT 2018

    I wonder if any of the riders themselves actually contribute to any part of the safety process. They are, after all, the biggest stakeholders in all of this.
  5. You're right, they're all administrators with an interest in delivering the odd letter. They're not business people. Not one of the senior execs has any experience in supply chain processing and logistics. They've been left behind, even by Hermes etc. That should never have happened. It's actually quite pathetic.
  6. Actually, it should be the ideal organisation for exactly that type of business. IOMPO should be the first go-to people for parcel delivery.
  7. So what is COMIN and the Minister for Policy's job then? If not sorting out Policy?.
  8. That'll be a bag of spuds then Barrie.
  9. How it's not possible to win any decent sized delivery contract where you have intimate knowledge of the indigenous market with the supporting assets, is beyond me.
  10. Some teachers are experts at that....
  11. I know about these things....... I'm a Time Team anorak!
  12. Well, if they got a geophysics firm in to survey the area then they should have a pretty good ides of what's down there.
  13. DOI Minister says it's a "monumentous moment" to be spending another £6,5 million of taxpayers money. Not quite the words I'd use Ray.
  14. There's that modesty shining through again!
  15. Does such a thing exist for IOM? https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2019/07/17/states-to-produce-regular-reports-on-consultants/
  16. The main driver of/for entitlement was successive post war Labour governments in exchange for votes.
  17. You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment!
  18. It made sense, militarily.
  19. It's called war. And as I said war ain't pretty. I doubt any other PM wold have done different. She was acting on the best advice of the military. The exclusion zone was to warn other nations to stay the fuck out of the way, as much as it was to put the Argentine's on notice. I applaud your moralistic stance at times and I know you have a hard on for for Lady M, but on some occasions you can be blind to the obvious.
  20. I understand what you're saying but in reality would it actually work that way? There are too any unknowns below the surface. That's not me saying that, it's the main man himself.
  21. So it's not "abandon hope all ye that enter" then?
  22. Ah yes, the beloved TT course. Everything else is a mere inconvenience.
  23. You do know that if a foreign armed force lands on your territory uninvited it's called an invasion? Turn up uninvited and you should be prepared for anything. War is a dirty business, there really are no rules. The Belgrano was a threat even if it was bearing away and therefore a target. The UK set the rules thereon in to safeguard it's own fleet by keeping the remaining Argentine fleet in port. That's the reality.
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