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  1. And that bit was 100% true, in my case. That's not a myth.
  2. Yes, they could throw up and all sorts!
  3. Ahh.... a newly appointed (probably retired and brought back specially for the purpose) Parking Czar!.... that has a certain ring to it. 😂
  4. Just goes to prove what short memories we have. I was 7 in '64 and remember going down to the end of our terrace street with my mother a couple of times to a standpipe to fill buckets (she carried those) and my very own thermos flask!
  5. So you don't think there'll be a termination clause?
  6. The £42m in hard cash doesn't exist. It will come out of the general revenue account. It's just a magical number they've plucked from the air plus a contingency to ensure that Cyril's Servants are looked after irrespective of whether they manage steer us to carbon neutral status by 2050 or not..
  7. And Ancala's Management Fee levied against MG will be paid to USA regardless.
  8. Wouldn't her LTR status count towards a Brit citizenship application?
  9. But she can apply. It's not as if there's no alternative.
  10. Wouldn't the lady doing the check-in be employed by a third party passenger handling company and not Loganair?
  11. Wouldn't it be better in the long term if she had a British Passport? (assuming IOM is your main residence?)
  12. Presume your better half is a British Citizen then if she has LTR?
  13. I haven't been on the railway this year, so far. Have they sprayed weed killer along the tracks and half way up the banks as they have with the MER?? Dead and very dry foliage wouldn't help matters.
  14. A friend of mine based in UK was considering applying for a position with IOMG. Sent me a message only a couple of days ago to ask various questions on living standards, costs for various aspects of every day life etc. I was about to respond to him today and tell him that now was probably not the best time to move to the Island when he told me that he'd secured a job in the Middle East! He's had a lucky escape.
  15. Stop trying to be clever by reading too much into what I have written! My comments are based on fairly regular visits to the same mall (albeit at different days/time) over the last year. And what makes you think my comments were anything to do with people on benefits???? Grow up.
  16. Aye, the financial squeeze doesn't seem to have stopped some from wanting their takeaways or restaurant visits, or driving at breakneck speed (rather than slowing down and making an effort to improve on their MPG), or making do with what mobile phone they've got. I had occasion to go into a scottish shopping mall on the east coast late yesterday teatime and NEXT was very busy as was M&S.
  17. I'm at a loss as to what Manx Gas actually bring to the table (other than increased tariffs) that MUA can't do themselves on our behalf. They're just an added layer of expense. Nothing more than a middle man.
  18. Disagree. MId-market Housing Trust/Associations yes, but not more local council/authority builds as there are already too many occupying these properties whose income would put them in that mid-market sector, which where they belong. The whole housing sector is FUBAR.
  19. Andy Onchan

    New Casino

    It'll take some courage then.
  20. A former Planning Committee Member no less: https://www.tynwald.org.im/memoff/member/Pages/MaskaMM.aspx
  21. No (and without wanting to steal NB's thunder) I think he's referring to the fact that HNWI have got the money to drink for longer, irrespective of the pricing/cost.
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