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  1. Her Majesty and I watched that last night and we both looked at each other and said in tandem... "Leadership". In other words if it's rotten at the top then you should probably expect the same lower down the order.
  2. It's a spelling mistake, it should Degeneration.
  3. I'm happy to leave the technicalities to you.
  4. I'll be an early adopter. When do we start?
  5. 06:00 to 17:00 approx, if you believe what the Met office are predicting.
  6. The Friday afternoon high tide is 6.8M.... not big but might, if the cumulative effect of 3cm of water running down valleys were to meet it, create some issues. Or possibly at the early Saturday morning high tide at 6.7M.
  7. So you're suggesting that BOE shouldn't increase the base rate?
  8. I've had experience of working in two of these "shared" work areas in the UK. They are not ideal for a business where a discreet phone call is required, you end up going out into the corridor or even outside to get some privacy.
  9. It can certainly be derailed, DOI managed to do that when they tested the 'bends' down by the Villa.
  10. 10+ hours of "persistent and heavy rain"?
  11. Or how well maintained the riverbanks and flood defences have been over the last 12 months or so.
  12. The trumpet call for BOE intervention wouldn't have been needed if they'd acted sooner on raising interest rates to counter rising inflation earlier in the year (now at 11.5%). BOE and Andrew Bailey have been asleep at the wheel. They are now playing catch-up, the consequences of which have spooked the markets, it's not just down to tax cuts which don't take effect until next year anyway. The world is having to deal with inflation, not just UK.
  13. How prepared are DOI and others for what's coming our way on Friday:
  14. Agreed. Of course it will require a statutory regulator even if it's one brought in from outside, so hopefully that should rule out any involvement of DOI.
  15. Indeed they do and it will depend on how it's funded. What IOM has is a ready made business that can start operating from day one. Many of the heritage rail operations have evolved from virtually nothing and have cost many millions in the process. I think you underestimate the pull that IOM Heritage transport could have.
  16. Hurrah... Common sense at last: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/charity-and-private-funding-on-the-table-for-horse-trams/
  17. What's that mean in plain English?
  18. What ever happened to the offshore wind farm thingy that IOMG were keen to push?? Is it going ahead??
  19. Exactly the same in the Archie, I think.
  20. My daughter is a UK primary teacher and tells me exactly the same story and it's seems to be getting worse. And she works in an area where the parents are well and truly 'middle class' professional types.
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