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  1. I have two tickets for the Lee Evans 'Big UK Tour' at Manchester MEN Arena on the 13 November but I am unable to attend. They are for Row B. I am looking to swap these tickets for a weekend date if possible or alternativley sell them on. Anyone who is interested can contact me at paulphillips@manx.net. Regards Paul
  2. Hello everyone This topic was brought to my attention today, and whilst I don't want to get into any lengthy exchanges on the topic of Honda and the TT, there does seem to be some inaccurate rumors circulating on the Island at the moment, and perhaps I can offer a little more information on the subject. First of all, there is no dispute between Honda and the Department of Tourism and Leisure. Of course, I would say that wouldn't I, however if any of you are able to speak to Steve Martingdale (MD of Honda UK), Neil Tuxworth (Manager of Honda Racing UK), Dave Hancock (R&D Manager of Honda UK) or Mark Davies (MD of Honda Europe) they would all confirm this without hesitation, of that I am certain. There is no denying that Honda had some issues with the TT this year that they would like to see addressed for the future, many of which already have been addressed, but this is normal of any relationship. Likewise, we had some issues with Honda we would like to see addressed for the future, and we have discussed these issues with them. Honda UK have been very supportive of the recent change to the organisational structure of the TT, and have been involved in the consultation stage of producing the 2008 TT Regulations. I have spent a lot of time lately talking to Honda and all the other major manufacturers and teams of late on a number of issues concerning the development of the TT, and this is something that happens throughout the year. It is fair to say that the relationship between the Department and the motorcycle manufacturers as a group is very strong at the moment, and the TT's credibility inside of the industry is very high. Honda also recently held a leadership conference on the Island, which the Department was involved in on the event planning and facilitation. I have also been talking to Honda about plans for TT 2009, when their racing arm celebrate their 50th anniversary, and it is fair to say, that there could be some exciting plans for the future. Now to correct a couple of points which are simply not right. Honda have not withdrawn machinery for the Traveling Marshals at the TT. That said, they may not be the provider in 2009, and there are several companies vying for the rights to be the official motorcycle partner of the TT from 2008 onwards. Honda will also be at the TT in 2008. Hydrex Bikeanimal.Com Honda are already confirmed with Guy Martin at the helm, and they have been upgraded in status to an official HRC backed team for 2008 for BSB and the TT. There is also something else in the offing with Honda I am working on at present, along with John McGuinness. More details on that will be announced at the TT Press Launch, due to be held in the near future. Finally, is is nice that someone thinks that I 'fixed' the TT, but I agree with nipper, in so much as that is a bit of a strong statement! Whilst I would like to think I have played my part, the recent success the event has enjoyed has been brought about by the hard work of many individuals and organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors. There is no doubt however, that the event is in good health at present and can look forward to an exciting future, particularly from a sporting perspective, with more and more high quality riders and teams looking to be involved going forward. Best wishes Paul
  3. Hi guys I just thought I would add a few comments on this topic if I may. The new logo and brand identity for the TT was created by a local, Manx born designer. As for costing £10,000 - well that is ridiculous. The politically correct way to describe the investment in this brand is as 'highly competitive'! Already by having this new brand in place and having the means to control and police it's use, we have identified several tens of thousands of pounds worth of incremental revenue earning opportunities, which s expected to grow to at least £400,000 incremental by TT 2007. This will ensure that going forward there are more funds to reinvest in safety and developing the TT for the Island whilst taking some of the load away from the taxpayer. Looking at some of the other posts on this web site, I am expecting to be shot down in flames and called all the names under the sun now, but nevertheless, I thought I would join in a little. Best wishes Paul
  4. Sorry if I come across as being a bit naive but I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I was tasked with putting the launch on, and I wanted to follow suit with other leading bike sport events and take the show to a nice restaurant or bar, and out of the ‘conference room’ style venue. I got the venue for free, and with it cheap accommodation for our visiting guests, so overall I saved money on the overall budget. With an all afternoon press call as well it made sense to put the whole show on under one roof. With the amount of uninvited guests that turned up on the night, we do need a bigger venue for next year, and probably the Villa will be the only way forward, but you have to try these things, and this was a learning experience for me. But it was a very, very successful event, and got everyone (apart from Colin) talking about the TT in a positive light once again and gained some excellent publicity for the event and for the Island. Paul
  5. Sorry I totally forgot to put that in my last posting, but the venue was free of charge. Paul
  6. I organised the Press and Media Launch on Friday which was massive success. We have received excellent feedback and article placement. To date we have had features in key daily newspapers – The Daily Star on the 14th Sunday Express on the 15th The Newsletter (NI) on the 14th (Full page feature and images) The Belfast Telegraph (NI) on the 15th (Full page feature and images) The Newsletter (NI) again on the 16th The Isle of Man Examiner also ran a front page picture and page two feature, and there will be further in depth features in this weeks Courier and Independent this week. With regards to the Motor Cycle press, MCN are running details this week in both the News and Sport sections and in the Sport again next week. This will equate to the biggest spread MCN has given the TT from a positive angle for more than a decade I would wager. Bike Sport News, Bike Buyers Guide, Motorcycle Racer, Road Racing Ireland and Irish Racer have all confirmed that they are going to run big spreads on the launch, whilst Irish Bike are going to give us a full page and the cover of their next issue. I am certain we will get lots more additional coverage in the bike press. The Manx Radio coverage live on Friday lasted for two and a half hours and was excellent. If you haven’t heard it you can download it from the Manx Radio Web Site. Some of the interviews provided a real shot in the arm for the TT, especially the one done by phone with Paul Bird. Border Television ran a very positive piece on the news yesterday evening which last about five minutes and was one of the main features, whilst Greenlight Television are using footage of interviews from the launch in their many motorsport feature programmes over the next few months. We have had a fantastic response on the internet also. Best wishes Paul
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