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  1. Not read the whole thread as lunatics on the loose.I will put my thoughts very simply....Too many trees in Laxey especially on the Southern Bank.I would never live in the village as even a Garth Commissioner should realise that.Plenty of dead trees and wood and that tumbles into the river.Look at photos of Laxey 100 years ago with no trees.And once you start building up the area and concreting over much of the valley and above where has the water to go..
  2. As someone that was in at the start of the e gaming "revolution" and has the worthless shares to prove it that could tempt me.However the job advert says nothing of the sort.Perhaps if certain Police Officers worked until they were 67 and paid the 40% of earnings that would pay for an early pension I might agree.The essential fact is that this Island is paying the massive outgoings for people that were unemployable elsewhere in the dim and distant.
  3. SJR

    Manx Radio

    Manx Radio has long been taken over by the Homosexual mafia...Nothing wrong with that unless you are the majority.People have been climbing over each other to get the Breakfast Show.
  4. SJR

    Manx Radio

    Not sure that it really matters for the 200 regular listeners.
  5. Any photos from down the River because I am convinced that the bridge would not take a flood and the many trees that would follow...May pop down myself in the am to see if anyone wants some help.No chance of any cash from our "aid" budget unless you wear a burka and need to be be taught how to swim.Preferably overseas..
  6. The "headline" in the examiner (small case intended) today is a case in point.One house has been put up for sale and those clowns make it it front page news.How the owners of the said rag put up with that clown who runs the paper due to an Act Of Birth I will never know.And don't get me started on some of those junior reporters who cannot spell punctuate or even think....If I read the word cancel that should mean postpone once again I will implode...And Terry Cringle once again...How much is he paying the taxpayer for his office at Manx Radio and how much has he forgotten this week...
  7. I have always said that there are too many trees in Laxey..Not sure that many were growing on the river bed though...
  8. If we had any "rare metals" here the usual alarmists would want to leave them in the ground...
  9. Obvious that you don't get out much fella...Try putting the walking boots on.
  10. A referendum fella..And all the recent arrivals allowed to vote.And still it goes against you and you want another....Then another until it is best of seven..Fuck off you clown where have I heard that before...
  11. And how much does he pay himself....My guess would be a six figure sum .........
  12. I have not read the posts but something is seriously wrong with that alleged charity when I see young people in a Beach Buddies pick up relaxing around the Island during the day.Bill himself is only interested in those Northern beaches at low tide when he can do his Rommel impression.Many of the smaller beaches are full of rubbish but not fashionable to clean.Seems like it has all gone to his head.
  13. Lucky person joebean but unfortunately any investor on this Island will pick one up on a first visit.They read that crap and turn tail unless of course they want a grant off the Government for a spaceship or an airship or even £4 million for a Motor Museum that does not even have buses running to it.Those clowns running the last newspapers on this Island are completely clueless about what is going on.They just want to concentrate on the exaggerated climate issues.Personally after the worse summer on record I would welcome some "global warming" but that has been dismissed and now is "climate change"...As if that has not always happened..
  14. I never have a bad week at the bookies though fella..Not sure why that is your only riposte.... always.I must have made an impression on you at some stage.Give it up and give your boyfriend a cuddle.
  15. Just had a look at the pictures inside that rag.It is time social services intervened and started taking some children off their parents.They are being brainwashed...
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