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  1. SJR

    Blacksmith gets boot

    I once went down to his cabin when I was stuck in Laxey..And to be stuck in Laxey is like giving up on life.I popped my head over the stable door and asked him how much a plaque was.He was banging away and it was like getting a response from Jeremy Corbyn..I still do not know how much they cost..
  2. SJR

    Manx students go on strike

    What..They are brainwashed because they are told the World will come to an end..How can a responsible parent tell their children that and expect the IOM to make a difference when China and India open coal fired power stations monthly and our alleged carbon footprint is the sum total of a block of flats in Mumbai..
  3. I think the time has come when Social Services need to be getting involved in the brainwashing of our young children.Plus the Education and Environment Ministers need to grow a pair.When the population of the World is expected to grow by 25% over the next few years and the Clowns in Tynwald want our Island to take in 50% more people surely the time has come to restrict population growth.Cause and effect...Just a thought...
  4. SJR

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    If the completely clueless Daphne wants migrants (incidentally the War is over love) I would prefer Christians...Can we pick and choose love because you would get what you were were given by the UK Government.She seems to think that we will get Doctors and nurses and yet every Syrian that was useful found a job in the Arab World. Just a thought....
  5. SJR

    New hotel

    Amazing how the same losers pop up time and time again..Must be an ego thing..
  6. SJR

    A popular decision

    The pieman Scoffitt spent his whole life upgrading those that some would regard as unemployable elsewhere into a pension scheme that is unaffordable...There are now vast numbers of those that leant on a shovel cried off with a bad back or spent an an exhausting six hour day staring into a hole retiring in their fifties as well.40 years done.Do not get me started on that daughter who defends the indefensible at Government HQ... They are laughing at us...
  7. SJR

    New hotel

    Lxxx...Are you still plugging the price of gold.. You are an expert on all things it seems.. What price that bitcoin you bought...
  8. SJR

    New hotel

    Who is this prick.I try to stay off this site because it has been populated by complete arseholes..People come here because of the heritage not to listen to some complete knob that has made a few quid because his house has multiplied in value in that shithole London due to no real action on his behalf.
  9. SJR

    Beware Living Hope false advertising

    Sorry to skip to the end but the living hope.(!)......Are just the same as the Mormons without Donny and Marie.. Wish I could earn the six figures that three of the founders get.. Get real they are worse than the Muslims..
  10. SJR

    A popular decision

    We all know the real reason why cuts have to be made across the board but no-one will address the real reason so people will have to face up to it.Excessive pensions brought on by that alleged Manxman Bernie Scoffit and his equally ugly daughter in the civil service union.As MHKs pensions are tied to those in the alleged "civil service" we are all doomed..
  11. SJR

    A popular decision

    Oh and how would I solve the crisis at Nobles..Simple get a decent recruitment consultant that can emphasise the massive difference in take home pay that a doctor gets compared with in the UK.A consultant would be £1000 a week better off working here.I think that the overpaid administrators should be given the red card..
  12. SJR

    A popular decision

    First up the National Health Service has always been in a crisis..It is shit has always been shit and always will be.However much money you throw at it will be sucked up by the administrators.When first started the percentage of clinical staff to admin was 97% to 3%.It is now 57% to 43%.Cleaners want double time at weekends nurses retire in their prime and go on the "bank" for exorbitant rates and there is a three week wait for a doctors appointment in the west.Never really understood a waiting list as those involved should work a bit harder for a day or two to clear it and then there would not be one. If the NHS was any good why has it not been copied elsewhere.As regards Beecroft she had a tough job and she did try to get rid of some of the waste.Whoever replaces her better have a thick skin because there are so many keyboard warriors that have never contributed in their lives..