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  1. Now that would have been low..Calm down fella...
  2. Bernie Moffatt is a complete non-entity and as such should be ignored.He and the other three members of the unelected Celtic League should be placed on the runway for Saudi Target practice.No live ammunition though as you cannot do that.Not in Bernies world.You can though get a job for your daughter and when she leaves pass it on to your best mate who is otherwise unemployable...
  3. Not often that I post on this forum as it is full of tossers that cannot sleep at night because they think anyone using a plastic bag is a "climate change denier"..I will say this to you..The World is coming to an end..No sense in fighting it.Do not have children that should be taken off you by social services ..We will all be dead soon so what is the point.Whatever we do on this Island will be opposed in about half a second by the rising World population ..I hope that helps Now get a fucking real job.
  4. That is why I seldom go on Manx Forums because the first clown that arrives bests me..I wanted to leave school at 15 as well but my parents insisted I went to University..In the days when only those with decent grades got in..
  5. Just an observation because I am but a simple onlooker..I was walking along what promises to be the new Promenade (Made In China)and happened by chance to see the operatives laying the rails for the Horse Trams so that they could function this summer season..I was amazed because to coin a phrase they were rusty as fuck.The old ones were being recycled..Nothing wrong with that but what happened to the ones that Phil Gawne bought during his alleged tenure as a "Government Minister"..Hundreds of thousands of pounds yessir and I can remember him buying them because he actually stated (and that is the measure of the man) that they could be used elsewhere on the Heritage Railways despite the fact that they are completely different..
  6. I thought it was 50p a trip before anyhow..Non story ..So many in alleged "poverty" that not many will pay anyhow..Bring more Eastern European cleaners and coffee house workers over on the minimum wage so that they can have children educated at £6k a year each and claim free school meals..Discuss...
  7. I once went down to his cabin when I was stuck in Laxey..And to be stuck in Laxey is like giving up on life.I popped my head over the stable door and asked him how much a plaque was.He was banging away and it was like getting a response from Jeremy Corbyn..I still do not know how much they cost..
  8. What..They are brainwashed because they are told the World will come to an end..How can a responsible parent tell their children that and expect the IOM to make a difference when China and India open coal fired power stations monthly and our alleged carbon footprint is the sum total of a block of flats in Mumbai..
  9. I think the time has come when Social Services need to be getting involved in the brainwashing of our young children.Plus the Education and Environment Ministers need to grow a pair.When the population of the World is expected to grow by 25% over the next few years and the Clowns in Tynwald want our Island to take in 50% more people surely the time has come to restrict population growth.Cause and effect...Just a thought...
  10. If the completely clueless Daphne wants migrants (incidentally the War is over love) I would prefer Christians...Can we pick and choose love because you would get what you were were given by the UK Government.She seems to think that we will get Doctors and nurses and yet every Syrian that was useful found a job in the Arab World. Just a thought....
  11. SJR

    New hotel

    Amazing how the same losers pop up time and time again..Must be an ego thing..
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