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  1. Well that was a well formed debate..Some of you are so wishing to please yourselves that you say nothing of value..Oh and I am just back from the pub according to the resident clown.
  2. When they legalised men sleeping with young boys and taking them to Barcelona I knew it was only a matter of time before a muslim would be in Tynwald..
  3. Gosh you are a star...I am staggered..
  4. Isle Of Man Courier for one..The other my mate in the Albert ...
  5. Not too many Manxmen on this forum..Seems to have been hijacked by the recently arrived and idle.Plus those that do not have a real life.I pop up from time to time for a laugh.The regulars on here love to have a pop at those that have a different view.
  6. A sign of the times as the Lib Vans propose a muslim to feature in Tynwald..Word on the street is that another will soon get a nomination as well..Looking forward to hearing the call to prayer and interruptions to business.
  7. Returning to a well worn subject how much is that former snapper for the local "newspapers" paying himself and his buddies.I see the massive pick ups around the Island but wearing the best trainers those alleged "volunteers" have never set foot on a beach..Some of them are in a disgusting state.Show me your accounts..
  8. SJR

    Online voting..

    Not so controversial..
  9. SJR

    Online voting..

    A couple of Ramsey Commissioners probably only voted in because of their large families in a poor turnout "bemoan" the lack of online voting.If you cannot drag your arse down to the polling booth then you do not deserve a vote.The whole system is geared up to identify you at the point of voting.Online voting is open to all kinds of cheating just like in the General Election in the UK where they have proxy voting and all the slips are filled in by the local Imam hence the large Labour majorities in inner city London and elsewhere..
  10. You are a disgusting individual ..
  11. So they never killed my father..He was put on the wrong meds and I have the paperwork to prove it.As for my brother in law he will be dead in two weeks.The usual three weeks for a Doctors appointment and the month for results to come through..
  12. You could not invent the NHS if you tried.People seem so happy to be treated at all..That should not be the case..Poor nurses my arse I have seen jobs advertised at £20 an hour for basically wiping arses..
  13. The whole system is one massive gravy train.
  14. So we take them in..Fuck me their own don't want them .
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