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  1. Returning to a well worn subject how much is that former snapper for the local "newspapers" paying himself and his buddies.I see the massive pick ups around the Island but wearing the best trainers those alleged "volunteers" have never set foot on a beach..Some of them are in a disgusting state.Show me your accounts..
  2. SJR

    Online voting..

    Not so controversial..
  3. SJR

    Online voting..

    A couple of Ramsey Commissioners probably only voted in because of their large families in a poor turnout "bemoan" the lack of online voting.If you cannot drag your arse down to the polling booth then you do not deserve a vote.The whole system is geared up to identify you at the point of voting.Online voting is open to all kinds of cheating just like in the General Election in the UK where they have proxy voting and all the slips are filled in by the local Imam hence the large Labour majorities in inner city London and elsewhere..
  4. You are a disgusting individual ..
  5. So they never killed my father..He was put on the wrong meds and I have the paperwork to prove it.As for my brother in law he will be dead in two weeks.The usual three weeks for a Doctors appointment and the month for results to come through..
  6. You could not invent the NHS if you tried.People seem so happy to be treated at all..That should not be the case..Poor nurses my arse I have seen jobs advertised at £20 an hour for basically wiping arses..
  7. The whole system is one massive gravy train.
  8. So we take them in..Fuck me their own don't want them .
  9. You could double or even triple the NHS budget on this Island and still they would want more at the end of the year..I think that by freezing the amount spent the Government are saving us a fortune despite the examiner leader writer (small case intended) demanding more funds despite his limited grasp of vocabulary..Incidentally whoever is in charge of recruitment should be given the Red Card as a decent Consultant (and please God can we have one) would trouser at least £50k a year extra in take home pay by working on the Island rather than in England.To hire decent staff at the top levels is not rocket science..Don't get me started on the wait to see a GP..Every person on this Island should be able to walk in to a health centre at will..
  10. Why do they seem to take so much pleasure out of job losses..Mainly because they are unemployable elsewhere and are worried..The Editor is only in a job because of his father and if you cannot find 50 spelling mistakes in the papers you must have been in the Huts at Balla..
  11. Absolute bollocks and at next years awards at the Villa Marina you will get your prize..And if your punctuation is any guide you are absolutely fucking clueless fella.The Island is awash with scroungers and at least ten a week are done in the paper.And pay back a tenner a week..Liberals like yourself that cannot see the bigger picture and do not get out are killing this Island..
  12. Not sure where all this criticism comes from..Have we never had it so good..Some of you posters make me physically ill ..I can remember when I spent half my take home on rent and the Island was shite..Nowadays you can walk into any job and if you are female pop one out and get a Council House and £25k a year benefits with all the add ons and in a brand new house.Be careful what you wish for..
  13. No-one can be so passionate and yet so ignorant about the World.He goes off on one on a regular basis and once replied to a letter writer in the same edition.You could be right fella.
  14. Not read the whole forum - a major fault I know but the number of unemployed does not correspond to the actual number not working.I hope that helps but I dare say that point has been made before.There are thousands of scroungers on this Island that have been signed off and are perfectly able to work..
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