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  1. You are so very clever.Not sure why you think it is a weekend operation when the vehicles are seen daily.The cleanest beach on the Island is at Garwick which is looked after by a couple daily who have no need to flaunt what they do.Beach Buddies started out as a great idea and does fantastic work but has got out of control bringing in a rag tag number of organisations to their events.I particularly despise amnesty international (how they were allowed in the British Legion hall for a different event amazes me).I do not need to be lectured about my carbon footprint at an event organised by the man who flies around the World in an era when most airline travel is unnecessary.
  2. Sir Bill Dale salary undisclosed is only interested in the Northern Beaches where he can drive one of his gas guzzling 4x4's along the Northern sands at low tide.If I was in charge of that brigade I would have a designated man picking up plastic at high tide on every beach with a workforce..
  3. You must be clueless fella.The labourers are out of control and do what they want and there is no direction from those allegedly in charge.
  4. Pop out to the Breakwater Cafe in Peel any morning and you can see the clown..Just waiting in his van.I would hate to live in the flats on Marine Parade with that fella around...
  5. Peel which has become very popular with the growing number of tourists to this fair Island is held back by one thing.The Town Commissioners.They are seemingly clueless about the state of the town.The streets are under attack by tumbleweed and the last time the tractor (The Commissioners own or if the boys decide that they will not do it themselves the hired machine) saw some sand was in May.The beach is filthy and some of the paths no better.In the meantime the alleged workers mow the Ballawattleworth day after day.And they want an all Island rate....
  6. Wow that was a cavalry charge of the best anonymous minds on Manx Forums..No wonder I post on Mensa .com.To keep it short sharp and simple.....Let nobody pay and see if they lock us all up.I never answer the door and if that imaginary TV licence van appears I will disappear into the wild blue yonder.
  7. I can exaggerate a bit but hopefully someone will get the point..Pay that rancid self serving anti IOM fuck all..
  8. Declan I am unsure who you are in the grand scheme of things and I must admit that I have not been on this forum for a while but I can remember you posting that you had a job in with an an alleged gambling company..You boasted about it on here .You have even talked about odds when you could not call the toss of a coin.Take care fella.
  9. I am the cleverest person on this forum and occasionally pop on with a bit of advice..I usually have bigger fish to fry..Just hope that helps...Ha Ha...
  10. As always I am late to the debate and do not spend all day masturbating and claiming pension credits.Basically send a letter to the BBC telling them you will not pay for a licence as you object to their left wing bias and excessive pay.Make sure that you get a proof of postage certificate and there you go.If that has not got through to those left wing clowns then if someone allegedly from TV Licence knocks at your door tell them to do one or you will knock them out.They are not allowed on your property.If anyone has ever seen a Detector Van then contact the Guinness Book Of Records..I hope that helps.....
  11. Sometimes I am a bit late to the debate..It probably is because I am not claiming benefits and often have better things to do..
  12. Well from what I can remember you once posted that you had a job with an online gambling firm.Your knowledge of betting and odds would certainly confirm that you are indeed clueless but that has never held anyone back in that industry on the Island.More clowns working in that sector than have worked for Billy Smarts Circus since.....A Billy Smart startup...
  13. I have never watched anything on the BBC since Dirty Den murdered a German cabbie in real life.Sometimes when bored I look at the website splash page to see what is going on in the World.Apparently "BBC stars join appeal to find eggheads photo left on a bus". You could not make up that front page news.
  14. That fat grotesque and alleged woman is the face of the BBC when it comes to equal rights.She has been unfunny for at least 30 years and still gets a gig on the jolly...If that had been a joke against a Muslim she would have been gone.Nigel Farage it seems is fair game.
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