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  1. You are my Doctor and if I ever get an appointment again I will report you ...
  2. Christ the man who could be king Wrighty has warned me off and this clown Zorg can post.Must be a homosexual as well as a complete idiot..
  3. DO not agree with me or you will be banned from this forum.I have had the yellow card...
  4. Just thinking about those protesters and in a new age of massive unemployment send them to Egypt to take down the Pyramids.That may keep them quiet for a few thousand years....
  5. Who has not done that.FFS we need all the Police Officers that we can get.I thought that he must have used coloured instead of black at an interview for that black fella from Castletown that has a supplement in the paper all to himself..Goes off on one on a regular basis but probably was called curley as a child and has issues...
  6. Christ no fella..Some of us are quite happy with what we have got.
  7. And there lies the real reason why the Corpy is always allegedly short of money.They also have a Library phobia..There used to be a perfectly decent one in the Town Hall and it was a credit to them with old wooden shelves and a real feel to it.Then they wanted a new car park and library on the Promenade !! Costing untold millions but no.After that it moved to Victoria Street and was massively refurbished.Not good enough it was moved to Lord Street were it has a temporary home.Shame as the ladies in there are top class.I never really understood the fetish as between them, those that call the shots on the Council have never read a book in their lives...Perhaps they are ashamed of their dismal performances at school...
  8. SJR

    Black Lives Matter

    Declan.....Did you not claim on here a few years back that you were working in the internet gaming industry.I called you a fantasist....If I had a month I too could go through past forums...
  9. If he was black he would still be on....Just remember that..
  10. SJR

    Black Lives Matter

    1/10 the English Nationalists 5/1 those alleged BLM supporters..Those white liberals could not punch a hole in a paper bag..137 500 marched last weekend countrywide.....I can remember when millions marched against Brexit in London alone..Media hype ...
  11. SJR

    Black Lives Matter

    At least he has more of a brain than pongo.That fella could spout shite for the Western World..
  12. SJR

    Black Lives Matter

    Oh he is..He even claimed once that he was a gambling expert.Just because the blacks rather than the Irish are now the chief complainants of an alleged injustice it does not make the rather seedy nomark a forum hero..Stop patronising him...
  13. I have not read any of your alleged remarks because most of you have not the brains that you were born with.And most of you were born outside of God's own Island. The fat boy from Marown has done good..Teased at school and yet if you are black you have to cry at every knockback.Nothing is your fault and you want revenge..If anyone takes away the "Boat in the morning" retort then there will be an uproar. Nice one Howard nice job and keep it up..Even my kids support you..
  14. SJR

    Black Lives Matter

    Declan is the forum idiot and on a minimum wage but who would employ him.Apparently worked for an egaming company.Until the floors needed a proper clean and it the contract was given to a Polish Company..
  15. Unbelievable comments on here.Too many liberal minds.The fact is that the vast majority of non-whites (I cannot keep up with the next expression) are fantastic nurses carers and families.The others work in the Gaming sector and are more clever than any of you liberal posters and earn vast multiples more.You will not see them on any protest and why would they ...The only clowns are those that think that the Island is racist..Boat in the morning...
  16. Allegedly Phil Gawne got the last of the tarmac that was produced for the sloc and looks quite nice outside of his back yard.Incidentally why not..
  17. The next time the drug dealer comes around tell him no ...FFS sake..And ring up social services to have those children taken away before I do..
  18. 1500 exactly...You could not count above ten..
  19. Right Derek.Denis and Darren had a vast collection of cars.Wow where can we take them....I know to the jolly old Isle Of Man where the local coppers know us.We need to build a massive shed to house them.I know we will build an oversized museum that unless it is TT Week no-one will will ever visit..We will get a lump sum paid from the IOM Government .Seek out friendly local influencers and it is a done deal.We can house our cars paid for by the local cretins and if they want in charge them a tenner.
  20. You are correct my box brownie ran out of film when the first three sixteen year olds passed the War Memorial..
  21. You have a lot to learn fella..Unfortunately do not post any photos online.And No.
  22. And he knows Derek and Darren personally...Not sure what else to say...
  23. An urban myth Derek I think not.I must agree that when I was told that they got £4 million I was aghast .Yer man that done the steel did tend to exaggerate..But the Isle Of Man Government did/does have a system of grants in place.At the time and maybe now it was 40% of a new tourist attraction.Those American boys claimed it cost £ 6million to build..Even an ex policeman with a fat pension retired early can do the math.Freedom of information request required."They looked at seeking grants etc and then decided it was not worth the grief"..You do make me laugh fella.
  24. Contact Bill Dale he will love you .Perhaps a man of your calibre can even suggest a beach which actually needs cleaning up rather than one that him and his gang can drive over and conduct "cleaning"..Heil Bill...(for those younger members of the forum he has a Rommel complex- google it)......
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