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  1. Was wondering the same myself, the man in the pub was also asking the same question
  2. Passed there today and see there is a bit of work going on now, also they have set cabins in the carpark next to markwell house, 2 jobs on the one street, surely not
  3. Hey boy! There'll be no American spoken in the Isle of man yessir!
  4. Authentic isle of man? At least you know what you're getting! Better than booking in to some stinking kip of a place on the prom, smelling the shite of the sea and watching a tractor gathering seaweed on the beach
  5. Premier inn couldn' be more family friendly, they are great for families
  6. Part time since I won a few quid on the euromillions a while back, only do Monday till Friday now
  7. Not married, pay more that £20 a week in tax and don't earn £600 a week
  8. Run 2 cars, rent at the higher end of your estimate, shopping, school dinners the list goes on, I wouldn' call that a simple life, I'd call that surviving. And no need to tell me about financial management, I can manage myself! £20 tax? And the rest lol
  9. You chat some shit you! What's a simple life in your book then? I work 50 hours per week and don't have much off the above, and I'll tell you one thing there's nothing simple about it
  10. Don' know Dilli, error somewhere on my behalf I'd say
  11. I seen today a local sex offender tried unsuccessfully to have his name and charges in his name removed from goggle search.
  12. American I think, great singers back in the day
  13. Regarding the photographer I did say accused. But that carus case was shocking to read, I hope his victims can have some form of a good life having to deal with what they went through. I think laws need updated, more suspected sex offenders are getting bailed here and people brawling in town on a Saturday night are getting remanded to custody bit back to front if you ask me, I know tWo wrongs don' make a right and a crime is a crime but just my opinion
  14. Man gets charged with raping children reported on the new yesterday, and photographer from douglas is up in court accused of making indecent images of children on the news today. What is up with these sick individuals, is it time for laws to change and come down hard on these types of people?
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