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  1. Please advise as to how I can delete or lock my account.


  2. Different menu for brunch though normally. And a different sort of client I reckon. Here is my current favorite brunchy recipe. Slightly off topic, but thoroughly recommend Yotam Ottolenghi's cookbooks if you don't own them already
  3. Hello! Some local scrote decided it would be a good idea to run across the top of my car. As a result the roof of my car resembles the cratered surface of the moon. Has anyone been pleased with a local firm that they've used to pull knocks / dents out of their car? Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
  4. Good evening - Please refer to the Easyjet thread on the Local section - page 7 I think. I tried to reply to Scarbunny but his/my entry has appeared twice and his entry has been supressed - please advise - Fotysdene

  5. Forgive me for not wanting to trawl through all 31 pages for an answer; Has any conclusion been drawn on which is the best router for ADSL2+? Cheers
  6. Tearz


    I noticed this the other day, looked very well fitted out from outside. It'll have to go a long way to top the Chart Room - but expect it'll do good business whatever the quality of the food due to its location.
  7. Unfortunately as 'fresh meat' at the start of the session there was only TDM and FFA available. I'll see if any more game modes have opened up now If I've a chance this evening.
  8. I made my first venture into online play last night on the 360. It went something like this; 1. Run around aimlessly 2. Die, usually without seeing who killed you 3. Go to 1 Frustrating but good fun - It'll take a while to learn the maps GT JoelIOM
  9. Tearz

    Forza 3

    Out of interest, what wheel do you use?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions so far - keep them coming
  11. Hello, I'd like to get a couple of quotes for a kitchen extention - and would rather go by word of mouth rather than selecting prospective builders at random from the phone book. Could anyone recommend a builder they may have used in the past for such work? Cheers
  12. Tearz

    Forza 3

    I have this too and am just starting to get a grasp of the game having never played previous Forza versions. Add me if anyone wants a game! GT: Joeliom
  13. I'm pretty sure there was a Booze Britain ep based around the TT too, disco taxi and crisp'n'dry.
  14. I was going to look into buying this soon until I read the above.. please tell me it is not an absolute lifedrainer!
  15. Tearz

    Tyre Pumps

    I'm not sure if it happened to be broken for your visit - but I use the one at the Milestone garage, it does require a bit of shrapnel to operate.
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