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  1. Set of 4 x Rota G-Force 17x8 in Bronze ET 35 PCD 5 x 114.3 Brand new in boxes with nets on + centre caps - never been on a car. £400£300 delivered 454766 / pm
  2. Bump - ideal low insurance first car
  3. Bump and price reduced - £2750 ono
  4. Weekend bumpety! One of these the same year/model with higher miles on a local garage forecourt for £4k
  5. Something not quite right there then. I'm running Invu S6 and the load time is around 10 secs. That being said we came straight in with S6 so I can't compare to S200
  6. 2003 Seat Ibiza 1.2 12v 37,000 Miles Serviced late June, including new front brakes. Group 3 Insurance + cheap tax. 40+ mpg CD player, remote central locking, electric windows. Plenty of tread on the tyres. Taxed till December. £2950 £2495 Tel 454766 anytime for more info (or drop me a pm)
  7. I'd like to propose Waterstones Costa as a trial area for this proposed new legislation.
  8. Tearz


    I'm a regular here and have never had a bad meal. I would say it's a little overpriced for what you get but I always enjoy my trip.
  9. Tearz

    Trials Hd

    Apart from all the unnecessary explosions! Big fan of the old browser based version.
  10. It can only be a good thing to be bring your own booze too, financial climate and all. Should do well if the food is similar to his usual standard!
  11. The chap who orginally setup the Taste of India (now running Rasoi in PSM ) now also has what was the Jubilee Cafe. He said he'll be doing lunch for about a fiver, and it'll be bring your own booze.. I look forward to giving it a try!
  12. Tearz

    Liverpool Arms

    Good, I'm sure they'll be pleased to hear some feedback
  13. You don't have to use iTunes to manage your music collection, even if you have an iPod. What makes you think you would? Right - I meant adding music to the iPod. I prefer just being able to quickly drag and drop in Windows explorer.
  14. Apple iPhone Having to install iTunes to unlock it for the first time. (I won't buy an ipod for reasons such as having to use iTunes to manage the music collection) No copy contacts from SIM option. And all I have tried to do thus far is turn it on and copy my bosses contacts from his old phone. The nerdrage is growing from within
  15. I was thinking the same as I drove in - incredibly clear over the water today
  16. Happy Birthday John. I hope you've enjoyed your day.
  17. How many miles? How much tax? Is the car standard?
  18. Tearz


    Sausage roll baguette
  19. So do you have some examples this year?
  20. Tearz

    Spanish Tuition

    Thanks to those who have PM'd me suggestions. Weekend bump!
  21. Tearz

    Hot Tub

    Does thelegend have an invite already?
  22. Tearz

    Spanish Tuition

    Manx Barge / thelegend there is a PM function for private dialogue!
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