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  1. Hello, A group of 4 including myself are interested in taking some private Spanish tuition, perhaps a couple of sessions per week. We'd need to start from absolute basics as 3 of us can barely string a few words together. Has anyone here had any Spanish tuition on Island, and if so and you would recommend them? Cheers
  2. Can you please employ the manager of the Waterstones branch out there? I can guarentee a resultant reduction in the lifeboat callouts for those getting stuck!!
  3. I've always found Home Run to be overly greasy in the past
  4. Lemmings come Asteroids. I've been pondering a Ps3 myself but I'm finding it so hard to justify spending £300 on another console
  5. 10/10 The BMW pic had me pondering for a while before making a decision. The pic of what looks like a wall/glass with green stones was pretty much a 50/50 and I chose a random answer
  6. Tearz

    Bioshock 2

    Because a high spec PC is so accessible for a 15 year old
  7. Is the 8Mb upgrade complete as yet? I'm in Port St Mary and according to the router I'm connecting at 1280 kbps which is pretty poor by 2Mb standards.
  8. Where is this place? I've never heard of it
  9. Indeeed: http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31289
  10. Tearz

    F1 2009

    Interesting, I swear on Radio 1 news this morning it stated that Ryan had resigned over the matter
  11. When I met with my MT acc manager last week, he said they're currently trialling 16Mb ADSL which will have an upload of something like 856k.
  12. I was there today too... dooahhdoo I've never had to book, but I never go with a large group
  13. Route 66 now down to £5 for burgers at lunchtime
  14. What kind of grub does Jabberwocky serve? Almost nipped in there today for a bite but it was pretty rammed at about 1.15
  15. Tearz

    F1 2009

    Well yes looking back at who would have become champion is interesting - however in reality if that points system was being used there would have been a lot of different tactical decisions made by the teams to go for that important win.
  16. Happy Birthday. Tonight will be interesting
  17. Only one I struggled to finish was Wind Waker, found the boaty bits a bit hard going. I've only just played through a link to the past over the winter, the first game I tackled after rebuying a snes last year. I have the wii zelda too but didn't really get into that, I'll pick it up again after playing a few others in the series.
  18. Glad to see FFVI up there, I'm still playing through it at the moment.. epic. Surprised VII wasn't higher. I see there are a lot of Zelda games I need to play yet!
  19. Absolute waste of time and money
  20. The only thing I've ever disliked there is how close together some of the tables are
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