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  1. I used to love airsoft stuff, will have to take a peek and see where it's at!
  2. Yeah i can remember the days when the villa was rammed.... still should make for a good night out i hope !
  3. fair play uni.. do they have any specs for what kinda scores that should hit on 3dmark etc?
  4. Good point knoxville. It is, after all, a matter of opinion!
  5. This is one of my personnal favourites, although i wish it was updated a little more regularly.. http://maddox.xmission.com A tad contreversial yes... but i find it funny all the same
  6. Gotta say i'm not a fan of that one in c/town, more of a chippy than chinese!! The other one in c/town is pretty tasty tho!
  7. Well, the weather looks to be on the up, thinking of getting all my gear ready for the summer ahead! has anyone been yet this year? much caught? ta!
  8. Where do you guys think is the best chinese takeaway on the island? Being a southerner I've gotta say that I do enjoy food from PSM, however I also love the City Cottage in douglas I try to keep away from the one in port erin, can't recall its name?? Which chinese should be crowned king?
  9. i dont understand why guys go all out for laptops.. fair enough if its a desktop replacement, but i thought the idea of a laptop was basically portability + battery life? just my 2p
  10. Taken from Manxradio news... Job losses at Scottish Provident Scottish Provident International has announced 19 possible job losses at it's Manx branch. Staff at offices in the Ballacottier Business Park were advised of the cuts -which are subject to review- yesterday. Last year, Scottish Provident Isle of Man was put up for sale by parent company Abbey, but it failed to attract a buyer. Restructuring of the firm in the autumn led to two job losses, and in December, Abbey decided to close the branch to new International business. Head of Marketing, David Gilpin, says since January the company's undertaken an comprehensive review. Well it's sad to see more local jobs disappearing, I just hope that more jobs dont follow suit :-(
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    uni can you know me up an avatar? im a spack when it comes to graphics
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    awfully quiet round here
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