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  1. Mirroring comments above really. I've eaten there twice at lunchtime and been pleased with the food, but it has been very empty.
  2. What a coincidence John I was also in Bansko this week, I returned to the Island last night after a week of skiing. In one taverna there was a speciality dish called 'Bear Chomlek' which I planned to order, but upon enquiring it turned out to be roasted veal leg. In another taverna 'Wolf bits' was the name for a pork dish with mushrooms. I didn't see chips, cheese and gravy however!
  3. I'm currently playing through FF VI on SNES, but I doubt this is oldschool enough to qualify!
  4. Not sure if Cafe Relish above Peter Luis is open that late on a Saturday, but if it is I can't recommend it highly enough. Fresh home cooked food and always something different on the menu each time i visit, despite that being about once a week.
  5. Thanks everyone. A day of comfort eating ahead as I creep ever nearer to 30!
  6. Tearz

    Route 66

    and stated as 'ridiculously hot' iirc
  7. Tearz

    Route 66

    Fries are extra but the burger is a damn good feed on it's own edit: you get a couple of leaves of side salad type stuff also with dressing
  8. Tearz

    Route 66

    Does what it says on the tin. Catalan burger was ace.
  9. Tearz

    Route 66

    I did really like driftwood. I'm a little young to remember the old route 66 well, but will hopefully be in tonight to see what the fuss is about.
  10. Tearz

    Fm 2009

    Football Manager 2009 is due to be released at the end of the week. Is anyone planning on picking this up? I have been playing the demo and the main difference between 08/09 is the 3d match engine, which although a bit of a novelty at first doesn't in my opinion add a terrible amount to the game - apart from perhaps increased frustration at watching your team defend like headless chickens in more infuriating detail than before. The increased system requirements to even get the game running are bound to prove unpopular for laptop users. I've pre-ordered it all the same as it's something to keep me occupied over the winter months. Does anyone play 08 network games? beejay103 and myself have had a couple of epic games in the past and it'd be good to include more people going forward. Problem being finding a time that suits everyone to play I suppose!
  11. I'll get the sandbags out
  12. Tearz

    Magic Eye

    I've never been able to see these and funnily enough was only mentioning the fact last week. Does anyone have any tips on how to see them?
  13. Absoloutely gorgeous car
  14. Used to see loads of these where I used to live around terrace area. Another possibly of Winston Churchill but can't be too sure
  15. I hope any cash raised will be ploughed back into building new commissioners housing
  16. Tearz

    Warhammer Online

    Any feedback on this a little while after release?
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