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  1. I echo his thoughts on Machu Picchu to an extent, but the annoyance for me were the shitloads of American tourists arriving by train. It is still, however, a sight to behold as you catch your first glimpse from Sungate after a 4 day slog along the trail
  2. Thanks for all your efforts with the show over the years - much appreciated
  3. Can I have an invite please?
  4. http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/
  5. Brilliant footage thanks for the link
  6. Tearz

    King & I

    I've eaten there a couple of times over the last 3 months. I've always been pleased with the food - but I will echo Katman's comments that the service can be a little slow..
  7. Every year the same questions are raised by the media asking if exams are getting easier etc. Is it just me that feels that the improvements in results could just as likely be attributed to improved teaching methods, better learning facilities and so on? Ps - my grades at school were certainly nothing to write home about I’m not trying to justify my eliteness or similar.
  8. If driftwood is open tonight I will be hitting up the queenies
  9. I almost posted a link to this myself. Can make some crazy designs
  10. WiManx webby is working for me here on MT broadband Wi-Manx can be contacted using the phone, fax or email addresses found below. Standard technical support hours are 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. For out of office hours support, please email our dedicated support team Support@wimanx.com. An engineer will then respond and contact you in due course. Full 24/7 support is available to customers who have the necessary service contract in place. Technical Support Tel +44 1624 641188 Fax +44 1624 624464 Email Support@wimanx.com
  11. G89 several times at random around douglas / at bus stop edit: can't believe this is still going
  12. Tearz

    Beans On Toast

    Definately on toast, otherwise you'd end up with excessive bean juice to deal with.
  13. I partly agree, but I think it depends who is frying. When Mike is frying I've always been very pleased with the fish / chips, but one time the young lad was in command and I didn't feel it was up to the usual standard.
  14. I will do this for £20 + material costs (tubes of superglue)
  15. Tearz

    Cafe Watch

    I suspected it may have been. It's a place that is on my to try list but last time I went by it was closed on a Wednesday evening.
  16. Tearz

    Cafe Watch

    OP: Where is this place? Name and shame. Cheeky Boy - which is your establishment?
  17. Long weekend in Edinburgh next weekend. 10 days in Ibiza mid August. 10 days in China mid October. Quite impressed I'm actually getting away this year, boy do I need it
  18. I've unintentionally done this a few times myself!
  19. No way! Am guessing down on the prom where the signs say something like "It is dangerous and prohibited to sit or stand on the wall"? I know it says not to but still..... No I wasn't - just referring to posts in a previous thread about being moved along for sitting on the wall.
  20. I'm tempted to give this a try but I'm a little put off as my PC is not far above the minimum spec. Has anyone else picked this up?
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