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  1. Hmm I didn't know about that place, may give it a try!
  2. I'll take this - pm
  3. Spent many a lunchtime eating from there whilst I was at school! Opted for the Italian place in the end. Was a bit taken aback by the interior initially but the food was reasonable and the service good.
  4. I think half the problem is that the cycleway is alongside the sea wall, which when out for a stroll is where a lot of pedestrians also want to walk and look out to sea/at the beach and so on. I feel it might be better if the cycleway was on the inside of the walkway...
  5. Garrison aside, is there anywhere reasonable to eat in Castletown these days?
  6. Hi, Was this purchased locally? If so do you have the receipt for it? Cheers
  7. I wasn't referring to your friend - more highlighting that there are taxi drivers who do abuse taxi ranks to park at the weekend.
  8. Just outside Quids inn there's a taxi rank where every weekend taxis are parked with no driver in them whilst they go off shopping. I don't see why they shouldn't get a ticket under such circumstances.
  9. If you fancy splitting at all I might be interested in Bioshock
  10. Sailings Update - Friday 21st March Gale force wind continues to be forecast throughout today Friday 21st March, and into tomorrow morning but then decreasing. This evening’s 19:45 sailing to Heysham and tomorrows 02:15 sailing from Heysham are anticipated to sail on schedule. Saturday mornings 07:30 sailing to Liverpool is anticipated to sail but the departure will be delayed. Passengers are requested to check in by 09:00. The 11:15 sailing from Liverpool will also be subject to a delay and passengers are requested to check in by 11:30. All Saturdays sailings to and from Heysham are anticipated to sail on schedule. For further information, please contact our reservations centre on 0871 2221333 or 01624 661661.
  11. Happy Birthday! Roll on the weekend..
  12. Hi James, I'm afraid these were sold quite some time ago on Ebay. T
  13. I witnessed a drive by water bombing last week, the streets are out of control.
  14. Tearz

    Xbox 360 Vga Cable

    I've used the cable with 2 different TFTs and had the same problem
  15. Tearz

    Xbox 360 Vga Cable

    I'd advise against a Joytech cable, not a huge issue but every now and again the display will flick to black for 2-3 seconds and then back to the game again. From reading a couple of forums I believe it's not an isolated problem..
  16. Tearz

    Mass Effect!

    So a little further down the line a few of you may have picked this up over the Christmas period. What are everybodies opinions? Does the game have much lasting appeal? I'm trying to decide what game to pick up next month
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