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  1. Manxman27

    Summerland Sold

    The barriers are on each lower entry/exit point. I guess if the barriers are closed they can't open any doors so all fire exits would be blocked so they have to close.
  2. Manxman27

    Summerland Sold

    Last years flooding risk closure wouldn't have caused damage as the flood defence barriers were all in place by then.
  3. I have an AppKettle that is wifi connected and use the Alexa Skill and IFTTT. https://www.myappkettle.com/
  4. Manxman27

    Cycling news

    You also save on the VAT. As well as the salary sacrifice. Meaning you pay slightly less tax and NI. It's not just government now. Other companies have started offering it. My bike is due to arrive any day now.
  5. Manxman27


    They told me the end of this year. They came and did a survey, and I've now had quotes for an alternative connection using fibre. Did you not get a letter from them telling you all about it? I doubt they'll get everyone moved over by the end of the year so they'll have to extend the cutoff.
  6. I have five of them around my house. I use them to control my TV, lights, heating, music, alarm clock, cooking timers, news, radio, intercom. If you don't have Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, or Spotify you will be limited to how much use you can get out of it for music. She struggles to answer most questions I ask her ask she uses a database of knowledge rather than searching the internet. When I use my defined phrases to run a routine such as 'Alexa, boil the kettle' you have to say it 2-3 times before she gets it but is fine with non-routine phrases. I only use the home automation skills, most of the others are fun for a while but soon lose interest quickly.
  7. Manxman27

    Smart Meters are coming

    Why are they using GSM network? Surely they would be better settting up a LoRa or other Narrowband network that can be used for other things such as vehicle tracking. What type of communication to those big waste bins with the solar panels use? I think they can be monitored remotely so only get emptied when full rather than every day.
  8. Manxman27

    4G Broadband

    After years of emailing them complaining about them having no plans to install VDSL in my street, they offered me the deal that David2716 mentions. The cap is 1000GB per month which is fine even with my kids YouTube addiction. It's nice being able to upload a video in minutes rather than over night.
  9. Manxman27

    Chester Street Car Park

    Maybe the problem isn't due to the width of modern cars, but more to do with the width of people trying to squeeze out of their cars between the other cars and the pillars.
  10. Manxman27

    Private Tutor £7.5k per month

    Well I thought it was an interesting insight in to how the other half live. The other position in Tokyo demonstrates how their wealth has totally messed up their son.
  11. Manxman27

    Road Safety Consultation

    Thanks that's good to hear.
  12. Manxman27

    Private Tutor £7.5k per month

    Any teachers here looking for a cushy job teaching 2-3 kids rather than 30+? Includes accommodation and use of a car. https://www.tutors-international.net/advert/428 What sort of people can afford that? Looks like they can't wait to get the kids packed off to boarding school.
  13. Manxman27

    Road Safety Consultation

    @Derek Flint How many accidents can be contributed to the automatic exchange of driving licenses from foreign countries? Should there be a basic driving test rather than just exchanging them? There are people I know who passed in other countries and never even took driving lessons they were taught by friends or family members.
  14. Manxman27

    Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    That makes it even worse. A vocal minority have kicked up a fuss without even knowing who was going to buy it and what their plans were going to be for the building.
  15. Manxman27

    Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    Private Business A wants to purchase The Courthouse for £475k. Ramsey residents complain. Even if Private Business A could buy the building they probably wouldn’t want to now because of bad publicity. And Ramsey residents would boycott it, even if it was a really nice facility. RTC end up purchasing the building and are now having to spend money to renovate it. Private Business A will probably now rent the building at a fraction of what they would have spent to buy and renovate it. Ramsey residents are now paying higher rates for the upkeep of a building that could have been in private ownership.