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  1. I read the wrap around in the paper, scanned the QR code to get to their website, and there is no mention of how you actually spend your manncoins.
  2. I've recently arranged to switch to a hosted voice service to avoid the ISDN switch off. But I've not see any hard evidence that it is being turned off. Only what seems like pressure sales tactics from all providers. Does anyone know if it is definitely being shut down at the end of June? With the recent events will some companies have been caught out since engineers couldn't visit to switch to other solutions?
  3. I see thanks. So I still need the Technicolor modem, but I put these settings in the USG, and this will avoid double NAT? I'll have a read up on it and give it a go. I think areas that currently have VDSL might have to wait a while for Fibre. We were stuck on ADSL for years. Until they put fibre in our street.
  4. Who is going to pay for the local infrastructure if everyone moves to a UK provider?
  5. I have one of those. Are you entering the PPPoE credentials in to the USG instead of using the supplied router? I looked in to doing that when I first got Fibre, but haven't done it yet. Does it work well?
  6. How does he manage that from his job at the Department of Home Affairs.
  7. It looks like some were taken professionally while others were taken by amateurs using camera phones.
  8. I go past there multiple times per week. They cleared it after the floods in 2015. So this isn't the first time they have cleared it.
  9. I set up a routine in the Alexa app to make Alexa announce "put water in the kettle" and schedule it for before I want a cup of tea. Or in reality, I know when it is scheduled to boil so I'm now in the habit of ensuring it is topped up ready. The best thing about it is that it displays the temperature of the water in the kettle. This is handy if like me you don't want the water too hot for herbal tea.
  10. I'm in Douglas and it's been installed in our street. I filled in the expression of interest form. it used to show a map highlighting which streets have made requests. https://www.manxtelecom.com/personal/internet/broadband-services/fibre-broadband-consumer/fibre-expression-interest
  11. Our politicians will do nothing about it until they realise that Living Hope and other evangelical congregations have overtaken the more traditional churches and they are requesting that the Bishop is replaced by one of their representatives. Hopefully things will change before that happens.
  12. 5Ghz on home Wi-Fi routers is not the same as 5G which stands for 5th generation.
  13. Great to see these photos, but wouldn't linking to an online album be better than posting them in the thread?
  14. If you have 100Mbps VDSL then your area is probably low on the list of priorities. My street only had ADSL 13Mbps. I have been complaining for years, but they said they had no plans to install VDSL. I eventually got a 4G router, which was better but still only around 40Mbps. I have recently had 100Mbps Fibre installed.
  15. I've tried Geocaching with my kids, but usually we are disappointed that we can't find the cache or if we do find it there is nothing exciting for the kids to swap. And usually there aren't many that aren't close to each other. I've recently discovered an app called Actionbound which is an app where you can follow treasure/scavenger type hunt. I created one for my son's birthday party. Feel free to give it a try. https://en.actionbound.com/bound/noblespark1
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