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  1. We often have their pasties in the office for birthdays. I find the pastry to be too hard. They taste nice. Not as good as Pies To Go used to be.
  2. Did they not swing around a lot when going around corners? 🙂
  3. There needs to be a tipping point where enough people take up the use of e-bikes and e-scooters, so that drivers get used to sharing the roads with them, and the drivers seeing the benefit through reduced congestion. I imagine car drivers won't be happy if they are stuck in queues of traffic with loads of e-bikes and e-scooters whizzing past them.
  4. More people (not me) are likely to complain about people retiring here who have never paid in to the system being a drain on health care and driving house prices up. However if you are wealthy enough to retire in your 50s their usual gripes wouldn't apply to you.
  5. We need a way to stop suicidal people driving off Marine Drive. We could improve mental health services? Nah, let's just close the road off. The people who are likely to walk or cycle on Marine Drive will still need somewhere to park. What will they do to accommodate that?
  6. I also went for Unifi kit. My router is in my attic and I have two ubiquiti ap ac lites mounted in my ceiling, and an outdoor one, which fills in some dead spots at the back of the house. (The hole was already in the wall and we had scaffolding up.) There are a couple of companies who can help with this type of stuff. https://www.eniacsolutions.com/ https://www.opti-fi.co.uk/ I've not used either of them, so I'm letting you know about them rather than endorsing them.
  7. I read the wrap around in the paper, scanned the QR code to get to their website, and there is no mention of how you actually spend your manncoins.
  8. I've recently arranged to switch to a hosted voice service to avoid the ISDN switch off. But I've not see any hard evidence that it is being turned off. Only what seems like pressure sales tactics from all providers. Does anyone know if it is definitely being shut down at the end of June? With the recent events will some companies have been caught out since engineers couldn't visit to switch to other solutions?
  9. I see thanks. So I still need the Technicolor modem, but I put these settings in the USG, and this will avoid double NAT? I'll have a read up on it and give it a go. I think areas that currently have VDSL might have to wait a while for Fibre. We were stuck on ADSL for years. Until they put fibre in our street.
  10. Who is going to pay for the local infrastructure if everyone moves to a UK provider?
  11. I have one of those. Are you entering the PPPoE credentials in to the USG instead of using the supplied router? I looked in to doing that when I first got Fibre, but haven't done it yet. Does it work well?
  12. How does he manage that from his job at the Department of Home Affairs.
  13. It looks like some were taken professionally while others were taken by amateurs using camera phones.
  14. I go past there multiple times per week. They cleared it after the floods in 2015. So this isn't the first time they have cleared it.
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