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  1. I think it's all about expectation. So long as people are transported in a vehicle that's safe for all that should be good enough.
  2. So how much is the return fare to Douglas. I expect this may be a consideration unless of course the dept have already covered this.
  3. Equality doesn't mean treating everyone equally, it means giving people equal opportunitie and making the necessary adjustments in society and daily living so that this can happen.
  4. Some of the comments on this thread are disgusting. The repeated reference to 'The Disabled' is quite shocking. People with a disability are just that! They are PEOPLE who have a disability and are disadvantaged totally in our society. Equality does not mean treating people the same, it means offering people equal opportunities and making adjustments wherever necessary so that this can happen. Here on IOM we have no legislation in place to ensure people are offered equal opportunities anywhere. Our theatre's, cinemas and buildings are not easily accessible, parking facilities inadequate, employment opportunities scare and educational opportunities very limited past 16. Hate crime towards people with disabilities across the UK is at an all time high and the language used and views expressed by some in this thread are worrisome. The fact that we live in a society which accepts discrimination is bad enough but the bad will expressed by some in this thread brings it to another level!
  5. So they really did back date it, I've not seen that before. Thanks for that, you did what the tax office could not. At the time of the draft going through, I did not believe that to be their intention. Interesting to note there as well that Eddie Teare does not actually say that the changes are back dated for 2014/2015 but instead just that they come into effect in 2015/16. It would be very easy to misinterpret it therefore. I wonder if some of those who approved it knew exactly what they were doing. There's a strange disconnect there in his speech too. He doesn't want to impact the vulnerable with this change, but in reducing and removing it (with less than two months notice) and not implementing anything else (his goal being to do so) how could it ever not?
  6. But that's still pretty damning though isn't it? Yes they may be getting rid of that specific problem but obviously there's going to be a lot of collateral along the way. As said previously, everyone receiving tax credit isn't some form of unworthy scrounging scum. As someone mentioned before, it would make far more sense if this really was their concern to change the current format to a working tax credit, but that would still mean that they have to pay. ​I spoke to three different people at the tax office about this and every single one was uncooperative, defensive and rude, one even giving me the silent treatment until I had to hang up. I'm less inclined to think it's a mistake and more inclined to think they are actually sneakily trying to get this through hoping no one will challenge it. I can't see how this is legal, it's an abuse of power. I for one don't like the sound of that, no matter how righteous they think they are.
  7. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the personal allowance credit, to retrospectively disqualify claimants is fairly poor form and sets a dangerous precedent. I'm surprised people aren't making more out of this. Seeing as the relevant changes to the tax credit took place on April 6th 2015, and seeing as the year of assessment is April 6th 2014 to April 5th 2015 then according to the governments own guidelines, if you qualified for a tax credit in the 2014/15 tax year, you did so before the changes came into place and are therefore entitled to the tax credit. There's two explanations as to why this confusion has cropped up that I can think of, 1) it's a mistake and the tax office got it's wires crossed. This explains why it wasn't clarified that this was the case immediately and also why people are only now becoming aware of it. 2) Someone is trying to pull a fast one, and it's fairly damning if that is the case because they are taking the money away from the very poorest in society.
  8. It would be good if we could see the cost to the taxpayer of these trips, it might stop speculation.
  9. Although the British pre-school curriculum acknowledges the use of learning through play, it also emphasises goals and assessing the child's progress. The Swedish system is more concerned with guidelines and basic values such as care and consideration towards others, solidarity, gender equality and tolerance, none of which can be measured on an academic level. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2008/mar/11/children I imagine it's the goals and assessing part Samster is referring to.
  10. Education system 'envy of colleagues in UK' - you'd have to wonder what they saw?? Did they see some of our 'special units' where we baby-sit our youngsters, where low expectations are endemic ? did they look at how we are implementing our dyslexia policy? did they think it's a great idea we self- monitor throughout our system? were they very envious that we don't have to implement legislation? or that we don't have to offer a meaningful education to our children once they leave these 'special units'.
  11. Courage?? Total arrogance , breaking the law is ok if you don't mean to???
  12. Hi, I have some if you give me a shout. 419660
  13. Honestly reading these posts makes me realise what a small place this lovely Island is. Good luck to you Juan and enjoy christmas!
  14. Well Andy, you might be able to get a bus from Port St Mary to Onchan but you can't get a bus from PSM, PE or anywhere down south straight to the hospital. It's a two bus journey....
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