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  1. You’re too thick to work it all out. If we’re talking about alcohol where’s the bar Bill?
  2. Everything experiences its zeitgeist for a while but really how long did the owners think they could get away with widespread abusing people across a small community while hiding behind silly anonymous sock puppets on MF even if their controllers told them it was ok? I think they have done well keeping up the pretense that there are a huge number of posters on here when the logins and daily users people have seen this week prove that it’s basically just them and their mates creating a huge number of sock puppets for all the havoc and abuse they wreak. I guess they’ve ran out of options really
  3. If I was a betting man this is how it might unfold over the next few weeks Massive pressure is put on Boris and Gove by Cameron and the EU They get exposed as being charlatans who ran a false campaign They get forced to make a public statement that admits they didn't expect the balance to be tipped so said the first things that came into their heads as benefits would never have to be realized Everyone wants their heads on spikes and feels that they've been duped They are publicly shamed in the media The whole referendum status is put in question as people realize they
  4. Logically who in their right mind would vote to be land locked? For the chance for them or their kids not to have a choice to work in 28 countries around Europe? Who of sane mind would opt to have no mobility through which they could potentially improve themselves, or to have restricted options to move to, and potentially enjoy, a culture that might better suit their personal political or economic views? Who would vote to irrevocably guarantee a lack of personal flexibility and to have to remain tied to an economy or political system they don't subscribe to or agree with? And who on earth woul
  5. Bullshit ! Next time you fall for a magic bean salesman make sure that first you see the magic bean shoot in operation, and then the golden goose that's firing out the golden eggs before you get sold on the idea. Gawne is a charlatan who is only interested in his own self agrandisation.
  6. The timing of Phil Gawnes announcement and his radio interview does not surprise me as it is similar to the extreme opportunism demonstrated by a lot of the weasels in the EU debate. This is just about their ambitions and their quest for power. It has little to do with what is best for the people and their jobs or their lives. He sees an opportunity to leverage off this as he sees himself as a future CM in his own head, and he sees how Independence gives him an opportunity to tap into the confusion that is setting in. He problebly sees all that as he is a politician who refuses to accept his f
  7. Not at all. My opening post was a request for guidance. As yet none has been imparted.
  8. I'm not suggesting a political agenda but certainly an inconsistent one when the press is reporting on these appearances in the first place.
  9. It looks like English, but it's not. I think you're perhaps confusing grammar with actual language.
  10. I get out frequently. I am merely asking a question about inconsistency. You would think that similar reports and situations would be dealt with similarly.
  11. So there have been a few media reports of court appearances that have appeared in the local press recently which have been repeated on here. Most relate to people who have been required to appear in court on varied charges and where that appearence had been reported on outlets such as Manx Radio or Energy FM. Discussions centric on some of those reports have had threads that have been locked down on here. Others have had threads that have continued on for pages and pages. All of those cases would appear to be sub judice in one way or another (i.e., the court cases are ongoing and nobody has be
  12. I have since read past page 223 and in general I agree with your interpretation of the 'facts' as transcribed in the report. However, you have to agree that it paints the picture of a somewhat Kafka-esque episode of events involving a man who apparently stood in to help a woman who was being bullied by her boss, and who then got caught up in his own serious bullying and harassment investigation. I also assume from that report that the whole thing was instigated by the woman who was originally accused of the bullying who didn't subsequently appreciate Houghton bullying her? That's hardly a cred
  13. I does look like a typical hatchet job from the civil service gnomes who object to being told what to do by people they have no respect for. To be honest it's hard to even work out what this lady's actual issue is (I tried to work it out but I got bored by page 223). But after 414 exhaustive pages of basically nothing you can probably summarize the circumstances as: Woman kicks off about something Someone seems to have failed to deal with it properly Woman continues to kick off Someone seems to continue to fail to deal with it properly A complaint is made as it's easier than someone in
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