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  1. Aha, Betjeman. Mornington Crescent. https://allpoetry.com/Executive
  2. At face value, brilliant. More cynically though, is it another Ramsey Marina (flats will get built, marina won't) or Fort Island Hotel (Flats and hotel will get built. Then hotel will be found to be 'uneconomic' and converted into more flats)? What else will be going in / approved along with the Viking village and what will then happen if the Viking village bit proves unsustainable?
  3. Yibble

    Fancy a pint?

    I'm not sure there was anything "under the radar" about banning the restrictive covenants Barlow. There was extensive consulation on the draft Liquor Licensing and Public Entertainments Bill 2021 (as well as with the Licensing Forum and, I think, the LVA) and that was widely reported at the time. The response to the consultation stated: "Restrictive Covenants – this was by far the most topical subject for particular commentary and many respondents had strong views that the practice of applying a covenant to a premises that was once licensed to prevent future licensing on sale of that premises was unacceptable. Initially in consultation it was considered whether it might in fact be possible to legislate for this matter both from enactment of the Bill and also retrospectively (to go back and undo what was done already in contracts of sale which have been made/deeded) but practically it is less straightforward to intervene into past matters. However, the finalised Bill will contain the provision preventing restrictive covenants being applied in the future and if passed will shift into Manx law." Ramsey was certainly alert to the implications: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=61550 I certainly agree it's a significant clause though. A great result for 'people power' too.
  4. Yibble

    Fancy a pint?

    Though it will anyway be outlawed by s 61(3) of the Liquor Licensing and Public Entertainments Act 2021: "Where any premises have at any time been licensed under the Licensing 11 Act 1995 or this Act, any provision in an agreement, arrangement or deed entered into after the coming into operation of this section which prohibits the premises from being licensed under this Act, or otherwise restricts the use of the premises as licensed premises, shall have no effect" A quick check shows this Bill is still sitting there awaiting royal assent. I think once assent is given, it's effective from the date it was passed by Tynwald, but I'm happy to be corrected. https://legislation.gov.im/cms/images/LEGISLATION/BILLS/2021/2021-0008/LiquorLicensingandPublicEntertainmentsBill2021.pdf
  5. Not really. I was (politely I hope) questioning whether you were. 🙂 Your response below suggests you were not. Well put. Is the CM vote split along those lines though? I'm not sure it is.
  6. Not really. That's more of a historical thing. There can now be a big difference between 'Big C' and 'Small c' conservatives. Margaret Thatcher or Keith Joseph were not exactly unafraid to challenge the status quo. One can be centre-right leaning and still want reform, especially when the reform is cutting back on over-government and government waste. Likewise being of leftish persuasion doesn't mean one is predisposed to push for such reforms. Maybe it would be fairer to label those with any sort of socialist tendencies as 'regressives', given their affection for failed idealogies of the 20th Century. 😈
  7. Do we though? Or is it more of a lefty-righty split? (acceping that's an oversimplification). I'm not sure that many of Allinson's backers would be strong supporters of such necessary reforms as cutting back CS headcount, pension entitlement and such. The left-leaning do have an arrogant tendency to label themselves as reformers or (ironically) "progressives", but they don't have a great history of reforming over-government and public sector deadweight.
  8. Yep, but the way I read this order as working is that it made use of the end of the pier 'conditionally prohibited' with effect from 28 July 2021 (to 5 September 2021). The condition being that the order be laid before Tynwald as soon as practicable and that Tynwald then approved the order. If Tynwald does not now approve the order on 21 October, then the restriction (which has now ended anyway) was therefore presumably never lawful in the first place. Not retrospection in the normally understood sense I agree, but a rather odd way of doing things, especially when the issue was kids swimming and (allegedly) a grumpy boatman. https://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/20212026/2021-SD-0251.pdf
  9. So they are going to lay a document on 21 October for approval of a restriction which ceased to have effect on 5 September? This presumably means that the order has retrospective effect, so the full weight of the law can (in theory) now be brought to bear on kids who had a bit of summer fun. It also seems disingenuous to claim that the order was about 'safety of navigation'.
  10. Yibble


    Cement, probably. Hopefully the snorters will snorty away.
  11. Yibble


    I they don't get it off tonight*, Ramsey's new tourist attraction may be around for quite some time. *Continuing the theme above 🙂
  12. Yibble


    At the risk of becoming an armchair salvage expert (to add to the many that revealed themselves during the 'big green boat' escapade); I was a little surprised that the stern anchor wasn't used as a kedge anchor to help secure the ship and possibly haul off against. It will be interesting to see what other techniques may be deployed between now and tonight's high tide. Good luck to all involved.
  13. Yibble


    Then thank you for the photos Amadeus. I'm not sure the meme is quite accurate though. In reference to the housing crisis, surely Tynwald would be actively making the situation worse (CS pension funding needs population bloat, whatver the consequences)?
  14. Yibble


    Perhaps they will attempt to redeem themselves by pursuing the ship owners for $1bn(ish) compensation for blocking our vital trade routes, diesel consumed by the Coasties' Land Rover etc.
  15. Yibble


    Almost, but not quite. Compare the position of the chap's arms. Looks (per Marinetraffic) that boatie is still stuck and the tide should now be dropping. If they don't get her off tonight, she may be around for at least a couple of weeks. Meanwhile somebody might be able to bag some cheap cement (collection only). [Edit] I see the lifeboat is heading back to Douglas*. I hope all stay safe whatever the outcome. *Nope, just to Ramsey.
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