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  1. Back to the booze (please ;-) ) . . . So yet another attempt at micro management then. Just because some folks' lives may be improved by changes in their own behavior, that's no reason to impose laws on the general population. This is also 'fiddling whilst Rome burns'; sort the hospital, sort the public finances and public sector pensions funding, sort the DoI and stop messing about with micro-regulation. As has been said, minimum alcohol pricing would mainly impact the sort of stuff I would prefer not to drink anyway (my choice, others should be free to enjoy). However it could also
  2. Surely the Ben should by now be well on the way to Dunkirk in order to get Brits off the beaches before 4.00 a.m. tomorrow?
  3. Baker's response seemed honest and appropriate. I also appreciate that he doesn't rush to throw members of his team under the bus (it's probably stuck on Glencrutchery Road anyway ). Where's the IoMG and hangers-on activity to spin something positive around all this coverage though? Surely the Guernsey boys are owed some generous goodwill gestures as a result of the inconvenience they were put to? I'd have thought there could have been some great coverage around them being fêted as a 'sorry we messed up with our guests' gesture. A bit of self-deprecating humour combined with showcasing I
  4. Anything but Tynwald. Well unless of course it runs massively over budget and behind schedule; proves finacially disastrous and generally unfit for purpose (apart from being a well paid source of employment for far too many crew, who are also largely unfit for purpose).
  5. Indeed. Hence why one would change down a gear when driving at only 20 mph instead of 30, thus reducing vehicle speed whilst keeping engine speed near constant. But then you know that anyway, but have nevertheless made the silly claim that "D[r]iving at low speed is bad for the engine, reduces concentration and increases CO2 pollution. Idiots!", when the context is small reductions in speed for short parts of a journey through urban areas. If almost all of your driving is short trips around Douglas, you are right that won't be good for your engine or exhaust system (especially so if you d
  6. Really? Citation needed. I'll be particularly interested to see what the global CO2 impact will be from slightly slower half mile journeys through Douglas. Most of London seems to cope well enough with 20mph limits in residential areas. There doesn't seem to be much problem with similar limits in residential areas elsewhere in the UK and Europe. I can retain my concentration perfectly well at 20 mph. And on the IoM, if you have a need for speed, there are plenty of places where you can exercise that urge (and long may it remain so). Maybe you should consider some driver retraining? Or per
  7. He (Maguire) has been a prize tit. He's also undermined a cause (anti-racism) where he could have and hopefully still will make far more useful contributions. The Island clearly does still have a problem. The young lady who had an interview published on the IoM Newspapers site portrayed things very well and I hope more thought will follow from that. I also hope Mr Maguire will quietly apologise to Stu. However I also hope that most here will recognise that young men do make mistakes and will not attempt to pillory him for it.
  8. Over to you, cheesemakers. Your move. I think at the very least SP is due a slap-up cheese feast of Beano proportions.
  9. Not really. Pretty much all other countries have concluded that cycle helmet legislation is not a good idea. Most non-nutters do the same after having given a little thought to the arguments. There is a mass of stuff out there on this so I'm not going to statr repeating the arguments here though, beyond posting a few 'starter links'. https://www.cyclinguk.org/campaigning/views-and-briefings/cycle-helmets https://www.cyclehelmets.org/
  10. On the same basis, it's surely about time that pedestrians were required to wear Kevlar body armour and to be fitted with airbags?
  11. I don't want to see part of the taxpayer funded subvention payment used to have to make 'sorry we've wronged you in the interests of giving in to bullies and not making a stand for free speech and fair play' payments. Peters is owed his show back, sharpish, and either an apology or something close to it: "MR regrets SP's suspension during the investigation period" . MR also needs to issue a firm rebuttal of allegations of racism or inappropriate behaviour on SP's part. If MR 'pays the Danegeld' to the agitators this time, it won't be long before they're back with more demands on something else
  12. Chris Thomas's comment on the IoM Newspapers site was: Chris Thomas · 1 hr ago · REPORT The bill - even if enacted - does not make wearing helmets compulsory.
  13. It's pure idiocy. Pretty much everywhere else in the world has concluded it's a bad idea. The law will either be widely flouted or the police will risk losing public support as they end up ticketing respectable 'old maids cycling to evensong' (nevermind the loss of authority if we set about some serious civil disobedience over the issue ). Hopefully this is just a 'wobble' or yet more crappy reporting. If not, the IoM will quite likely become a laughing stock here. [Edit] per John's comment above, it seems that this is indeed crappy reporting. Thank you John.
  14. Bloody cheesemaking surrender monkeys eh? ;-)
  15. Yibble


    If only we had the sub tropical climate of, say, Amsterdam, or Copenhagen.
  16. So it's fairly clear he's not going to be a major rocker of the boat. He's not going to be the leader of a revolution. That doesn't necessarily equate to 'weak' though. Sometimes change has to be effected in a more subtle, collaborative way. It's possible Baker can operate as a competent, safe pair of hands, gradually changing things in a more sensible direction, bit by bit, without any major trouble (which is probably more than we could hope for from any of the others). Or he can just perpetuate the status quo and take the salary. To me, it's a 50:50 bet on that outcome. We'll see.
  17. Agreed. He's also bright enough and a fairly decent and principled individual. What will be interesting is if he can actually subtly bring about change from within 'the club' or whether he's just become fully assimilated. I had hoped for some of the former (in a low key sort of way), but his high handed position on the Snuff the Wind biker ban suggests he's become just another member of the prefects' club. We'll see.
  18. The economist Simon Wren-Lewis publicly backed Jeremy Corbyn for UK PM, which tells us all we need to know about his judgement. Had the UK electorate been stupid enough to follow Wren-Lewis's advice, the UK would presumably now be facting C-19 with Corbyn 'leading', Diane Abbott doing the science and John McDonnell deciding who is entitled to medical care (answer: party members).
  19. Do we have any MHKs with enough spine to bring forward legislation to prevent H&B's abuse of covenants? H&B were very effective in preventing others establishing new pubs in the days when pubs were wonderful money making machines. It was never a free market then and so it's a bit of a hollow argument to suggest it should be now.
  20. I suppose I should reserve judgement until I've seen the supporting evidence. But I would have also supposed that Baker and Boot would have shared that evidence before decreeing that they will, without consultation, prohibit sporting and leisure activity that has been carried out for many decades. So, this seems to be another example of politicians who are proving incapable of tacking the big issues the Island faces (the economy, public finances, the health service and the gaping public sector pensions deficit) instead deciding to occupy themselves micro-managing peoples lives. The Is
  21. Not really. As TDDBs noted, the other option would be to raise taxes. Would that work though? It could lead to an exodus of taxpayers and disincentivise economic activity, resulting in a lower tax yield. IMHO, the only sensible solution involves reducing entitlements as part of a compromise if there is to be ongoing taxpayer funding of otherwise unsustainable pensions. It's not pleasant, but neither are the alternative options. If only. However I can't see that being allowed to happen, or if it did, the implementation of recommendations would manage to avoid any slashiness and
  22. Surely there's also something between those two extremes? The current arrangements don't appear sustainable and it doesn't seem reasonable to expect to squeeze taxpayers and cut services to fill the 'black hole'. However a the size of the black hole could be reduced if PS pensioners agree to forgo some of their accrued entitlement, in return for a reasonable increase in funding that will keep the remainder of their pensions secure. Compromise on both 'sides' seems necessary here.
  23. But surely it would also be unfair to expect those without the benefit of such 'gold plated' public sector pensions to be the ones to pick up the cost of them? Fairness would seem to involve a sharing of the burden; a combination of increased / diverted taxation and a reduction in entitlements (including, unfortunately, accrued entitlements). That won't be pleasant for anyone, but asking to general public to forego (say) their healthcare to fund generous public sector pensions would not seem very pleasant or fair either.
  24. So in my younger days, the IoM had better education, better healthcare, far lower taxes and a much more laissez faire approach to government than the UK. Now we have crappier education, crappier healthcare, a much eroded tax differential and a government that increasingly feels its role is to micro-manage our lives. On the 'plus' side, public sector pensions are doing relatively nicely.
  25. Indeed, albeit noting that until some time around the '90s, Notting Hill was regarded much as the Toxteth of London. Times change. The bubble at the higher end of the market clearly has deflated. I don't really understand why that hasn't yet happened with more average homes though.
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