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  1. No. Perhaps you could enlighten us.
  2. I have not previously held strong views on IoMG's handling of COVID, though there has certainly been a bad smell around their dealings with Dr Glover and her company. Today though they have demonstrated complete contempt for the Island's people. Fully knowing the cruelty of the lockdown, the suffering it's been causing, the importance to businesses and all the other ways in which it impacts on lives, they chose to waffle on and listen to their own voices instead of hold the briefing at the scheduled time. Did nobody in the Keys think to put their own self-importance on hold and call for an adj
  3. Whatever it's painted with, it seems it's not scuff proof: https://www.ligurianautica.com/en/mega-yacht-en/a-small-sail-boat-rams-the-luxury-mega-yacht-a-one-of-the-most-expensive-in-the-world/73136/
  4. I think it's important to distinguish what minister may actually be pronouncing, or even just discussing, from "groundless media speculation."
  5. To be fair, I did suggest a (singular) pint. No it isn't*. It is certainly an offence to cycle on a road or other public place whilst unfit to ride through drink or drugs (RTA 1985, s13). However the 'Prescribed limits' (s 7E) apply to 'mechanically propelled vehicles', which pedal cycles are not considered to be (but e-bikes may be. I don't know). As with various road traffic legislation, the law quite sensibly recognises that there's a big difference between pedal cycles that travel at (say) 15 mph and one-tonne-ish+ metal motor vehicles that can travel at 70mph+. *My understan
  6. You're consistently posting sensible comments. That's not very ManxForums. Add to that the cost of e-bikes will fall. But more to the point is the speed - reduced journey time - fresh air - fun - fitness - happiness - save money - powered-by-belly-fat-not-petrol stuff. Stop off on the way for a pint / coffee / nip-in-to-shop without parking hassle stuff. Bicycles win for so many journeys. Obviously if your commute is from Cregneish / Ramsey, that's probably not the case, but for those closer in it's an easy win. Warning. It hurts a bit at first. Oh and you may need a coat, sometimes.
  7. Yibble

    Fancy a pint?

    Maybe the brewery's behaviour elsewhere has bitten them back on the arse here then. I do hope so, albeit I accept that may not be great for Ramsey (in the short term).
  8. Yibble

    Fancy a pint?

    I wasn't suggesting that. Merely highlighting that FI seems (to me) to be another prominent example of a business creating blight, in the hope that may help as leverage for them to get planning permission for an inappropriate change of use.
  9. Yibble

    Fancy a pint?

    The problem is not planning. The problem is H&B running the pubs down, slapping on restrictive covenants and then (Fort Island styley) leaving them as eyesores, in the hope they can get planning to turn them into luxury executive housing developments (*may prove unsuitable for the rapid rotation of felines). If the authorites stopped H&B from getting away with it, perhaps H&B would stop doing it in the first place.
  10. Ah yes, the sunny tropical hotspots of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and (increasingly) Manchester and Dublin. It could never work here, not until someone invents the coat at least.
  11. Car drivers get unhappy when they're stuck in queues of other cars and see cyclists whizzing past them too. That's because there are too many cars trying to use (and park on) the same road at the same time though, not because there's a problem with cycling. I guess the same will apply to e-bikes and e-scooters. I agree there will be issues keeping them off pavements and I also suspect small wheeled e-scooters may struggle with the state of Manx road surfaces. All the more reason for proper infrastructure for alternative forms of transport. Slightly off-topic, but I thought this was a goo
  12. That would effectively have reduced Manx profits and increased profits somewhere else. Transferring profts from a low tax jurisdiction to a (presumed) higher one doesn't sound like particularly clever tax planning to me.
  13. And then of course there's the grand old duke of tax avoidance jurisdictions: Luxembourg. That's fine though, because the avoidance industry was largely created whilst Jean Claude Junker was Finance Minister / Prime Minister, albeit it apparently all happened without his knowledge and he's assured us that he certainly was not the 'architect' of the tax regime and practices which facilitated massive scale avoidance.
  14. That also struck me as the most likely path both to obtaining a good outcome for the Island and to minimising ongoing embarrassment and reputational damage for all parties.
  15. Back to the booze (please ;-) ) . . . So yet another attempt at micro management then. Just because some folks' lives may be improved by changes in their own behavior, that's no reason to impose laws on the general population. This is also 'fiddling whilst Rome burns'; sort the hospital, sort the public finances and public sector pensions funding, sort the DoI and stop messing about with micro-regulation. As has been said, minimum alcohol pricing would mainly impact the sort of stuff I would prefer not to drink anyway (my choice, others should be free to enjoy). However it could also
  16. Surely the Ben should by now be well on the way to Dunkirk in order to get Brits off the beaches before 4.00 a.m. tomorrow?
  17. Baker's response seemed honest and appropriate. I also appreciate that he doesn't rush to throw members of his team under the bus (it's probably stuck on Glencrutchery Road anyway ). Where's the IoMG and hangers-on activity to spin something positive around all this coverage though? Surely the Guernsey boys are owed some generous goodwill gestures as a result of the inconvenience they were put to? I'd have thought there could have been some great coverage around them being fêted as a 'sorry we messed up with our guests' gesture. A bit of self-deprecating humour combined with showcasing I
  18. Anything but Tynwald. Well unless of course it runs massively over budget and behind schedule; proves finacially disastrous and generally unfit for purpose (apart from being a well paid source of employment for far too many crew, who are also largely unfit for purpose).
  19. Indeed. Hence why one would change down a gear when driving at only 20 mph instead of 30, thus reducing vehicle speed whilst keeping engine speed near constant. But then you know that anyway, but have nevertheless made the silly claim that "D[r]iving at low speed is bad for the engine, reduces concentration and increases CO2 pollution. Idiots!", when the context is small reductions in speed for short parts of a journey through urban areas. If almost all of your driving is short trips around Douglas, you are right that won't be good for your engine or exhaust system (especially so if you d
  20. Really? Citation needed. I'll be particularly interested to see what the global CO2 impact will be from slightly slower half mile journeys through Douglas. Most of London seems to cope well enough with 20mph limits in residential areas. There doesn't seem to be much problem with similar limits in residential areas elsewhere in the UK and Europe. I can retain my concentration perfectly well at 20 mph. And on the IoM, if you have a need for speed, there are plenty of places where you can exercise that urge (and long may it remain so). Maybe you should consider some driver retraining? Or per
  21. He (Maguire) has been a prize tit. He's also undermined a cause (anti-racism) where he could have and hopefully still will make far more useful contributions. The Island clearly does still have a problem. The young lady who had an interview published on the IoM Newspapers site portrayed things very well and I hope more thought will follow from that. I also hope Mr Maguire will quietly apologise to Stu. However I also hope that most here will recognise that young men do make mistakes and will not attempt to pillory him for it.
  22. Over to you, cheesemakers. Your move. I think at the very least SP is due a slap-up cheese feast of Beano proportions.
  23. Not really. Pretty much all other countries have concluded that cycle helmet legislation is not a good idea. Most non-nutters do the same after having given a little thought to the arguments. There is a mass of stuff out there on this so I'm not going to statr repeating the arguments here though, beyond posting a few 'starter links'. https://www.cyclinguk.org/campaigning/views-and-briefings/cycle-helmets https://www.cyclehelmets.org/
  24. On the same basis, it's surely about time that pedestrians were required to wear Kevlar body armour and to be fitted with airbags?
  25. I don't want to see part of the taxpayer funded subvention payment used to have to make 'sorry we've wronged you in the interests of giving in to bullies and not making a stand for free speech and fair play' payments. Peters is owed his show back, sharpish, and either an apology or something close to it: "MR regrets SP's suspension during the investigation period" . MR also needs to issue a firm rebuttal of allegations of racism or inappropriate behaviour on SP's part. If MR 'pays the Danegeld' to the agitators this time, it won't be long before they're back with more demands on something else
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