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  1. chuter ede

    King Williams Quiz 2017

    I remember doing the samee quiz whilst at college. But has the Internet killed it
  2. chuter ede

    Yet More I.O.M Gov,t Excesses

    This is Northcote Parkinson writ large. The real problem with e gaming is that the IOM Governement cannot tax it properly.
  3. The interview took place in a rather interesting room. I have been there twice. I was wondering whether any others on this thread have been there
  4. chuter ede

    MUA in weak financial position

    My reason for including the name of the late David Sherlock is that I met him shortly after I came to the island. He mentioned that he went to London with a senior member of the MEA to see a female QC. He was aggrieved that no mention of the meeting was ever published in any report. I wonder whether this was true
  5. chuter ede

    MUA in weak financial position

    People should look at the role of the late David Sherlock in this sorry saga
  6. chuter ede

    Britain Out Of Europe?

    Should not the island be petitioning the UK Parliament for an amendment to be included in the referendum?
  7. The question of AS winninng is irrelevant as someone of that character cannot "win". To "win" in the normal sense is to have a set goal. Once you reach that goal you stop. AS would just keep changing the terms of reference if he thought he was winning which explained why he never negotiated any type of settlement.
  8. chuter ede

    A Loyalty Test

    What would be the reaction if the victim was the beloved chief minister? Given the price of silver it is purely an academic exercise
  9. chuter ede

    A Loyalty Test

    Should the subject not be the Lieutenant Governor as the island's representative of the Queen. Leaving the poor gentleman to be shot ranks as the worst kind of social snobbery.
  10. Unfortunately none of us will probably be alive when the Profumo scandal documents are released sometime in the 2040's
  11. According to some contributor on this thread the numbers of Manx who have a "pure" Manx passport has declined from 14,000 to 2,000. How many Manx have never left the island and how would that figure compare with that of 30, 50 and 100 years ago?
  12. Scargill's problem was that he had called a national strike on a number of occasions and was voted down by the peasants in secret ballots. Democracy is wasted on some people. The rules were changed to reduce the previous majority for a strike from 55% to 51%. Basically he tried to use flying pickets to force working miners to learn the error of their ways. This went pear shaped in Nottinghamshire thus no national strike. At the conclusion he refused to vote on whether to continue or stop the strike. Next year he was back to his old ways and called again for a national strike. Both sides misbehaved and no-one felt good at the conclusion apart from the right wing lunatics that Thatcher was now listening to. The result was poll tax and political hubris.
  13. There is alot of abject nonsense talked about the miners'strike. The previous Labour Administration got rid of more miners than the Tories. As for New Labour their commitment to deep mined coal was zero. Scargill could have got the best sweetheart deal in history.
  14. chuter ede

    Has Anyone Seen Kelly

    I remembr my mother saying the words "Has anyone seen Kelly, Kelly from the Isle of Man". I always thought it was a local Manx name till I came to the island. Any ideas?
  15. Where would these Romanian mafia types hang out on the rock?