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  1. There's nothing wrong with that post Doc but that phrase about England being a foreign land would get you into major trouble with the thought police. Straight off to the re-education camp up country for you m'lad. Two years of spartan living and cold classrooms until they get your mind right
  2. Good on yer Doc. Was that in England or on the Island ? As an aside, I've been wondering if disabled people should be thanking their lucky stars that at least they're white ?
  3. I think you're applying the wrong model to this John. It's not a conflict resolution with equal parties; where there is genuine grievance and a case to answer requiring professional mediation. You're casting this in the wrong light and lending it legitimacy. No one has been wronged except poor Stu Peters who's had the threat of losing his livelihood hanging over him for a month. It's bullshit from start to finish and most of us have been calling it as such for weeks now. Do we have to keep going over the same ground again ?
  4. Stu was suspended the very next day, for almost a month. The complaint was immediately sent to the Comms Commission for a ruling. Had the ruling gone against Stu and Manx Radio then at that point they would be expected to implement policies and procedures.
  5. Looks like Manx Trumpton...
  6. Sorry to change tack slightly but is anyone else fed up of seeing this black athlete Bianca Williams on the news whose car was stopped by the police in London. Absolutely no one on the BBC or Channel 4 (Can't speak for any other channels) is saying: 'All you had to do love was get out of the f**king car'
  7. I think Rodan would've loved Bercow's job when it came up last year. He's substituted the real business of democracy and politics for the structures, procedures, and dress of its institutions and traditions. I used to quite like him but he's increasingly become a pompous ass in fancy dress.
  8. That's always been Mossy's style. A naturalist, hidden in partial undergrowth, observing a rare species in their habitat.
  9. Ennio Morricone died last night. The greatest film composer of his time. This was my personal favourite film that he scored, the beautiful Cinema Paradiso. The final scene is a wonderful testament to the magic of the screen and the human heart:
  10. Just watched the interview but it appears to have been edited to remove the offending remark. What remains is David Starkey at his best and well worth an hour of your time. I didn't know he'd lost his partner a few years ago so he gets quite emotional for a moment or two. I don't believe he's a racist either, but he speaks as he sees it.
  11. Sounds a great trip Old Git. What was your driving route around the southern states ?
  12. It would certainly make a good Alcatraz. There'd be little chance of swimming across to the Sound to escape. Those old lighthouses could finally be put to use as well.
  13. The southern states are incredible to visit. I wouldn't know where to start to convince you why you should; I'd be here for the rest of the day. You've got a stereo-typical view of them Uhtred that surprises me for such an intelligent poster as your good self.
  14. You should've acted the kaffir Finlo just for the fun of it. And filled it up with diesel.
  15. All characteristics of people who are making too much easy money. I recognise the types that you list as well. When the Island was awash with cash, loads of finance workers went off the rails in one way or another.
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