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  1. Anyone remember the old Imperial ? Must be some history there. I think I remember the owners in the '70s (?). Calling Mollag...
  2. This will be as big as the Jimmy Savile case. Brand has fooled millions of people (He continues to do so) and too many women have been throwing themselves at his feet. Now they realise their mistake. Remember that one of the main reasons why so many rapists get away with it for so long is because the woman/victim blames herself for being so stupid and naive to get involved with men like Brand in the first place.
  3. Davison's need to start doing their breakfasts again.
  4. Yet another 'Future of Peel' debate. How many is that now ? I must be getting old.
  5. Blade Runner: You've come at the Russell Brand story like a Japanese kamikaze pilot. Bit of an unusual start to a thread. I am surprised though that it's taken Brand so long to crash and burn.
  6. Get the police in this time. After the Ranson affair, this missing medical data is serious stuff.
  7. Come the next election I doubt that Hooper will even get a bag of chips from the Ramsey voters.
  8. That's only the starting costs. The opportunity costs of the whole affair far exceed this figure.
  9. It's not about cameras. Won't stop the hoodie brigade. They've got no fear of the coppers either. What are they going to do ? It's what you do if/when you catch them. If the answer's nothing then they'll carry on doing it. Those harbour toilets will be bulldozed now.
  10. Some daft buggers on here. Katie Hopkins gives the wokies what they want and makes a living out of it. It's an act. The lefties love it when Jo Brand dishes it out - but that's O.K. That picture with Frank is the real Katie Hopkins. Let me know if you see any jackbooted stormtroopers goosestepping past the town hall today. Fifty quid is yours. Now grow up.
  11. Yup, Bernard appeared there many times - and the Villa manager made off with all the money.
  12. Insurance companies will always find a loophole. They also have the best lawyers. The good doctor is unconvincing - and he knows it.
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