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  1. Shake me up Judy

    Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest

    I see that an ex-IRA man has named the four alleged bombers responsible for the Birmingham pub atrocities. The IRA knew all the time that the Birmingham six were innocent and that the wrong men were rotting in gaol. Perhaps the British government did too. The IRA sacrificed their own innocent countrymen for the cause of independence, not to mention the lives of all those innocent victims inside the pubs. As we've already said, it was a dirty war.
  2. Shake me up Judy

    MER tram goes hurtling down the mountain, AGAIN

    Some interesting comments on IOM Today online. It's thanks to the paper that this came out at all. Yet another cover-up that we'd never have heard about only a few years ago, and Longworth's initial 'account' of a minor power failure would have stood as the written truth. Let's put it another way: A lie would have covered it.
  3. Shake me up Judy

    Bullying at school

    Bullying is part of human behaviour and you find it in the workplace, the home, and most certainly in schools where it's endemic. Compared to when I was at school, they have very little real power to do anything meaningful about it, and on the IOM exclusion/expulsion is rare.
  4. Shake me up Judy

    Right wing Terrorism

    It's not that Woolley's point is wrong; it's that this isn't the time. It really isn't the time. That debate is for another day and no doubt we'll have it as we have many times before.
  5. Shake me up Judy

    Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest

    Excellent post Freggy.
  6. Shake me up Judy

    Right wing Terrorism

    Have to agree with Richard for once. Some tasteless and offensive comments here, and I wonder what hole that Senator Fraser Anning has crawled out of. Disgraceful to make those comments in the immediate aftermath of this gut-wrenching atrocity.
  7. Shake me up Judy

    Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest

    Shouldn't you be in school today, or is it a public holiday ? Perhaps your mum has kept you off.
  8. Shake me up Judy

    Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest

    My memory might be deceiving me but Northern Ireland was and still is British. How can you occupy your own country ? You muppet.
  9. Shake me up Judy

    Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest

    This was probably the right decision yesterday but that's where it should stop. There'll never be justice for the things that happened in the Troubles and many unarmed soldiers and policemen were murdered in cold blood too. It was war and now there is peace - we hope. That's justice enough.
  10. Shake me up Judy

    Upsetting the nutters

    It's in very poor taste and it ain't art. If the guy's twisted enough to make that sort of stuff then that's his business; but putting it in the window is to display it to others and it should be removed, no matter what some religious nut-jobs think. By some of the logic on here I could stand in my window showing my arse to all and sundry if I chose to.
  11. Shake me up Judy

    Dianne Abbott

  12. Shake me up Judy

    Man spied on woman having sex

    Are you sure you're doing it right Rog ?
  13. Shake me up Judy

    Man spied on woman having sex

    'Her' tree you mean Max, in her garden. You don't have a tree
  14. Shake me up Judy

    Pubs closing

    I've been in dozens of Wetherspoon's. Always head for them when across. Only been in a couple that were a bit tatty. Tim caters for everyone and you have to understand that. It's a good business model (which is why you'll never see one over here). If it's a poncy wine bar you want and restaurant prices then go somewhere else. I always find the staff friendly and helpful, the beer is great and the food is good to O.K. I also like the way they renovate old buildings too - some of them are really nice inside. Thumbs up from me.
  15. Shake me up Judy

    Pubs closing

    Boarded up, signs removed, and a big fat covenant placed on it. Great way to sell a business.