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  1. Shake me up Judy

    Man waves knob at traffic

    The 'windmill' is considered too salacious and unmanly by some practitioners Mr Fromage. This is doubtless why he preferred the thrust motion with its Anglo-Saxon origins in the 5th century post-Roman era. The windmill is thought to have arrived much later with the Normans in the 11th century and even to be a key factor in their victory at Hastings. It's still popular in parts of East Sussex where the gyratory motion stuck. I also believe that the Windmill Theatre was so named after the practice. Barrie Stevens could probably back me up here as I think he might have written a book on the subject. Emended for historical inaccuracy.
  2. Shake me up Judy

    Children's Social Services - Will we ever get it right?

    It's in Tynwald's power to order one, but I can't see it happening. I'm sure the AG's advice would be against it. I think it would blow the lid off this Island. There'll be no justice for the poor kids whose lives were ruined while the Manx Establishment looked the other way and refused to listen. ETA: Direct requests to the UK Home Office Minster and the CPS might just start the ball rolling though. Perhaps the Sunday Politics editor that covered the story this morning also be helpful if anyone wanted to push for a fuller investigation. There's definitely a story here.
  3. Shake me up Judy

    PAC members to recuse themselves from film losses inquiry

    It matters because corruption and criminality may be involved. We've been here many times before.
  4. Shake me up Judy

    saudi embassy missing journalist riddle

    Where's your 'objective' doubt and disbelief gone to here Stinky ? The Salisbury poisonings remain an open book but we've got the Saudis bang to rights on this one eh ? No further questions m'lud.
  5. Shake me up Judy

    Equality Law - The "Gay Cake" Issue

    I listened to Tatchell and I don't think he did. Could an atheist/Jewish/Muslim baker refuse a Christian couple ? Should a doctor refuse to give professional advice on abortion because of their personal religious beliefs ? Is this what you want ? Tatchell never thought through the consequences of his argument.
  6. Shake me up Judy

    Equality Law - The "Gay Cake" Issue

    Interesting case this and I'm not convinced that the Supreme Court has got this one right. The words on the cake were supposed to be: 'Support Gay Marriage'. Change the word Gay to Equal. It means the same thing but I doubt the outcome in court would be the same. I would also wonder about a circumstance where an atheist baker refuses to bake a cake with a simple Christian message. I don't see the difference.
  7. Shake me up Judy

    PAC members to recuse themselves from film losses inquiry

    I can imagine most of them not wanting to go near it. It's a bucket of stinking fish and every man, woman and child knows it. There was plenty of dodgy accounting and financial alchemy; all sold to the taxpayer and supported to the hilt by the Bell and Teare government.
  8. Shake me up Judy

    Cycling news

    Haven't used my bike in years. It makes a cracking toilet roll holder in the outhouse though
  9. Shake me up Judy

    Montserrat Caballé dies at 85

    I think that's it Dilly. Freddie was 'operatic' but within the rock genre; a dramatic singer to be precise. Opera though is a different technique all together. I think he got away with it on Barcelona because of his power and range but he was also of course the consummate showman.
  10. Shake me up Judy

    Montserrat Caballé dies at 85

    Truly the fat lady has sang. Freddie was well out of his depth here. Is our regular obituarist on holiday again ?
  11. Shake me up Judy


    If the buyer was genuine then they've just learnt a very valuable lesson.
  12. Shake me up Judy

    US Supreme Court

    The BBC still refuse to see this for what it is and won't go anywhere near naming it as the feminist witch-hunt that it's been all along. Disgraceful reporting.
  13. Shake me up Judy

    Ryder Cup

    Good question Neil, and one that has ramifications for the T.T. and MGP. My take on it is that if she was behind the rope that lines all fairways, tees and greens; then she has a definite case. The event obviously would have public liability insurance and I'd have thought this sort of case must have come up before. A golf ball at speed could possibly even be lethal. I feel very sorry for her and her husband though; what a way to end a great day out.
  14. Shake me up Judy

    Surprise surprise !

    Spare a thought for the po' farmer
  15. Shake me up Judy

    Let's Do The Theresa May...

    Looking at that photo, I'd say that she'd had dance lessons since her last attempt to cut a rug with the Kenyans. Relaxed, limber, big smile, good head and shoulders, nice weight distribution, up on her toes and just enough twist. Lovely. I'd give it a nine....