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  1. Yes, it sounds contradictory but it was actually a form of social order and kept some of those little gobshites in their place. We've lost all that now that social order has been wholly professionalised and given over entirely to the police. When we were kids we kept our mouths shut around the pubs and clubs and mostly kept out of trouble. The gobshites can do and say what they like now and no one dares lift a finger to them.
  2. Fighting used to be good for business. The boys would get tanked up on a good bellyfull of the brewery's ale before kicking off. Young people don't believe you but it really was like the Wild West at the weekends in the 60s and 70s. Are both your remaining ears on either side though Donald ?
  3. If Brexit and the referendum had been a good idea in the first place, we'd have left back in March with a great deal. It's because it's always been such a shit idea that we've had so many obstacles and disagreements and who knows where we're going now. Just because you think you're right Woody doesn't mean you're right.
  4. It was a very short honeymoon though. Didn't Mugabe accuse Peter Hain of being Peter Tatchell's wife, after Tatchell made a citizen's arrest of Mugabe when Bob the Builder was visiting London ? Bob was a staunch homophobe and didn't see the good in Tatchell, or Hain, after that.
  5. What The Lurker said. Unless and until Parliament completely locks out any potential manoeuvre by those pulling Johnson's strings they'd be utterly stupid to contest an election, for the following reason: If there was any chance of still going out on a no-deal on 31st October, Farage would throw his candidates under the bus to get Johnson over the line. Corbyn has sat on the pot for three whole years, now's not the time to sh*t.
  6. What Labour 'coup' would that be Woody ? Christ, I'll be glad when this is all over, just so I don't have to read your shite ever again. Give it a rest, we know where you're coming from.
  7. Absolutely fantastic archive this Amadeus. Sad to remember some of those who are no longer with us. I'm sure there are people who could name most of these riders and I don't see why it couldn't be done on here, rather than on a specialist site or forum, which I'd be unlikely to see. I'm not that much of a fan, but I still like to see them. Thanks again
  8. I suspect that people with holiday cottages to let are the main opposition to these glamping proposals.
  9. Now there's an idea Donald. Two weeks in the IOM and the 'Knockaloe Internment Experience'. All weather accommodation (ridge tent provided); full board; shower facility; Pilates sessions, sketching, woodwork classes, gardening etc. Think I'll give Laurence a ring...
  10. Let's get this right. Characters like Goldie might not have had the best start in life, but then neither have many others. He's 100% to blame for the choices he made and the actions he took. Even when he faced the consequences of those choices and actions he has been the architect of his own situation every time. This is who he is. He obviously doesn't have the brain cell to change his ways so it looks like the taxpayers are probably keeping him for the rest of his 'adult' life.
  11. An awful lot of expats and off-Islanders have bought properties as investments over here in the last twenty years or so, assuming market conditions to be the same as in the U.K. and to sit out a period of low interest rates. I fear many of them won't see the return they're expecting. I can't see where a recovery is going to come from.
  12. I just don't see your point of view Woolley. There's as much pulling the EU apart as there is unification. Can you really seriously see a continued federalisation of twenty seven (and counting) individual and separate nation states, many of whom are even breaking up within their own borders ? It's not happening now and it won't in the future. It's just the glue that's keeping a trading bloc together, nothing else, and certainly not sinister as you keep suggesting. It's that old bogeyman politics that's been around for ever, and you've allied yourself to a group of free-market pirates who've conned millions of voters with their narrative.
  13. Tynwald has always been full of rogues...
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