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  1. Didn't know of that one NB. Was it reported at the time ? What action was taken ? There are plenty of dickheads in the anti-T.T. crowd. Should've had jail time for that. ETA I heard that there were some bags stolen at the Villa Marina yesterday. Anyone know anything ?
  2. What a friend we have in Jesus
  3. Corporal punishment is well gone and good riddance to it. Should only be for consenting adults. What's needed though is a return to authority but I don't see that happening. All I see now is the authority of the individual. I don't think most people even understand the need for authority, what it is, or what it's based on.
  4. You could almost get an Athol Street lawyer at that rate, for pretty much the same thing.
  5. 'Henry Corlett thrashing the living daylights out of a chair in his pub' Just vigorous dusting...
  6. Well said 2112. It's not enough that the Police say that they were only following the law. It's not strictly true. The Police at that time were very much part of the Manx law making process as well, with a very vocal and influential Chief Constable. That needs to be recognised. Very different of course in the U.K. I think we're in a much better place now and Gary Roberts seems to be on the right side of the law - the policing side.
  7. Heard Alan Shea on Manx Radio this morning and it got me thinking that it's time that Government made a formal apology to the man for the way he was treated in the 1980s. There is precedent for it. My memories of the time are fairly sketchy and I was off-Island while much was going on but I do recall that it was a dark time in the Island's recent history. Perhaps others could remind us what he went through better than me...
  8. I'm sure Cowley Groves knowingly want to squeeze the last drop out of the market boom before the new G7 tax rules. Estate Agents are cynical bastards and Creane knew this was coming.
  9. I haven't really seen any speculation or blame yet. It's in the public domain and we're allowed to comment. What would you allow people to say before you start chucking the cretin word into your post ?
  10. She'll probably retire now on the IOM Government golden pension train, but imagine what her C.V. looks like after overseeing millions of pounds worth of capital projects at a small regional airport.
  11. But that's some velocity to get that far. It doesn't look good for whoever was in the car. Emergency vehicles will struggle to get down there.
  12. Bloody hell ! How far is that from the road ? I'll bet even Flinty hasn't seen one go that far. That must have been some speed to get all the way down there through peat bog and heather. This doesn't look good.
  13. 'Nuthin' to do with speed yessir - must be the hot weather'
  14. Manx politics doesn't work if people start asking difficult questions or rocking the boat. That's why opposition never gets off the ground. The whole shebang works on consensus, patronage, cosy deals and arrangements, lack of proper scrutiny etc. The real decision making and policy is not directed by the politicians. People like Moulton asking awkward questions are either 'subsumed' or squashed (Like Roly was).
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