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  1. Fake news. Someone's having a laugh here.
  2. At this stage of the race it's like they're competing to be the worst candidate. Hunt has had a really, really shit day, pledging to bring back....fox-hunting ! (Liam must be sweating). He has also admitted to being really crap at sport when he was a schoolboy. Never trust a boy who was rubbish at sport. Still he is a negotiator and an entrepeneur... I think many will know now that they picked the wrong two candidates.
  3. It's all about building more houses, bringing in people to fill them, and keeping all the good jobs for them. The Manxies are largely the service class in this economic model. It's been this way since the 60's. That's their measure of growth. Keeps all the right people happy. 'Ave yer got a light, Phil ?
  4. Perhaps your observation is revealing of his true character BB. Hasn't it always only ever been about him, and has he ever really cared about the strange travellers he's picked up along the way ? Does it matter to him who the followers are as long as they worship him ? Classic personality type ? I think we know...
  5. I'll bet Nige thought he had some weirdos in UKIP. Nothing compared to this lot though. Widdecombe should have stuck to the dance floor.
  6. Aren't we all a bit ashamed of this lot ? I know I am.
  7. I'm not against cyclists per se, as Iike most of us I rode a bike for years and who could possibly object to people getting fresh air and exercise. It ain't that. It's the attitude of some cyclists that changed over the years and the new aggressive breed of lycra warriors of the road, itching to mix it with other road users and to assert their rights.
  8. I don't get why cyclists should be allowed to use the prom walkway in any case. They're not allowed to ride on pavements, so what's the difference. There are miles of roads on the Island for them to use so why should they use the walkway where there are young toddlers, mums with prams, pensioners, dog walkers, wheelchair users, etc. It's crazy, but nothing will change until one of the lycra brigade run over and seriously injure a toddler. Then there'll be a massive panic, a major rethink, and signs plastered everywhere.
  9. Calm down everybody, no use getting wound up about it.
  10. But who's buying them ? In Ramsey alone there's well over a hundred new homes gone up in the last couple of years, including the one Woolley mentions and Royal Park (?) just a hundred yards away. Who are all these buyers and where are they coming from ?
  11. I suspect Quilp's post was laced with irony
  12. Harry Corbett would be better than Corbyn; with Sooty and Sweep for Chancellor and Foreign Secretary. Sorted.
  13. Conservative central office has released a picture of Boris all loved up again with his popsy, catching the last rays of the day in an English meadow. The nation can breathe again...
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