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  1. I'm reminded of this China. How sad that only last year we were remembering the 50th anniversary of the greatest achievement for mankind in my lifetime.
  2. I thought parsimony was one of the herbs ? I'm sure my grandmother used to put it in the broth...
  3. Switched on for the news at 7:00 (Don't know why I bother) and caught a few seconds of Chris Kinley and Chris Williams. No doubt someone up there thinks it's radio simpatico to have the two of them on together. Kinley always sounds like he's reporting live from Ballaugh Bridge during a particularly hectic Senior T.T. Does he know the races are cancelled this year ?
  4. Nice to see some passion in Tynwald though Uhtred. I'm as critical as anyone on here but Howard's doing his best and we're all out of our depth in this emergency. I want to see some of the big earners in Health stepping up to the podium and doing what they're paid for. Is one of them even on Island or has she handed in her cards ?
  5. The police do themselves no favours on this island. Given the size and population they have an opportunity to work with the public and practice real community policing. Unfortunately that's never happened. They have their own 'we know best' culture; are secretive and loath to communicate to the public; too enmeshed with establishment interests (Common problem on small islands); and would sooner 'spy' on people than work with them. Admittedly this last feature has probably (?) improved over time. I'm not really sure about that. A big part of the problem is that, unlike in the UK ,there is no real oversight of the police and they are literally a law unto themselves. They are in a position to 'play' the politicians and the public and get away with it. The vast majority of police on this Island are good coppers but a very strong management culture mitigates against them. I get the sense that the current Chief Constable might be aware of this more than his predecessors. My experiences in trying to be a concerned and responsible citizen have been very mixed and I won't ever try to assist them again. That's the way it is but I don't have an anti-police attitude. Far from it. They have a vital role and a tough job but they could do it a hell of a lot better.
  6. How much of that increased government subvention are we paying him ? Are we allowed to know ?
  7. Enjoyed your Floyd selection China, but YNWA was strangled to death a very long time ago. Not keen on Paul Simon's later stuff. The first few solo albums were good but he never matched the genius of his S+G years. Lightning couldn't strike twice. Thanks for the posts though; it's always interesting to see what people put up on this thread. We could do with a few more posters. Can somebody correct the awful spelling error though ?
  8. No senior Health execs at the briefing again today. Where are they ? What are we paying them for ? This speaks volumes about the value of these people. They're so wedded to their U.K. policies and systems that they haven't got a clue what to do here. Howard and David Ashford are carrying them. Imagine if that clown Charters would still have been here... The guy from Manx Co-op spoke very well though.
  9. Quick history lesson on our nation and the Manx national character: The Celts gave us Manx gloom. The Romans ignored us. The Vikings brutalised our men and women. The Scots made us tight fisted and mean. The English showed us how to be rogues and crooks.
  10. No. Retired Early, Massive Flounce.
  11. I'd like John's thoughts on this. I'd hate to be in lockdown with Manx Radio as my only source of local information.
  12. FFS That's his job to know. It's what he's paid for. If he didn't know, then he should have asked the A.G. or Chief Executive before the sitting. It's piss poor to come before Tynwald at a time like this and not have an answer to this fundamentally important question. Good question from Hooper.
  13. I wonder if these new executive powers could close this site down too ?
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