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  1. The drag queen has taken the spotlight but the key issue is revealed at the end here. The central argument has always been that of age appropriate teaching and learning materials. This has been the real story from the beginning.
  2. Drugs are the easiest way to launder money and the Island has always been an easy and biddable haven. Plenty of 'legitimate' industries on the Island have been used for the same purpose. Banking; property deals; film financing etc.
  3. The deluded liberalism of 'rehabilitation' has a lot to answer for.
  4. It was undoubtedly a huge factor but the Island has been awash with drugs since the '80s.
  5. We certainly were murder central for a while. Does anyone have any theories about why that was ? Were there any common links and were they all solved ? It was a huge spike that's never been explained or accounted for.
  6. 'On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitis, rising up through the air...'
  7. I'm going to quote you back when more of the story comes out...
  8. Julie Edge is just another in a long line of hapless ministers with no clue what's going on within their own department. Things have definitely gone on but the statement will say very little. The cover will be 'to protect the children' and that will be that. Opaque government doesn't wash its dirty linen in public, and with a tame media and little political scrutiny (Only Jason Moorhouse) they'll move on with nothing to see and lessons learned. I'm putting money on it...
  9. That old T.T. defence still takes the Manx prize for dumb obstinacy.
  10. Diamond was well known here at the time. The IOM was awash with dodgy money and even dodgier characters, including serious criminals. Scotland Yard sent their Financial Crime Unit over here on at least one occasion to make arrests. The whole SIB Bank scandal was a criminal enterprise from start to finish. The Admiral's Rest on Douglas Prom was the well known watering hole. The whole story will never be told and is well buried under that famous Manx Axminster. Too many connections to 'legitimate' Manx interests who did well out of it. Thought the series on BBC1 was awful and gave it up after episode one. Made Noye and McAvoy out to be something they definitely weren't. I met Palmer once. he tried to sell me a timeshare in Tenerife. Fortunately I walked away...
  11. He was endangering other road users cycling up there in fog. Up his own arse like too many of the lycra brigade, obsessed with their training regime and self-image as modern road warriors fighting for their space. F**king asshole.
  12. The Manx Govt has buried more bones than a butcher's dog. Nothing to see here, move on, lessons learned, etc...
  13. What a joke. Should be a full Tynwald enquiry open to the public, with evidence under oath. This will be the usual whitewash. ETA: Neither do the review team have any knowledge or experience of the local and immediate Island context, which framed many decisions and in which specific outcomes resulted. They are the usual off-Island consultants of whom Tynwald are so fond of employing at our expense.
  14. Already on a fat IOM Govt pension and now going round again for a second easy ride on the gravy train. Nice work if you have the right connections. This is where the money's all going folks...
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