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  1. It's a wonder he didn't win the Nobel prize for Economics with stuff like that. Even Keynes couldn't have dreamt up a magic money tree. A real paradigm shift there that the Venezuelans could use right now.
  2. They don't have the political power or will to do anything about it though. As soon as any politician touches anything or tries to interfere, they end up with the sort of clusterfuck we've now got in the Health department. When there was plenty of gravy to go round they didn't have to worry; they just left the suits to run things and all the right people filled their boots and did very nicely thankyou - happy days all round. Big salaries, big pensions, big budgets, big handouts, big egos, big everything... That model of government isn't working anymore but they're so up to the neck in the old system and the old ways that they can't change it. This is what we're seeing now and for the next few years until it all goes pop.
  3. Yes, I think it was that one.
  4. No problem with the police having all the necessary kit. I remember an armed murderer on the loose over here almost thirty years ago, with mostly unarmed coppers chasing him. I think they brought in a firearms unit from across if I recall, but Derek would know the details.
  5. Secret Love does it for me every time. Beautiful voice and I don't think anyone else has dared cover it after DD. She was fantastic in Calamity Jane and had that lovely twinkle in her eye that was sexy but wholesome at the same time.
  6. There used to be a picture library in London but I think it closed some years ago. They'd have been able to trace its origin for you. Stephen Poliakoff made a beautiful film of the library called Shooting The Past, and it starred Tim Spall and Lesley Duncan. Sorry I can't be more helpful but I'm sure somebody would know. Perhaps start at the British Library.
  7. Top post that Non-Believer.
  8. What would you have Bushy's do then that they don't do already ?
  9. I doubt they'll get it though, and they'll certainly never see another penny in rent from Bushy's since they gifted the Villa to Government and the taxpayer.
  10. Declan's right and believe it or not that probably is the pretext to this crass and stupid tweet. He should absolutely have known better, but anyone who has listened to him over his career, and as the many people who know him have vouched, Danny doesn't have a racist bone or brain cell in his body. He should've been given an old fashioned carpeting but not thrown to the diversity agenda police and the spineless suits at the BBC. This is why many people no longer trust the nation's broadcaster to represent the people and give us an unfiltered view of the world. We've just lost one of the last, and perhaps the most talented maverick broadcaster in the country.
  11. So no Bottleneck beer tent and entertainment, and the promenade dug up so the traffic is going nowhere. We certainly know how to run things...
  12. We haven't exactly been successful with the 'rock star' types before Derek.
  13. Douglas Corporation piss on their chips again...
  14. I'd agree too but that was mostly tribalism and masculine posturing. Much of that male working class culture has disappeared now.
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