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  1. Our own government should be there with an immediate relief fund. They send enough overseas in foreign aid. Let's see them spending it on their own people who are in need. If it was the farmers the money would be there straight away. It always is. Perhaps they consider it would be an admission of culpability. Hard to see how they can absolve themselves from responsibility here though.
  2. No, no sign of John on this one. Much respect to Ecobob though. He's been here from the start. It's not often that a poster makes such a difference and clarifies a situation like he's done. If I were in The Mines right now Bob I'd buy you a pint. Well done fella...
  3. Inspired post that Quilp. Love it Edited to add: Lightbulb: Are you sure that was Beach Buddies you turned up at and not a naturist group ? I could understand them being a bit sniffy if you had all your kit on.
  4. .....and if and when we know all the facts, who made the decisions, all the factors, we'd still be in the same place and we'd still more than likely be right. The standard Manx defence is always the same old 'You don't know the facts'. Politicians and civil servants have hidden behind that argument and ass-covering for generations and it doesn't wash anymore.
  5. Agree with Roger. No real tangible skills or ability necessary; just a bullshit virtuoso, fluent in the language, at least five years experience in the field of bullshit, scrubs up well and looks good in a business suit. Non-Manx candidate will be preferred (Dandara have got a shitload of properties to sell and we need to get the population stats up).
  6. If Stu can genuinely run his own show, be his own man, play his own records, and not be swamped by adverts then I might give him a listen. If management or Brindley have their hand up his back then I won't bother. I've hardly listened to Manx Radio for the last twenty years at least and it will take something decent to get me back. I wish you all the best for your new show Stu and hope it's the sort of radio you've always wanted to do. Good luck.
  7. The first and still the greatest four minutes of the U.K. punk scene in the mid 70s. Hell, it's one of the greatest singles of all time and as fresh today as it was then. R.I.P Barry Masters who died today.
  8. Yes, it sounds contradictory but it was actually a form of social order and kept some of those little gobshites in their place. We've lost all that now that social order has been wholly professionalised and given over entirely to the police. When we were kids we kept our mouths shut around the pubs and clubs and mostly kept out of trouble. The gobshites can do and say what they like now and no one dares lift a finger to them.
  9. Fighting used to be good for business. The boys would get tanked up on a good bellyfull of the brewery's ale before kicking off. Young people don't believe you but it really was like the Wild West at the weekends in the 60s and 70s. Are both your remaining ears on either side though Donald ?
  10. If Brexit and the referendum had been a good idea in the first place, we'd have left back in March with a great deal. It's because it's always been such a shit idea that we've had so many obstacles and disagreements and who knows where we're going now. Just because you think you're right Woody doesn't mean you're right.
  11. It was a very short honeymoon though. Didn't Mugabe accuse Peter Hain of being Peter Tatchell's wife, after Tatchell made a citizen's arrest of Mugabe when Bob the Builder was visiting London ? Bob was a staunch homophobe and didn't see the good in Tatchell, or Hain, after that.
  12. What The Lurker said. Unless and until Parliament completely locks out any potential manoeuvre by those pulling Johnson's strings they'd be utterly stupid to contest an election, for the following reason: If there was any chance of still going out on a no-deal on 31st October, Farage would throw his candidates under the bus to get Johnson over the line. Corbyn has sat on the pot for three whole years, now's not the time to sh*t.
  13. What Labour 'coup' would that be Woody ? Christ, I'll be glad when this is all over, just so I don't have to read your shite ever again. Give it a rest, we know where you're coming from.
  14. Absolutely fantastic archive this Amadeus. Sad to remember some of those who are no longer with us. I'm sure there are people who could name most of these riders and I don't see why it couldn't be done on here, rather than on a specialist site or forum, which I'd be unlikely to see. I'm not that much of a fan, but I still like to see them. Thanks again
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