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  1. 'Steve "Interesting" Davis's image was probably harmed too. Year later we've found out he's probably the only interesting snooker player of that era.' The only one who thought Steve 'interesting' was Barry Hearn. The two of them cleaned up and ruined the game.
  2. Ronnie's the sort of fella that wouldn't even bend over to tie his shoelace.
  3. Isn't that one of his older posts though ? It sounds familiar.
  4. Can't blame Cregeen. He wouldn't have had a clue what was going on and they'd have run rings around him. He wouldn't have made any decisions - not even one. You could certainly argue that he should've known what was going on but that's not how things work here.
  5. Manx politics used to have its share of 'matronly' women; usually those at the end of their careers, or bored with society lunches. They combined it with church activities and charity work. There were a few exceptions. Today's women mostly aren't interested. Why would they be when they can have careers off-Island in the professions, the media, business, teaching, etc; None of the women I ever speak to, young and old, have any ambition to go into politics.
  6. Yes, Dilli's got the wrong David there. There's a bit of an irony to this story though.
  7. More outfits than Dick Emery.
  8. Port St Mary used to be one of the prettiest villages on the Island. I've watched it go downhill for the last forty odd years, and there's been nothing to reverse that decline in all that time. A complete failure of local and central government. Ditto Castletown. Other towns and villages have fared little better. But for much of that time the Island was awash with money, new business, housing development, new residents, low unemployment etc. All government could do was to blow tax revenues on vanity projects and creating a huge public bureaucracy. This fella had a point.
  9. So how did he get it past Congress; the Senate; Supreme Court; the Washington Post/New York Times etc. They're a tough crowd. Clinton had just been impeached and they still remember Nixon. How did Bush even get himself re-elected ? Did he fool everyone except the conspiracy chasers ?
  10. Toots has gone. This was the best record to come out of that whole Jamaican ska/reggae scene of the '60s and '70s. One of the few records that can get me on a dancefloor.
  11. But there's so many of these conspiracy theories, for every major tragic event. Some people (mostly white males) want answers, closure, and an explanatory framework. They can't accept the randomness of a chaotic world and believe that there's an underlying order to events. Conspiracies have been around for thousands of years but have been given impetus in recent decades by the collapse of democratic legitimacy in the West.
  12. There are still plenty of conspiracy nutters about too. You can fool the U.S. Federal Government and Judiciary but you can't fool these conspiracy boys. The anniversary has brought them out of their holes again.
  13. This isn't about you though.
  14. Boot's been busy with his sights on small feathery things in recent months. Give the guy a break
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