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  1. A local L.G. would be too compromised and controlled by vested interests. They would just be another vanity President and would serve little democratic purpose or function beyond little trips to Westminister and the occasional reception at the Palace. Neither do we have a good record when it comes to self-scrutiny. Take a look at the Legislative Council. Who could name more than three or four of its members ? Not me. It's actually worse now than it's ever been with a membership solely 'elected' on their gender rather than any actual political experience or having ever faced an electorate.
  2. The SNP could be about to implode once the court case gets going. Sturgeon has made a bitter enemy of Alex Salmond and he could bring her down. I doubt the SNP will be riding so high in a year or two, and I think Boris knows that too. Independence would be disastrous for Scotland anyway. They'd soon be bankrupt again like they almost were in 1707 and England bailed them out with the Act of Union.
  3. It's a useful phrase but of course we were never actually colonised. Our relationship to the U.K. is a very old constitutional arrangement that on balance probably benefits us.
  4. You're on the right lines Chris but NB is right. As things stand the LG is not the immediate problem. No one really wants to retain the position but we need to be able to trust our own system of government before we take a further step to independence. Personally I neither want that or see it happening anyway.
  5. Here to keep count of the sheep I was told...
  6. Or spin the moon on your middle finger
  7. Would Corkill have gone if it hadn't been for the L.G. and his Crown responsibilities ? The Manx Establishment would surely have brushed it under the carpet like everything else.
  8. I suppose we get the benefits of being under the Crown's umbrella.
  9. Time they appointed a woman. We're long past the days of boys only clubs.
  10. Even when I was at university, the consumerist model of education was slowly creeping in. Give the customers students what they want. Who's teaching who ? The whole idea of what Education is has been completely turned upside down in my lifetime.
  11. He wouldn't have got past me either wearing something resembling a Halloween fright mask. Total asshole.
  12. Don't be daft Declan. Anyone else see a resemblance to Donald Pleasance ?
  13. Probably could've made Chief Minister if it hadn't been for his homophobia...
  14. Dreadful times the '70s and '80s in the IOM. Dumb ignorance and prejudice, hypocrisy and corruption everywhere. Makes me really angry just thinking of it. Wish I had a time-machine and nothing to lose...
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