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  1. Shake me up Judy

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    I agree with La Colombe to a degree here. There is an element of negligence, particularly in allowing young inexperienced boy racers onto public roads without speed limits. There is an inevitability about death and serious injury on the Island's roads. It's a trade-off that is made with the full knowledge and experience of history. Who benefits ?
  2. Shake me up Judy

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    Some years ago during T.T. I stopped to report a dangerous driver to a young roadside cop. Wish I hadn't have bothered because he wasn't interested. I got the distinct impression that he thought I was interfering or being an unnecessary nuisance. Perhaps unfairly, I also wondered if he actually enjoyed the madness and was totting up his overtime in his head. I've never bothered again.
  3. Shake me up Judy

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    You don't need lots of resources. Bang up a few lunatics, give them serious bans, impound the vehicles etc, and everyone soon gets the message
  4. Shake me up Judy

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    Yawn. We've been over this many times before. It's not just speed per se, but the differential speed on Island roads that creates danger. If you consider motorway driving, the safety is mostly in the fact that most drivers are travelling at roughly the same speed for their lane. Motorways only work if cars keep moving en masse. As soon as someone hits the brakes everyone stops; as soon as some lunatic goes too fast it's the same consequential result, because at some point somebody will have to hit the brakes. Was driving over the mountain recently, doing about 50-60mph. Slowed down to about 5mph because with traffic coming the other way there wasn't room to safely pass a couple of cyclists. They were doing nothing wrong and riding sensibly. The view of any cars behind me was limited as it was only just past a blind bend. Fortunately the next car following was able to jam the anchors on and a collision was averted. Differential speed.
  5. Shake me up Judy

    Good Music Never Dies

    Saw Terry Reid a couple of times Paul. A mesmerising performer and marvellous singer. Up there with the very best in his heyday. He had Mick Taylor (ex Rolling Stones) with him on one of those occasions, so what a treat that was ! Also agree with you about the Last Waltz and The Band. The best concert ever recorded and filmed.
  6. Shake me up Judy


    The police are hamstrung on this. They can't go in and arrest the ringleaders, for fear of race riots and London on fire the night after. Khan will have told them not to. Also, I'm increasingly hearing the liberal argument that black youths are carrying knives for protection - and that would be the get out when it comes to arrest and court. London will increasingly resemble Paris, where more police and the army are on the streets, and there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it.
  7. Shake me up Judy

    Memorial Ride Out

    It's the revving of engines that is most inappropriate. A quiet ceremony would have gone unnoticed and not drawn the same attention.
  8. Shake me up Judy

    Tits Out...

    DED have got enough tits getting paid already...
  9. Shake me up Judy

    Memorial Ride Out

    You're absolutely right on this Sultan. Nothing wrong with remembering motorcycle racers, however they see fit; but any other day than this. To break the day's tone of respectful silence with the revving of engines is dumb insensitivity at its worst - even by IOM standards. Which idiots came up with this idea and how is it permitted on Remembrance Sunday ? I give up...
  10. Shake me up Judy

    Daft Daphne is at it again

    Victorian-era cartoon from Punch: "Please 'm, ain't we black enough to be cared for ?" (Dickens called it 'telescopic philanthropy' in Bleak House)
  11. Shake me up Judy

    Tits Out...

    How is it empowering to get your kit off for a newspaper ? (I'll bet she doesn't know either)
  12. Shake me up Judy

    Winter watching

    I've not seen the Ray Donovan series yet but it's on the list. Have watched two series of Better Call Saul and looking forward to catching up with the third. Bob Odenkirk is excellent in the central role. Both the Ken Burns series you mention are definitive on their subject;, sometimes almost overwhelming in their impact. The CD of the Vietnam soundtrack is an emotional ride through the key years of the war. I've yet to see his World War 2 boxset on the Pacific but am looking forward to that too. Billions (series one) was good and worth a watch. A bit too slick perhaps but I'll watch anything that has the great Paul Giamatti. Will definitely catch series two.
  13. Shake me up Judy

    Good Music Never Dies

    Sad to hear that Tony Joe has died. This song is one of the greatest ever written and a personal favourite. RIP Swamp Fox.
  14. Shake me up Judy

    Zappa Fans...

    No, I didn't know that Slade had covered a Frank song either ! Decent version too. There was always much more to Slade than their chart hits and popular image. Thanks, La Colombe
  15. Shake me up Judy

    Zappa Fans...

    Now here's some proper Frank...