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  1. Don't understand some of the negativity on this thread. Nothing beats the collective narcissism of Manx crabs.
  2. It's a tired feature of Manx life that the village mentality of 'mind your own business' and the 'need to know' rule still persists. We've never matured as a modern open society and democracy, and 'outsiders' bring a mentality that's not welcomed. The Manx cling to their traditions and that common island fantasy that we live in a timeless and unchanging communal paradise, if only the doubters could see it. Where the tide comes in and goes out twice a day and we are lead by wise elders and the invisible rudder of our forebears. Where the politicians and the police should be allowed to get on wi
  3. Most incidents up there are because of people being stupid and acting like idiots. There's no general public interest argument to put emergency phones on Marine Drive. End of.
  4. With everyone on social media ? Don't make me laugh...
  5. I don't think you get the hang of this democracy malarkey Thommo. Will you be voting in September ?
  6. Exactly Gladys. There's absolutely no reason why serious incidents shouldn't be reported. They are newsworthy and the public have a right to be informed. When cases come to court the presiding deemsters need to grow a pair and stop letting defence counsels monkey around to stretch out the fee.
  7. I agree with you Non-Believer but adverse publicity and a fair trial is up to the court to decide, and shouldn't prevent proper and responsible reporting of serious crime. The public have a right to know.
  8. None of the above. All known villains and that's putting it politely. Nothing on Manx Radio this morning, not even a mention. Story will now be all tucked up nice and snug like everything else as far as the police and the media are concerned. Every dog in the street in Ramsey knows these characters though and the story will come out through unofficial channels. As somebody posted above, expect a call-out for witnesses in about three months time.
  9. At least Quirkio spoke out on the continuing scourge of vandalism in Onchan, as he's quite entitled to do - Commissioner or not. He's a private citizen and they don't own him. If I was a Commissioner I'd be kicking someone's ass hard for this. Utter stupidity and local politics at its worst. I can't recall Onchan Commissioners speaking out about vandalism in the village, but that's no surprise. They like to posture and puff hot air at meetings but there's never any action. It's the Manx way.
  10. It's time the Chief Minister and President of Tynwald stepped into this mess with the DHSC and Dr Glover or this thing will drag on for months, with an election only months away. That's supposedly their role, their job, and what they're paid for. Howard can't sidestep this now. The DHSC clearly want to drag it out with the lawyers. It shows contempt for Tynwald and democracy. What powers does the PAC have to order a department to appear before the committee within a certain time limit, and before the election in September ? It needs resolving.
  11. But never forget that senior government ministers and the Island's media, knowingly and willingly were happy to maintain that fantasy and sell it to the taxpayers of the Island. Another Allan Bell - Eddie Teare production if I remember. Utter contempt for Tynwald and the taxpayers.
  12. I think you caricature the people who buy this sort of stuff. You'd probably be surprised.
  13. It's people's lifestyle habits that have f**ked up the countryside. I used to walk the dog in the plantations back in the '70s. You'd never see a soul and the peace and quiet was wonderful. I wouldn't dream of going there now. I've nothing against cyclists, and used to ride myself, but they shouldn't be riding where they like whenever they like. It doesn't work. People's freedoms have to be balanced out and restricted. The countryside is being used as an outdoor gymnasium 365 days of the year. Same goes for offroad motorcycles too. No need to ban anybody, just to rethink it and limit access to
  14. I suspect that the non-disclosure agreement will be the most likely outcome. It's been used plenty of times before. It's a big number and an offer that most cannot refuse. My hunch is that it's probably already been agreed.
  15. Weren't there problems with some of the new houses on the Pondy recently ? Rhumsaa will know.
  16. Batman and Robin you mean ?
  17. Funny you should say that Quilp...
  18. In the same week that the Duke of Edinburgh died. Unbelievable. Every child in the IOM should spend a week or more at this wonderful educational facility in one of the most beautiful locations we have. What an experience for them. A place to learn about themselves and others; to learn life skills; develop socially and emotionally; self-reliance, maturity, resilience and coping; fresh air, exercise, and just having fun. More value in a week than in a whole term of school. I give up with this Island.
  19. Aren't we also forgetting the First Lord of the Long Grass ?
  20. Yes, Major Rushen's spelling is more Catterick than Sandhurst.
  21. That doesn't even begin to cover it. Step out of your bubble and think about history, nationhood, and politics on the big scale. Prince Philip was a main player of his times and did it with dignity, style, modesty, courage etc; and still retained his individuality. His life was a good example to all who choose to understand it.
  22. Correct. It hasn't led to any devolution of powers or changed our relationship to the U.K. The role carries no leadership or democratic function and does nothing for the Island or its people. It's achieved nothing but further expense for the taxpayer.
  23. A wonderful life and a great servant to his adopted nation. There's a fascinating documentary on YouTube about his mother and Philip's turbulent childhood that I watched recently. Highly recommended.
  24. What really frustrates me about Rodan is that he could've made a real difference and done a lot of good for Manx politics. He got too caught up in the whole constitutional history and romance of an independent Tynwald. Maybe it was a surrogate for his own ambitions for Scottish independence - I don't know. I'll give Watterson his due: he's made the odd mistake but at least he gets stuck into the issues and doesn't just fanny around in fancy dress.
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