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  1. I've said it on here before everytime this comes up, but the signage coming down into the Gooseneck is piss-poor for inexperienced drivers who don't know how tight it is. Has been for years and the DOI has never listened. Still one sign last time I checked showing a 60 degree left-hand bend. It's nearer 160 degrees. If you don't know the road and it's foggy it can take you by surprise.
  2. You were listening to Michael Holding's choices on Desert Island Discs, weren't you China ?
  3. I've grown to quite like Neil Oliver but he is a bit of a 'daft laddie' as they say in Scotland for his views on vaccination. I really like GB News and most of their presenters are great but there is the occasional foolish rant and idiocy. I suspect Andrew Neil, who doesn't suffer fools gladly, probably wanted more control of who they put before the camera too.
  4. A woman like that could make a fool of most men.
  5. What a load of horseshit all this retirement hoopla is. Howard didn't make any decisions or provide any leadership throughout his whole tenure. He did what he was told and always toed the line he was given. That's why he got the job in the first place.
  6. Brinks Mat gold robbery laundering wasn't it ?
  7. Likely as not we'll never know the facts either, as they'll probably never be released or reported. It's the Manx way. There was a serious stabbing in Ramsey a year or so ago. Remember that ? I believe someone was gaoled for it but I don't recall seeing it reported or anyone named. Perhaps I just missed it.
  8. I doubt that the local media and Plod would be so indulgent of these assholes if it was a group of local tossers and not the very respectable and English sounding Mr Courtney Heading. I've not followed this thread and know nothing about him but it seems he's being given a platform here that his loony-tune views don't merit, because of who he is. Many people would take offence.
  9. Feltons. Great shop. There are some decent shops in Ramsey. Always has been. A pleasant shopping experience and plenty of cafes for lunch or a brew.
  10. The lunatics will want to give the retreating West a bloody nose before they leave. It's too good a chance to miss and this was inevitable. It could only be the start. Might be an excuse though for the West to really take the gloves off this time and firmer leadership to take over.
  11. Have I seen this boat in Ramsey ?
  12. It's on YouTube but try and watch it in the best quality Blu-ray you can. You can probably buy a decent edition quite reasonably and you'll watch it several times. It's one hell of a film. Come back on and tell us what you thought of it.
  13. That wonderful film of Kipling's short story The Man Who Would Be King says a lot about Afghanistan and imperial ambition. It still speaks to today's world and the current ignominious withdrawal.
  14. I can't think of a bigger political/military shit-show in my lifetime.
  15. Wouldn't be the magic though. It was also the way Charlie played with Keith Richards (Himself a very rhythmic player) and left holes for Keith to fill. The Stones at their best had a wonderful rhythmic stew that was mostly about Charlie and Keith, although Bill Wyman was a very under-rated bass player too.
  16. Great post Gladys. It's that neighbourly sense of community that's been lost, even outlawed. If I'd have been at that woman's house that night I'd have gone out, given the kids a warning and confronted the ringleader; perhaps even straightened him up a bit if he'd been gobby. The police would've been there in half the time and I'd have been led off in the back of the van. It wouldn't have stopped me though. I lost any faith in the law and justice a long time ago. This comes from a sense of what we've lost, not some macho bullshit.
  17. Listen to Charlie on this Stones classic and you'll hear what I mean:
  18. No one accented time quite like Charlie. The rock upon which the Stones rolled.
  19. Children are very lucky to grow up on the IOM. It's a beautiful safe environment with play opportunities and green spaces everywhere. Onchan has everything a young child could want.
  20. Did you ever get a hiding though John ? Onchan is a wonderful village to grow up in. There's so much to do and it's a relatively safe environment. It sure ain't Kabul.
  21. Some huge losses to the world of music lately. First Nanci Griffith, then Don Everly, and now Charlie Watts. He was a great drummer and I hope the Stones pack it in now. I doubt that Mick and Keith will want to continue without him.
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