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  1. I'd argue that most of the real unemployed - the real figure - either don't sign on or can't sign on because they're ineligible for benefit.
  2. Not all public sector workers are on the gravy train though. The pension schemes are pyramids where the ones at the bottom get a very poor return while those at the top get the real serious gravy. For those at the bottom the growth rate is so slow that they could work till they're eighty and still get a piss poor pension; while others at the top retire at 55-60 with a wheelbarrow full of annuity and lump sum on top of the massive salary that Joe Public has been paying them.
  3. Just read this Quilp. Didn't know him but I remember seeing him play, and know that he was a very highly respected musician. Very sorry for your loss. ETA: Have just watched the video. Wow, what a talent. 'Any man that can play like that...'
  4. Even Bob Newhart couldn't have written a sketch this funny. LMAO 'Then what do the passengers do Walt ?'
  5. It's a runaway train and Tynwald can't stop it. Remember Proffitt at the MEA; he just told them to do one. Christian at IOM Film ran rings around them; Aspden at the FSC wrote his own cheques and set his own remuneration; A.G. just laughed at them and took them for a ride; Pugh at Manx Radio told them to 'mind their own business' (or some such phrase); and Longworth and Reynolds have been sitting pretty for years just waiting for the big pension, courtesy of you and me, to kick in. Add to this the ones who've been paid to go quietly after all the 'mal-administration' over the years. This is just the tip of a very big iceberg and it's the ones you don't hear about that are the even bigger drain on the public purse. The money going out of the door and into pockets in the Health Service is eye watering I'm told.
  6. Alex Downie was Minister for Space at the time. All that experience looking up black holes as a chimney sweep swung it for him...
  7. I never went but according to friends in the know, the original Jurby Day's of a few years ago were a fantastic success. Truly a chance to build on something that worked and wholly run by amateurs and enthusiasts. Then Skelly and the boys got involved....end of.
  8. Him and Burt Lancaster made some great films between them and were both fine screen actors. They did everything that the next generation of Pacino's and DeNiro's would do years later. I never saw either in the theatre but I'm sure they would be equally good on stage or screen. Kirk could occasionally chew the scenery but he had fantastic energy and power as an actor. His son Michael wasn't too shabby either but nowhere near as good as his dad. Truly the last of the 50s greats. RIP Mr Douglas.
  9. Legally have the power ? I doubt that if it was really tested.
  10. Politicians have no real power and very little influence. We've been over this many times. If they go up against major sectoral interests such as farmers and landowners; senior health care professionals; the big utilities; public sector directors and executives; the local judiciary; property developers; free-masonry, the religious mob (declining) etc, they just get a bloody nose. He who still shall not be named even from beyond the grave, had the powers of a Tsar over government, the media and the people..
  11. I remember Jim Mellon telling us all in 2016 how Brexit would be wonderful for the Island. Is he still here ? WTF is knocking it out of the park this morning. I think we're going to need his sense of humour.
  12. I've been hearing this 'niche marketing' buzz phrase for decades now. When was the last one that really made a difference ? It only seems to generate revenue for those PR companies and individuals who dream up these schemes. This latest one ranks with the £30,000 fairy houses or whatever they were. I've quite forgotten already.
  13. I don't hear it so much now but at the same time as this was going on, the Government was really pushing out the proud, strong and independent Mann bullshit. It was often assumed by 'come-overs' that we were all proud Manx men and women, confident in our identity. I remember always feeling conflicted by the rhetoric and the reality. Nationalism certainly didn't have the answers and was even part of the problem. Things have toned down a lot since then and I think we all feel a bit more comfortable in our skin. Perhaps that's just me though...
  14. Gladys is right. This isn't historical revisionism. I well remember this time when there was nothing less than a witch-hunt against homosexuals and the Island was like something out of The Wicker Man. Edgar Quine was the Witch-Finder General cheered on by an army of religious bigots and the ignorant. A shameful time in the Island's recent history. At the same time a blind eye was turned to those homosexuals in the Manx Establishment, paedophilia, and financial and administrative corruption.
  15. Well credit at least to him for that. It needed saying, even if for some it'll be far too late.
  16. I wonder if the eulogist at the funeral can speak for one minute without hesitation, repetition or deviation ?
  17. No, they're sometimes necessary, but not in this case.
  18. I reckon his colour probably had something to do with the attention he's received too. I'd never heard of him either. Why should I have done ?
  19. I remember hearing stories that the tourists got well fleeced anyway and the object was to get every penny out of them before they left and the next lot arrived. There were plenty of scams on the ferries too so let's put this into context.
  20. With pay rises all round ?
  21. He probably overdid the disguise with a Cossack sabre dance but got himself stuck in the door on the way out.
  22. Another great post Derek but don't look to the politicians to step up in our plutocratic old boys club. The art of politics in the IOM is to look the other way and whistle. It pays well too.
  23. Any T.T. display at the Manx Museum will be very small scale and inadequate, rather like the tourism display. The Manx Museum is a lot better than it used to be but the building is just too limited. Also, as others have said, the managerial and committee culture that prevails throughout Government will mitigate against the whole project. What has been achieved out at Jurby is a lesson here; two cracking transport museums run by amateurs and not a jobsworth in sight. If it was up to me I'd consider turning the House of Manannan (Always a white elephant) into a proper and comprehensive T.T. museum and letting volunteers and enthusiasts run it. It's looking very tired as it is.
  24. I wonder how many kids voted for Jason Moorhouse in Arbory and Castletown ?
  25. It's a dumbshit idea. Even at eighteen and far beyond that, people understand little of politics beyond simple knee-jerk nostrums; one or two emotional issues of the day, and well meaning but naive solutions to complex problems. There's a fundamental misunderstanding about politics and democracy; that everyone is an informed and rational voter. It's part of the democratic fallacy and the road to Trump.
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