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  1. 'Poetic' ? Are you serious ? Give me some examples.
  2. I always thought he was a tit in the first place and never understood what people saw in him. His droning voice and lyrics were awful. Johnny Marr was the real talent in The Smiths.
  3. Total waste of time and money. Without the political will or resolve to do anything meaningful and take on vested interests it's pointless. There's been a housing crisis on the IOM for as long as I can remember.
  4. Exactly. It was curiosity and small talk. Taking an interest; cultural engagement (Can we even call it that ?) etc. The sort of thing she's done for most of her life travelling to every part of the globe. Part of the job. This is just another BLM hijack of a white establishment figure.
  5. Don't always agree with Bernard but he's making a serious point. No need for the personal stuff though.
  6. Lady Susan would've met many thousands of people from every corner of the Commonwealth in a long and distinguished career following the Queen around the world. A racist ? I sincerely doubt it.
  7. My thoughts too. That whole area used to be beautiful but now it's full of low-lifes and the rose garden cloister a haven for druggies and winos. No one seems to be bothered. Looking at that slide show can anybody tell me anything that's better in 2022 than the Island was in 1962 ?
  8. 'There's nowt wrong with gala luncheons lad !'
  9. Government should be insisting that all new homes are future proofed with full insulation, solar panels, heat pumps, EV charging points etc. They shouldn't be add-ons at extra cost. Some of the new local authority housing is, but how much are they paying per unit ?
  10. I think you might be right Sid. Too many others were on the dip as well, some of them big names too. They won't want another 'expenses' type scandal so soon after the last one, and hot on the heels of the Boris shenanigans while he was PM. It will be interesting to see if a prosecution follows, or is buried.
  11. Good job that she's not black too. The BLM mob would be all over us.
  12. Latin is more useful than Manx. It opens up two thousand years of knowledge, learning and the whole of European culture. Manx doesn't really connect to anything much outside of itself.
  13. I'm unsure whether educating today's young kids at a Manx language school, funded by the taxpayer, is what we should be doing. There's no OFSTED inspection either. Perhaps someone could convince me.
  14. Phil's all 'clubby-clubby' now and up to his nadgers with the big boys. He was offered redemption for his youthful idealism and grabbed it with both hands.
  15. One that you can chuck yer tools in the back of is handy too.
  16. But he doesn't have a big national newspaper and media lawyers covering his back. The Manx Establishment would easily crush his dog and pony show if he became a nuisance.
  17. Didn't Moulton claim that he'd been 'advised' to lay off the questions ?
  18. The Peel girls would pinch your fish and nick some of your chips too while you were at it.
  19. I've never known Manx journalists to be 'on it' and I go back a fair way. It's the way the Island is. No journalist would last five minutes here if they really started digging.
  20. I see what you did there Q. Was that one of Max's kids that you went to school with Gladys ?
  21. This woman is as dodgy as her underwear. Nice bolt-hole on the IOM courtesy of Allan Bell's 'express planning' policy for HNWI. Made a peer by dodgy Dave Cameron too. Yet we're constantly assured that the IOM is as clean as a scout's whistle and tighter than a nymph's hatch. The ordinary public are the mugs once again...
  22. And now Dan McCafferty, one time Island resident for a short while. A voice that could strip paint but one that could turn and inflect a phrase better than most. RIP Dan
  23. I wonder what they meant by that ? Up to what job ?
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