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  1. On 9/14/2022 at 11:23 AM, AOR said:

    Maybe this should be in Douglas Sh@thole thread but I suppose this one can't be blamed on Douglas per se, but it does remind me of Douglas from the 1970s and beyond, when it was sport for the local thugs to batter random visitors

    An unprovoked attack on someone visiting the Island to watch his son play football. (Aye, the Isle of Man has dead 'ard football supporters).

    This is in Castle Street and man who had had "a few alcoholic drinks" hit a visitor in an unprovoked attack.

    Amazingly, Article 8 of the Human Rights Act was invoked

    From Manx Independent:


    Scum like this used to get a good pasting, sometimes from the coppers. That's what they need but they don't get it. They do get a lawyer, probation and social workers, and a lenient court. The innocent victim gets f**k all and no justice. I'd be paying Michael Trevor France a visit... 

  2. I can remember when the working people of this Isle were taught their propers and always reminded of their place. Step out of line and you paid the price, one way or another. Not so long ago. We've moved on a bit but that traditional Manx hierarchy is still very much in place. It's just a little more subtle these days, but scratch it and it's still there.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, wrighty said:

    She led a great life, and her passing is rightly mourned. I still cannot understand why people are leaving bunches of petrol station flowers outside her front gates though. 

    One other thought - now we have King Charles, how many Commonwealth states will use the opportunity to ditch the British monarch as their head of state? Queen Elizabeth, even the ardent republicans could respect. But Charles????

    The Commonwealth has actually grown in recent decades and is bigger than ever. 

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  4. It's the protocol and the way these things are handled. The media are doing their job and very respectfully too. The Queen is probably near the end and they're giving the family some private time with her.

    Some idiots on here need to STFU too. 

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  5. He'll be in California with the Sussex's before Christmas. Truss will be a disaster. They should've kept Boris at least until after the election in two years. If they'd have kicked his ass really hard, and then got an inner circle of people like Lord Frost, David Davies and Duncan-Smith tight around him, he could have got through till 2024. Oh well, it's done now...

    In other news, Corbyn's calling for another winter of discontent. FFS.

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  6. 36 minutes ago, BriT said:

    No but there is a classic quote on IOM Newspapers website from the DHSC lawyer Jeremy Callin who apparently said: ‘With respect to the employment tribunal, they are not there to prevent miscarriages of justice.’

    Quite what they are there for would be interesting to know if it’s not to stop people obtaining miscarriages of justice. 

    🤣 You wouldn't want him defending you in court would you...

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  7. I can tell you from first hand that the Public Sector is still growing. They're by far the most powerful professional group on the Island, with formidable clout, and it's a runaway (gravy) train. Who's going to stop it ? Certainly not the politicians - who are they ? They don't run anything, have no expertise, don't make the decisions, have limited power and know fuck all. The Ranson case only opened the lid because she had professional advice and the resources behind her to fight back.

    I genuinely think Alf Cannan will try to do his best though, and the outcome of the next few days could be interesting - or disappointing. The appeal decision last week at least gave hope for some optimism. We'll see.

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  8. A week ago Hooper had an out. Now he's up to his neck in it. Like every man and his dog, he watched Ashford hang himself with his own hubris, and he's gone and done exactly the same thing. Perhaps Ashford could lend him his book of Churchill speeches too. I think he's going to need it.

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  9. Shame that the owners of Abbotswood didn't have the same deep pockets of Dr Ranson, backed by the BMA and a Queen's Counsel. Perhaps we've had the wool pulled over our eyes.

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  10. Wasn't there also a suggestion of bullying by the DHSC in the Abbotswood affair. Was it ever properly investigated and reported ? Were some of the same individuals involved as in the Ranson case ? 

  11. Fantastic interview that. Well done IOM TV and Paul Moulton. Forensic stuff for anyone who wants to get up to speed on this. Big respect to all involved and especially Chris Robertshaw who has shone a light on this from the beginning. 

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  12. How can the Attorney General sit in judgement here ? In a case where he himself presumably instructed the claimant ? Will the Tribunal accept this judgement, and is it binding ? Should this hearing even go ahead ?

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  13. 1 hour ago, Zarley said:

    Rates are included in the rent for public housing. 

    Yes, I know that, but never get an answer to what public housing tenants are actually paying, compared to private rate payers. I suspect the rateable value is a lot less than comparable private properties. It may be included in the rent but how much of that is rates on the property ? Anybody know ?


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  14. 8 hours ago, Non-Believer said:

    Doubtless, the colours will be rich though...

    You can bet too that most private housing rate payers will be clobbered again next year and there'll be no cost of living rebate. Mine was nearly £1600 this year for a single occupancy apartment. The high rate payers on the IOM continue to subsidise the low rate payers and those in public housing. 

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  15. This is all about keeping certain individuals from having to face an enforced holiday in Jurby.

    Hooper should resign after that car-crash interview with Moulton. Embarrassing.

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  16. Simple answer to this is that the minority of cyclists who are behaving like twats wind their neck in. Their behaviour on the road is against common sense and this is where it's got them. One fourteen stone budgie shook his fist at me the other week because I didn't give him all the road he demanded. We all used to get on fine until the new lycra brigade started taking it to other road users and getting all aggressive. It's all timed 'training runs' now, always pushing it and emulating Cavendish with his intimidation and domination of opponents. If the govt bring in licence plates then they've only themselves to blame.   

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  17. Long overdue. A standard sized number plate, readable at the legal distance, front and back, are very light and could easily be mounted. If cyclists want to assert their rights on the road then it should come with responsibilites too.

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  18. 1 hour ago, WTF said:

    i think that jessop bloke from bradden was there too but not seen him in a while so not sure.

    He was front row. The only laugh while watching this stitch-up was Andrew Jessop's despairing reaction when another Smith ringer piped up to support their man. Andrew's head-shaking was a man at the end of his rope, knowing he'd wasted another whole evening on Manx politics. 

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