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  1. The safety of competitors and public alike is a basic requirement at any modern sporting event, and is in no way connected to whether competitors 'want' to take part. There are surely many more riders who would like to ride the IOM T.T. but who consider the dangers outweigh the thrill and reward. Boneheaded opinion even considers these latter riders as wimps or cowards because they DON'T WANT to race on the mountain circuit. Whether riders do or do not wish to compete should not invalidate the essential and primary need to provide a relatively safe track which ensures that the risks to competitors, officials and spectators are kept to an absolute minimum. This is 2011 for heavens sake and people at a SPORTING EVENT are still dying needlessly. At speeds of up to 200mph and average speeds of 130mph riders are merely only millimetres away from telegraph poles, stone walls, houses, kerbed pavements etc., and race on cambered roads of variable surface quality with manhole covers, potholes, drains, grids, gutters, shallow ditches and even stray wildlife. In case you're thinking I hate the T.T. you'd be wrong. I grew up with it and still have a great affection for the whole thing but like many others have woken up to the same inescapable conclusion.
  2. Perhaps somebody could give Spermann a bit of a history lesson. Allan Bell talks a good game but whether by poor judgement or bad luck, his name will be forever inscribed on countless monuments to Manx political folly for evermore. The miracle is that he seems to survive them all.
  3. Watching recent excellent documentaries on the history of Formula One, I'm once again reminded that the wider world of motorsport addressed the issue of safety a long time ago. Sadly, for commercial reasons, we chose not to.
  4. LDV: Are you Exidor the eccentric wizard from Mork and Mindy (Shaz-bot, nanu nanu) or Stu's idiot nephew ? Which is it ?
  5. Do you not remember the Jamie Bulger case LDV ? What would be your argument there ? Do you have one ?
  6. Didn't you read what Pugh said? It's not really licence fee money. It's just the BBC decided to give some money to the Isle of Government, just for being such a super bunch: no connection whatsoever with television or the money you pay the BBC. It's that kind of insight which just goes to show why MR's treatment of current affairs is so very good. Judging by this (which suddenly has a bit of context that was lacking when it was first published), another defence would be "we're a national treasure... bet you gobbags haven't even heard other radio stations...they're rubbish! You don't understand... we're not the BBC! Value for money! Leave me alone you maladjusted losers!" Stu's having another sulk but as Homer said, "let the baby have his bottle". It must be frustrating being Stu as we don't quite fit into his world view however much he tries to understand us. He's past the age and phase of mysteries and conspiracy theories and thinks he's attained the maturity of rational man in comfortable trousers, pint in one hand, fag in the other, and has generally been around a bit. But if you're reading this Stu, don't take offence, I reckon most of us quite like you - just stop trying so hard.
  7. ....and look what happened to John Rimmington. A question was asked at the PAG meeting the other night about investigative journalism and Roger Watterson put the usual cold dead hand on it with the standard Watterson defence. I'm sure Roger has seen deep within the belly of Manx politics but surely journalists are paid to ask questions, there's no harm in it and it's kind of what they're supposed to do. Surely they're also protected to some degree; there are laws which enshrine the freedom of the press and media. On his Sunday Opinion programme Roger too often plays gatekeeper and puts across the 'long view' with his familiar aphorisms of Churchill and Edmund Burke, reassuring the listeners that that old deep Manx wisdom will guide us all as long as we don't try and change anything. I think the very basic minimum that we're asking for is simply that our media report the news honestly and stop fobbing us off with the exceptions that only prove the rule. I'd be quite happy to see Manx Radio for instance being given a larger subvention if it meant that we got a better news and current affairs coverage. It would be worth the price for a healthier democracy, and greater openness and scrutiny. Finally, what's Blind Pugh doing in effectively the constructive dismissal of Bernie and Bob, two of Manx Radio's few decent presenters. The station has been in a race to the bottom for years, chasing the marketing man's magic demographic and getting dumb and dumber. Why not just put a monkey up there to spin records and eat bananas ? I've spoken to a few former employees of the station and the picture is pretty grim.
  8. The Queen's Pier is beautiful and this should have been done years ago. It would certainly do more for the quality of Ramsey than a bowling alley. I can't see this lot doing anything though as it takes vision, taste, and imagination. I'm not holding my breath.
  9. Yes, great post Vinnie, and couldn't agree more with Utah's suggestion. Let's see if we have a free press as they claim.
  10. This is beginning to look once again like a failure of due diligence at the highest level in our Finance industry, and coming right on top of the MEA scandal of only a couple of years ago you have to wonder who's minding the shop ?
  11. Every time something comes out about the FSC I find myself asking just what are we paying this Aspden guy for ? He must be one of the highest paid (if not the highest) public servants on the Island, and the FSC seems to always wash its hands of any involvement when things get a bit sticky.
  12. The tune and lyrics of Old Shep could easily be adapted.
  13. Could we link this thread with the Civil Partnerships debate ? Personally I like a shed with a nice pair of curtains.
  14. Just take them down to the Indian in Douglas, it'll achieve much the same thing. A vindaloo, a few pints of lager, and a taxi home (Douglas licensed cab of course), what would that come to a head ? Twenty five or thirty quid each maybe with tips as well. They could probably put it on expenses. Compare that with air fares from Reynoldsway then Heathrow to Bombay with an international carrier, and four or five star downtown hotel for several nights. That's a lot of rupees before you start. You see, it's not so difficult is it ? Maybe I could get a job on Manx Radio too....
  15. Oh no, please don't.... the classical architecture in the photo would have Tony and Al spinning for the cheque book, and as for the name, well, they do sound rather good don't they.
  16. Vinnie makes the point very well and it can be simplified down to one word - bullshit. Brown and his cronies lap this stuff up like mothers milk, purring with satisfaction at their grasp of management concepts and business jargon, nodding sagely every time some sharp-suiter turns another noun into a brand new verb. It's this fog of management ideology that's clouding a lot of the problems and hiring yet another Bobby Dazzler with his magic box of paints still won't fix what's bust.
  17. In my experience people involved with churches and choirs are no better or worse than the average person. Most of the ones I've met are good law abiding folk but I've met plenty that are deluded fools high on the smoke and medicine of the oldest legal drug of them all - religion. This guy has got himself in a mess, and he has my sympathy but he shouldn't get a softer ride just because he's in the church. What mitigating defence would an athiest get ?
  18. I think Stu knows which side his bread is buttered Yes, of course, in Simpleville that would be the motivation for everything I think, say or write. In Simpleville, having once been on the radio means you're a brainless and ineffective moron, and internet critics are always right. Vinnie K - not wishing to pick a fight, but would you expect to be able to quantify how successful Dan has been over the last two years from the outside and without sight of his brief and remit? For example, the entire structure of IOMG has changed over that period - I don't know if that was part of it or not. Stu: You ARE Alan Partridge (or should that be Jeremy Partridge ?). May I be the first to say Ahaaaa to you. Your little quips are straignt out of those fabulous glossy nerd magazines and have me rolling in my sodden underwear. Please stop it... no please...chortle...chuckle...Smallville....ooooh.....Ahaaaa....
  19. Well here's another one for you and I speak from some experience. If the posties were to drive wholly within speed limits, to always park legally and correctly, and follow the highway code to the letter, they couldn't get round in the time that is allotted for their collections and deliveries. That's why you see a lot of posties driving too fast and running on their walks. This idea of advanced driving instruction is yet more bollocks masquerading as efficiency savings and improved working methods.
  20. More total bollocks. Does Brown believe this sort of stuff ? All this exercise will do is to cut and trim front line staff and services while leaving the real fat cats within government to carry on as usual with their ring-fenced budgets, salaries and pensions. It won't be about what can we cut so much as who can we cut. I suggest Tony saves us all a few quid right away by forgetting this whole idea and stops listening to the men in pinstripe with their laptops and fancy powerpoints. That's where all the money is going but the penny hasn't dropped yet.
  21. I think the problem is both, and more. People like Brown and Karran thrive in a place like ours, where Brown is the emporer with no clothes, and Karran the court jester, both surrounded by 20 nodding donkeys and an apathetic public. With his inept waffle, Karran couldn't make a point, even handed a sharp pointy stick and a knife. Brown gets away with political murder, and is uncontrolled. People give little consideration to the toytown election we have here every 5 years, and prefer to get their opinions from the UK nationals rather than formulate their own, just vote for the last guy, or 'the guy that fixed my fence'. In the meantime, £Billions have been wasted here, and Douglas and Ramsey have become two rotten front teeth in what was once a wonderful smile. We deserve everything we have got. I just wish someone would get off their arse and do something about it. But they never do...because that someone is you and I...and it is far easier to peddle a few lines on a hardly read forum, than get out and do something about it. Very well put Tweek, a succinct overview of the real problem.
  22. Looking at the published names and ages of those in court today I can't help thinking that surely some of those involved were merely hired to post leaflets, hand out flyers, lick and stick envelopes, knock on doors and brew the tea. I can't believe that they were all in on a big conspiracy to defraud the electorate, yet they have become caught up in somebody else's dirty tricks. I would imagine that you could write on the back of a matchbox what wome of them would know of electoral law, rules and procedures. They are hardly the Watergate team for goodness sake. It would be a gross injustice if unwitting and naive employees were to be convicted while the candidate himself is able to dissociate himself from any wrongdoing. I wonder how he did that ? Good old Manx justice, you can't beat it.
  23. In the event of the path being washed into the sea the right of way will be reinstated. Provisional drawings show the new path re-routed through Clarkson's missus bedroom, on into the lounge and back out through the kitchen, meeting up with the original path at the nearest point.
  24. Leave Chris Robertshaw alone on this, surely he's echoing the thoughts of most people. If any group of people are moronic enough to want to hold a street party then let them apply for whatever licences and permits they need, sort out insurance, parking, road closures, paper cutlery whatever, and don't bother the rest of us with it, we don't want to know. This is not something that government should lead on or initiate, it's not the Chief Minister's or a government's role or function to get involved in the way in which private citizens celebrate their monarchy. People have been organising carnivals, parades, marches, street theatre, firework displays etc for generations and it's the responsibility of the organiser to obtain all the necessary permissions and paperwork if they wish to hold such an event. This initiative from the Chief Minister is unwarranted and an unnecessary intrusion. Are we living in Trumpton or what ? They'll be wanting to make it compulsory next.
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