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  1. This. Ditto Onchan Commissioners, Douglas Town Council, and the lot of them. It's the Manx way.
  2. They look smarter and more dignified on those old photos than the dogs breakfast of the current crop. The whole thing though looks an organised shambles and needs a serious rethink.
  3. You make a good point. If you are going to dress like that then it has to look right. Everyone can look smart. A properly tailored made to measure suit should be mandatory. Too many of our elected look like circus monkeys on Tynwald day and a national joke. Peter Karran was the worst offender in past years.
  4. Perhaps there's more to this than they're letting on. Any connection to the Baroness and PPE contracts ? It all looks a bit silly otherwise.
  5. Most of them look ridiculous. Don't they get it ? Does Ashie not have a mirror in the house ? Oh, hang on a minute...
  6. Government ministers shouldn't be getting involved in stupid Twitter rows and taking them seriously. Alf needs to have a word with her.
  7. I see Mossy is asking this question on Manx Radio's Tynwald Day programming. Bugger all really apart from taking all our good looking women. The gene pool never recovered. Shame that five hundred years earlier the Romans took one look at the Steam Packet fares and stayed in Chester. Better shopping too. We could've had better sanitation, a good health service, decent schools, more wine bars, proper public order, better sewerage, decent roads, etc.
  8. Ashford still doesn't get it does he. Arguably the key to the Ranson debacle was that Magson couldn't provide effective leadership and purview from hundreds of miles away. Ashie's comments today on the radio are another arse-covering exercise. But it's too late. We've already seen his arse.
  9. Scotland didn't vote against Brexit. That's political sophistry - a lie in simple terms. When Scots entered the Brexit ballot box they were voting as British citizens on Britain's membership of the European Union. The ballot paper said nothing about Scottish, English, Welsh or Northern Irish membership. It was the whole of the United Kingdom and was indivisible. Don't let Sturgeon and her crew fool you into that one.
  10. I don't doubt what you're saying Max but does anything really come from it ? The T.T. must always go on. This year it was five deaths but it could've been six, seven, eight, nine.... it wouldn't stop it all happening again next year. I don't think everyone truly understands that.
  11. Has the Coroner's report of the sidecar incident been pulled from the Courts website as well ?
  12. There'll be one of those Downfall videos on YouTube tomorrow set in the Mercedes Factory bunker when the news comes in that Longworth is retiring.
  13. Could anyone please put a rough figure on just how much this one individual has cost the taxpayer ? Capital expenditure and future liabilities on new fleets of buses, rolling stock, ticketing systems, restructuring; plus salary, pension etc; for the time he's held the post. I'll have a handkerchief ready...
  14. Democracy seems just as much in retreat, as the burgeoning world order that you describe. What you're seeing is really a net increase in wealth and living standards but most countries are far from democracies. Perhaps it's an idea that's had its day ? It certainly has its contradictions, and the newest super-power China seems to have no interest in it.
  15. It seems to me that the IOM has the best of both worlds: semi-independence under a constitutional monarchy. That's about as good as it gets unless A Fool could suggest another model of government, giving real world examples and not just some abstract socialist paradise. What the Island really needs to do is to put its own house in order. It's a joke, as the recent scandal with the Ranson tribunal proved once again. Putting an end to the Boys Club and the power of an unelected Public Sector would be the best thing we could do. Just don't expect it to happen.
  16. That ass looks nimble to me...
  17. It's pretty much four miles of stone walls start to finish.
  18. Close the forum just in case...
  19. I don't think it's deference at all. It's mostly symbolism and an embodiment of the nation, history, tradition, identity etc. If it was deference we'd have kicked them out generations ago. The British monarchy is more popular than it has been for a long time.
  20. They do have a wonderful history at the IOM T.T. that shouldn't be forgotten and have provided some fantastic racing over the years.
  21. Crass timing coming only a week after the Platinum Jubilee. Manx Radio haven't a clue. We seem to have an over-abundance of muppets at the moment and I'm not sure why this is.
  22. You're the biggest fool on here if you believe all that...
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