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  1. It would be great to see some of these boys retire now and live to enjoy their achievements. I'd get more out of seeing the likes of McGuinness pack it in than watching him throw his leg over the bike again. He's already passed into T.T. history and legend. Let's all just enjoy that and have those wonderful memories. Just stay off the bike.
  2. 'You either get it or you don't get it...'
  3. There are plenty who'd love to make us the story...
  4. I wonder does the footage still exist of the course car the day it ran into Steve Mercer ? I wonder if it has been lost or has it vanished ?
  5. I detect a hint of sarcasm in that patrician tone that we've come to know so well. Have you got the big suit on again ?
  6. Plausible deniability covers it almost everytime. Who on the IOM is going to challenge it or take the case ? Until you rock up with a Q.C. and the BMA union...
  7. Manx Radio have been calling it Ah-go's leap for the last few days. I think they may have changed it this morning. I bet the fans chuckled at that.
  8. Is that where you got the idea for the big suit ?
  9. Memo to self: Must remember 'open and transparent' government...
  10. John has his reasons but this stinks. Coming hot on the heels of the Rosalind Ranson case and IOM Govt's collusion in the attempt to gaslight and close down a 'whistleblower' to protect a career civil servant. The full implications of which are still to be realised. But here we are again and an internet forum effectively closed down from discussing a Government sponsored event. This time it's Callister that's showing to be the useful idiot and lickspittle.
  11. Clue.2 'We shall shred them on the beaches; on the landing grounds, and in the streets. We shall shred them in the hills and in the fields....'
  12. Gerrus a loaf of bread gal if yer goin' inta toun. Any'll do. Pay ya tomorra...
  13. Name: Two words: Second word - two syllables: First syllable - common tree: Second syllable - to cross water: First word - two syllables: The whole thing - fought a giant.
  14. Have I been transported in the night to North Korea ? Very disappointed that you posted that John. I think you should reconsider it. I don't doubt that there's been pressure put on you.
  15. It doesn't matter who made the error. They were the organisers and it's their event. He was killed here on the IOM at the T.T. Now here's a tough one for you: Who do you think that makes responsible and who carries the can ?
  16. I'd expect Aintree Hospital to make an announcement, perhaps even later today. This is not good.
  17. Alex Allinson is only interested in Alex Allinson.
  18. Of course, memories are sacred, and some of us can't handle the emotions and moral perspective. Fuck's sake...
  19. Nothing personal Roxanne but that's bollocks. Many of us recognise this 'true believer' stuff and the myth-making that goes on around masculine values, heroism, courage, ritual, tribalism, dumbshit morality - all that shite. All of it. It's not exclusive to road racing and T.T. riders. It's been around since ever. You can buy into it if it makes you feel part of something and turns you all misty-eyed, but it's the myth getting in your eyes. I don't wish to offend you but I'm tired of all this bullshit.
  20. I knew Dan as a lad - nice fella. He'd be in his late thirties now, maybe with kids. I don't know. But I think if I was his dad I'd regret every day that I let him get on a motorbike. I probably couldn't have stopped it but I'd always regret it. He didn't die a hero, he just died, doing something really dangerous, and it was all forseeable.
  21. I respect Max Power's view on this as on most things, but I wonder if others who've survived major trauma feel the same ? Do the families ? Surely most live out quiet lives and try to rebuild their shattered lives. Who knows what they really feel ? Could others adopt a coping strategy and self-respect by living out their days as a veteran and a survivor, but forever clinging on to who they were as a young man. This is common among military survivors of combat and life changing injury. I respectfully wonder how Steve Mercer feels, after a senseless and stupid decision by others. He was denied even the self-respect and 'glory' of achievement that ends most racing careers.
  22. No it's not. Maybe it's you guys who don't get it. I've grown up with the T.T. since I was a young lad in the early '60s. Don't think that for a moment I don't get it. I respect Roxanne's opinions on many topics but she's dead wrong on this.
  23. I imagine that after the incident on Saturday they want to play down any further bad news. But with so many camera phones and social media it's odd that we're still in the dark. There was absolutely nothing on Manx Radio. Expect something later tonight. Perhaps Gizo has just beaten me to it though.
  24. You should send that to Time magazine.
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