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  1. You should send that to Time magazine.
  2. You're being a smart-ass. It doesn't matter what's out of shot. What we do see are sidecar outfits going through standing water at speed. Racing slicks and water don't mix. What we see is a highly dangerous situation - flags or no flags. It could be the riders ignoring the flag warnings but whatever it's a shit-show and it has to stop.
  3. Probably not allowed to without checking with senior marshals and Race Control. Jesus that's amateur hour stuff. The big one's coming...
  4. You can see this coming. Either they'll put up so many obstacles to protect a local monopoly; or if it did go ahead they'll stiff the end consumer. It's probably a coin toss which. They're dealing with some big fish here and I don't trust 'IOM Government' with the national interest. It's always somebody else's interest...
  5. No one seems to have raised the costs of distribution once any gas is on shore. Does the MUA own all the infrastructure and what user agreement/licensing does Manx Gas have ?
  6. Anyone who doesn't see the possibilities here should get out of government. They're in the wrong job and shouldn't be influencing crucial national decisions about the Island's future. I can't think of a bigger betrayal of the Manx people than if Crogga is viable and the nay-sayers in Tynwald get to shut it down.
  7. One was a tallish chap with dark hair who would just read out from a book of Norse Sagas. I can't really remember the other guy. Marvellous stuff that.
  8. Did I hear right that Johnnie's going on tour with Jeff Beck now the court case has finished ? No doubt he'll be featured vocalist on Hi Ho Silver Lining for the encores.
  9. Ian Masterson was Head of Ballakermeen until well into the '90s. If I recall, the Education Dept. got rid of him after he expelled a few bullies. Gardening leave and early retirement.
  10. I've never heard it pronounced Crogga (Rhyme with Jogger) until recently. It was always Crow-ga. Anyway, good luck to them. If it comes off it could be the best thing to happen to the Island in my lifetime.
  11. Sired by a tattooed pikey in a pickelhaube helmet...
  12. Good programme that, although it needed someone with a bit more grasp of the energy industry than Paul M. Phil Gawne perhaps ? But seriously, why were Crogga 'gagged' from promoting the project ? Moulton should've asked. Who's really behind the opposition ?
  13. It's a brilliant place for kids to grow up. Relatively safe; green open spaces; beaches; parks; playgrounds; swimming pools, sports facilities; etc. Probably one of the best places in the world.
  14. I wish the fair was here just so that Mad Uncle Ronnie's daughter Sharon could take the kids and come home with a sore arse. That's not asking too much is it ?
  15. It's pointless to speculate on any of this. The vacuous and vacant world of two Hollywood dreamers paraded for all to see. Who knows what went on. Who cares ? Not me.
  16. For two weeks of the year some of them get to be rock and roll coppers. Plenty of overtime, fast cars and nice toys, high adrenaline and quick response. 'We're the Sweeney son and we haven't 'ad our dinner' The police used to 'calm' the visiting fans, like a sensible parent. Now they just wind them up.
  17. Give that idiot a sniper rifle. It's the police's job to be the visible authority, set a tone, and to be seen. Not lying on the ground in ambush. Get a grip IOM Constabulary. Every T.T. some of them go daft and forget the job.
  18. Thanks Quilp. I love film noir but have never watched this one. The '40s and early '50s were such a prolific period for classic noir that there are always more to watch. I tend to prefer the old movies. From the same era, I can recommend John Huston's, Beat the Devil (1953), also on YouTube. The print quality is not brilliant but if you like great dialogue, characters, and that post-war 'Greeneland' atmosphere, then it's for you. Marvellous stuff - but don't Bogart that joint !
  19. VIP areas and high ticket prices killed the live concert experience.
  20. It would be difficult to prove that a physical blacklist ever existed but it wouldn't surprise me in the least. There's no such thing as paranoia on the Island. If you think it, then it's probably true. There has certainly always been a systemic blacklist that disadvantages many local individuals and businesses in their dealings with Government, and a U.K. bias among senior execs in the Public Sector. We saw that with the Ranson Tribunal. The Island's traditional social structure has always ensured that social mobility is very limited on the Island. There's also a strong tradition of free-masonry, secrecy, cover-up, persecution, bullying, surveillance, and hounding of political subversives, leftists, trade unionists, whistleblowers and troublemakers. Roly Drower could've told you about that but he can't now. Then there's also the Manx crab culture that runs deep in the national psyche. How's that ?
  21. The Mountain Road has been closed most of the afternoon and now will remain closed till after practicing tonight. It's only Monday and already the usual chaos and inconvenience. When's the damn thing over ?
  22. Bonkers idea. Convicted prisoners ringing the police ? This is just more fuckwittery and all an invitation to mischief, timewasting and abuse. There is an official channel through the prison authorities if any inmate has information about a crime.
  23. That's not how Tynwald works though. Never has been. There's only one set of instructions. In practice there is little separation of powers, little real separation of executive and parliament. It's mostly consensus government right down the line; any dissenters bought off, sidelined or ignored and there's always more than one way to skin a cat. The AG and Chief Secretary give them the options; tell them what they're going to do and what's going to happen; there's a bit of ceremony; and then they vote for it and do it. It's government for show, while the unelected pull the strings.
  24. It's a Government backed boom market, with quick profits for the short term investor.
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