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  1. The only 'rebuttal' was when Ashie bent over Magson's desk...
  2. Ashford certainly had his pants pulled down by Magson and the team around her. He should've used his resignation speech to admit it and demonstrate that he gets it. Ministers continually get shafted under our system and it needs fixing if things are going to change. I won't be holding my breath...
  3. Chris Thomas MHK Chair of the Housing and Communities Board, has been on the NPM this morning, with his observations, that developers are building the wrong type of housing and speculators and investors are purchasing these new houses. No shit ?
  4. I think a lot of lives were destroyed at Abbotswood in more ways than one. Even police involvement but not a squeak from under that carpet, and no resignations with immediate effect. No nosy Q.C.s sticking their beak in...
  5. It took an outsider with a powerful torch (Q.C.) to clean the stable on this. It didn't happen from within. Couldn't have. Now five top execs and a minister have gone. That's how deep it goes - think about that - and there could be more. That's a high bodycount for one department and this sort of thing goes on across the whole public sector. Just the tip of the iceberg as others have said...
  6. Chris Robertshaw makes an interesting point in one of those episodes about Charters' appointment. Apparently he warned them at the interview process that the guy was patently unsuitable. But the decision was made and we know the rest. We didn't learn from that either. Did we ever find out the story (I certainly didn't) of what happened or is that still under IOM sub-judice too ?
  7. Yes plenty more to come before they screw the lid back down. Who employed Magson ? How much was her tax-free secondment ? Was there even a contract ? Has anyone seen it ? Does it still exist or has it been shredded ? Lots of undignified exits from our tin-pot republic this week; with no apologies, no explanation and no lessons learnt. Just a wheelbarrow waiting at the back door, a taxi to the airport, and a big pension for the rest of their days. Ashford's self-serving resignation speech was all about him (I've just watched it) and it did him no favours. To finish on a Churchill quote was a real tea-spitter. The President should've asked him to resume his seat long before the peroration.
  8. Most sane people want to see the end of gun ownership in America, but it's not going to happen. There are estimated to be over 400 million legally owned firearms in the USA. That's just the legal stuff. Try to get your head round that. I can't. It's very hard for us to understand, but there are tens of millions of Americans who own guns who would never, ever use them against another human being. Unless they had to. Decent; law abiding; hard working; respectful; nice ordinary people who believe in family, community and country, who mind their own business and wouldn't hurt a fly. Unless they had to. I've met plenty of them who'll once again be sickened by this latest shooting. But they understand that their beautiful country can also on rare occasions be a sick, violent place. Just one of those decent people could have prevented mass murder - but only with a gun. That's a hell of a truth and a moral tautology, but I haven't heard the answer yet. The truth is probably that much of the problem goes deeper than gun ownership and lies in America's individualist culture; a culture that can empower the minds of disturbed teenagers to go out and slaughter innocent schoolchildren for some sick fantasy. Despite the easy temptation to think it, it's not just all about the guns.
  9. I've always thought that Joe didn't really need the Eagles, and vice versa. It ended a wonderful solo career when he joined because his albums up to that point were all great. I agree with everything you say about his playing on Hotel California but I confess to preferring the earlier Eagles stuff with Bernie Leadon. It all ended in a blizzard of coke soon after Joe got onboard. Probably too many characters and too much talent in one band...?
  10. I'd think about contacting the Steinway dealers in the U.K. They might offer to buy it for reconditioning. Should be a serial number on it to identify the model and year. It looks a fine instrument and worth a considerable sum. Might be nice to find a Manx home for it though, rather than go into some wealthy millionaire's town house in London.
  11. Understandably, whenever there's another school shooting the focus is always on America's gun culture, but I think that this obscures a deeper problem that's usually missed. The school shootings invariably have one thing in common: they are nearly always by teenage boys. I'd argue that it's as much about the failures and lack of adult authority in American schools, communities and the family that creates these twisted teenage assassins. We're beginning to see the same problems in the U.K. particularly among black teenage drug gangs in London, but mercifully school shootings here are still rare (Dunblane is still an exception) and gun control is much stricter.
  12. I've watched a few of those Live from Daryl's House videos and this one with Joe is one of the best. Thanks Quilp.
  13. Ain't dat the truth. I've seen it many times.
  14. The one name that's not coming up here is Ashford's boss, Howard Quayle. This goes right to the heart of how the Island is governed/administered and although I doubt that Howard knew all the shenanigans, the CM should've known/been told that Ashford was in the shit and getting deeper. Whether he knew or not is a thread that needs to be unravelled if we're going to get to the bottom of this. This should only be the beginning.
  15. Sounds very much to me like a criminal investigation should now take place.
  16. If Jack Monroe wants to waste her money on lawyers, let her crack on. She'll lose. Lee Anderson is an excellent MP doing a great job for the real people of Nottingham.
  17. 'Wasn't employed by the IOM DHSC' ? I'd like to see that contract. I wonder who drew it up and signed it off ?
  18. How can any public servant refuse to submit to a tribunal ? Isn't it effectively a civil court ? What were her terms of contract with the DHSC that gave her this professional immunity ?
  19. Alf will already have been called to the big wigwam and told what he's going to do. Don't you worry about that. The Keys and even Comin will be kept even further from the real decision loop than normal.
  20. David Ashford has to go, no question. He rightly put himself front and centre of the DHSC when he was minister and was on the bridge the whole time. It's only right then that the buck stopped with him. Until heads roll nothing will change.
  21. Who mentioned a cull or killing the gulls ? That's not what I'm saying at all. I do know of one small cafe though that lost a lot of customers because of the seagulls. What's your solution ?
  22. That's daft Gladys. We can happily co-exist with the gulls without shutting facilities. There are thousands where I live and we rub along pretty well together.
  23. The park and its amenities are a beautiful resource for the people and visitors, not gulls. They don't pay rates and keep the park going. The crazy golf course needs a bit of attention but it's a very attractive facility that should be fully open. Presumably they're prepared to close more holes or other facilities too if the gulls are using them. Thousands of gulls are nesting all over Ramsey so what else are we prepared to close to accommodate their breeding habits ? They're hardly a rare species, or the crazy golf course a natural and established breeding ground. Some idiot needs his/her ass kicked for this decision.
  24. Lovely to hear that again. Sad though that Arlo's counter-culture spirit hasn't been seen or heard at the IOMTT for a very long time. They'd probably put a sticker on it now and charge money for it...
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