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  1. lol - Im not that desperate, but thanks anyway.
  2. Hi All, Im leaving it a little late in the day, but does anyone know if there is anywhere on the IOM stocking a BB-8? Iv been asked for on elast minute and cannot get it here for Xmas. Help? Gavin.
  3. I wish I had seen this before I employed Simply Roofing for a repair job on my roof. Im out of pocket and its been a bit of a nightmare. I have informed the OFT, so heres hoping...
  4. Im after any kind of old motorbike, running or otherwise. Let me know if you have anything of interest. Has to be dirt cheap...
  5. Cheers, thats really helpful, Ill give 'em a ring on Monday to be double sure. I was hoping to not have to hire a transit to get there and back, maybe more than once. Is the Manx test about the same as an MOT, I that, if the bike is MOT'able then its likely to pass? Anyone done this ever? Its an ex-plod bike so hopefully, itll not be so bad. G.
  6. In the UK, your legally allowed to drive a vehicle without an MOT to and from the testing station, as long as that is the sole intent of the journey. I have a bike that needs to be retested, I dont suppose by any chance your allowed to go to and from the test centre for the same reason? Gavin.
  7. Is anyone getting rid of an arm chair, I need one or two until my new suite arrives in a few months time. Free or very cheap, but I can collect.
  8. Gavsta


    Small video from Peel this morning.
  9. TechCentre on 665859 do data recovery.
  10. Hi, Im after a cheap old motorbike. Anything that anyone has knocking about that maybe needs a bit of TLC, has to be a runner though. Basically anything that could be considered a "winter project" email me direct: gavin[at]stoof.co.uk
  11. And there is no way around that? Does *any* internet work on payg?
  12. Alt and click your speaker icon will bring up the extended preferences. Then click to open the sound prefs?? This is on 10.6.2 Gavin.
  13. Hi, Does anyone have an iPhone on pay as you go with MT, and if so, can you confirm if the 3G internet works with it? The sales droid says not, but Im certain that I saw that it can do. Can anyone confirm please? Gavin.
  14. 2003 Peugeot Speedfight 2 100cc. Silver paintwork, plastics all complete with no cracks. One or 2 small scraps but nothing to worry abaout. Frame has been sandblasted back to bear metal, then zinc oxided and then repainted, no rust on this bike at all. Exhaust was also blasted and repainted in heat resistant paint. Cylinder head and barrel vapour blasted at the same time, like new now! New engine gaskets, new spark plug with a spare Brand new rear tyre, front tyre almost new, the bike was recently subject to a complete strip down and rebuild, all the nuts and bolts have been re
  15. Hi, I am wanting to get my Kitchen floor re-tiled, along with the utilty room and the conservatory. Firstly can anyone recommend a decent tiler to do a good job, and secondly, where is the best place on Island to purchase tiles from? I have used that place near Tesco before, but I note it not there any more Any help would be great - cheers. Gavin.
  16. How unfortunate. That restriction gets lifted tomorrow.
  17. Oh god not another one that thinks we don't travel, jeez. Its OK, hes just one of the ones that Clunes was on about - bloody comeover, only here to save on paying income tax. He comes across as being smug doesnt he? But you're only agin him because he has a different point of view than you about the bikes. As do many people. So any perception of smugness is an irrelevance. I dont have an issue with anyone haveing a differing opinion about about bikes. I have an issue with him being a git.
  18. Oh god not another one that thinks we don't travel, jeez. Its OK, hes just one of the ones that Clunes was on about - bloody comeover, only here to save on paying income tax. He comes across as being smug doesnt he?
  19. Firstly, I did not refer to the roads as "mine" and also just because I am not local, does this mean I am not to make comment on a country where I live, work and pay taxes in. This is why the IOM will always be behind the times because its people cannot take constructive criiticism from outsiders. At least I have travelled the world and can pass judgement on other places. This forum should be renamed Xenophobic Forums hey! Theres a boat in the morning...
  20. Interested in this, what brand is it and how old is it please? Hi, Its about 4 years old, and its a whirlpool. Photo here: Its in perfect condition and working order, there is a slight mark on the lid where I spilt a little bit of resin on it, but thats all. Email me direct on: gwilby[at]stoof.co.uk
  21. You must be the exception Most of the bikers sit about 1-2 m back from the right side of a car waiting to zip out at any opportunity and often causing the car coming the other way to have to brake. Then they swerve in front and you have to brake to maintain a safe braking distance. Ill be honest here, but most of the guys I know dont ride like that at all - if one does, then take the number and have a word with plod!
  22. it's also called jumping into other people's braking distance to the next vehicle, and bikers could get ever so slightly annoyed if you had to stop suddenly and they got ...er..... squashed in the middle Ill concede that jumping into a gap that small is bloody stupid, but thats not what I meant really.
  23. exactly - we all know road regulations only apply to those in 4 wheeled vehicles No, it applies to bikes as well. Maybe I should have said "Solid double white lines". G.
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