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  1. Hey, if you fancy a bit of a laugh you could do worse than check out our crud at myspace.com/4paccunit NSFW, doleys welcome
  2. I'm sure we can all agree that the most suitable compromise would be for him to move to Chicken Rock.
  3. This happened to a mate of mine a few years back. Never gave it any thought at the time, if someone leaves you it always feels shit, otherwise you would have got rid of them first. But then the same comment was raised amongst us: 'How bad is that, leaving him for a woman?' - I declined to comment at the time. But I will now having read this thread, under my highly anonymous name. If you're knowingly seeing someone bisexual then you run the risk of them leaving you for a man or a woman. Tough shit loser. That's life, and all that. If her sexuality changes while you're with h
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