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  1. I guess I have the answer to the question of where is the debate on this issue. Futile debate about gay marriage, snot, horse and plough-but childcare, forget it. No wonder there have been three childcare public inquiries on the Isle of Man in the last ten years. Nobody much cares. The MEA scandal provoked huge responses- maybe because it was financial. Take a look at the the forum figures. Scandalous.
  2. I misread it-thought she said wasn't the inquiry outsourced-my mistake. They are outsourced but were supervised by social services. It was their job to hire competent professionals and they failed. It was the system that failed. Any subcontractor is only as good, or bad, as the contract.
  3. No, it's chaired by one of your Acting Deemsters.
  4. There are many reasons to care about this, apart from the obvious, and one of those reasons is that the final findings of this inquiry may be so damning that it's recommendations maybe that the Isle of Man is not able to run it's own affairs and a system of direct rule should be introduced from Westminster. Therefore the public should be demanding that public employees get their act together and make sure they are properly qualified and trained and accountable.
  5. The transcripts of the childcare inquiry are published on the government website. I have been reading through them and they paint a picture of an abusive and incompetent social services. There seems to be virtually no public debate about what has been coming out. Why is this? Is nobody much interested or is it what you already knew?
  6. Only on the Isle of Man could you still have people like Rog peddling their obnoxious views. You try and persuade people that your'e not stuck in a time warp and yet the moderators do remind him that such homophobic views are no longer tolerated.
  7. Bell Pottinger First Financial to be precise. Interesting background-their name pops up wherever there is some spinning to do: Tim Bell (full name Timothy John Leigh Bell) is founder of the British PR firm Bell Pottinger Public Affairs and a member of the British Parliament's upper chamber. In 1970, Bell was one of the founders of the advertising company Saatchi & Saatchi. He played a critical role in the career of conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Bell directed the advertising campaigns for the Conservative Party in the 1979, 1983 and 1987 elections. In 1990,
  8. The rat posters were designed by governments PR company Bell Pottinger. They don't refer to the actual rodents but it is in fact a cry for help. They are trying to deter people from coming to the island in case they find out about the scandals. It's a last ditch attempt to stop the offshore trust funds looking elsewhere before the **** hits the fan. A valiant attempt but it won't work in the digital age.
  9. chris

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    Billions of pounds are funnelled through the offshore tax havens. Why not just impose a 1% tax on all the funds that flow through your island which avoids tax and use it for social programmes. That way you can look after everyone and you don't have to sell old peoples houses. Simple.
  10. Roly Drower? MEA? Mount Murray? Lack of European Convention on Human Rights? Lack of Government Ombudsman? It's not that difficult is it?
  11. It was just an idle thought-thought I'd try and start a bit of a debate-seems very slow.
  12. But what about public demonstrations about internal matters such as establishment cronyism and the failure of the Deemsters protection of civil rights?
  13. MEA. Perfect subject for some sort of demo? Has everyone gone to bed?
  14. You can still demonstrate even if your'e related. There's no law against it.
  15. When was the last time there was a public demonstration on the Isle of Man? I have looked in the news archives and cannot find any reference to any. At what point do the the people on the island take to the streets to show their disquiet at corruption within the establishment? Many posts have suggested that the level of political and judicial incompetence and corruption is no different from anywhere else. In every other country, whether it be the UK or Zimbabwe the people voice their concerns through public displays of disaffection.
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