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  1. City hold that honour. Champions 36/37, relegated 37/38.
  2. Robin Bailey.... remember it well. Wasn't Hilda Baker in that series?Liz Smith. Obviously don't remember it that well?
  3. I'm after any recommendations the good folks of MF can offer regarding holiday accommodations for this July? Preferably in the west but open to any suggestions. I've done the usual trawling through websites but I thought I'd put it on here and see if anything new pops up? Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  4. Well done sir! You were a man down this year though. Did you get to kiss the Governors wife or do you have to be an MLC? A good day was apparently had by all and after a few years of declining numbers (probably due to the weather) it was good that the day was well attended. A pity the Tynwald Inn was closed though. I would have thought as much trade could be done on Tynwald Day as the rest of the year put together. I believe that Greens capitalised on the situation and soon ran out of beer. But they made enough selling tins of Boddingtons (less than a pint) for £3. Daylight robbery
  5. Really looking to sell the lot in one go.
  6. It was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek comment about scum of the earth but it can still be very annoying when you have to actually hold a strangers meal whilst they and/or their partner is shimmying back and forth to the facilities. Overweight I may be but it doesn't take me any longer than anyone else to get out of my seat and as I usually sit in an aisle seat I'm up and down more than most during a long-haul flight (it doesn't bother me in the slightest at other times just peeves me somewhat when food is being served).
  7. 30 mins? Really? Absolute nonsense, and even if this scenario ensued it would have been moments meaning you chose to leave your seat as the "trolley dolly" was making her rounds. People like you are scum. Sub-human scum. Are you morbidly obese? Matthew you know I am. Still doesn't change the fact that there is no way it took anyone 30 mins to get out of their seat and it doesn't change the fact that people who leave their seat when meals/snacks are being served are scum.
  8. 30 mins? Really? Absolute nonsense, and even if this scenario ensued it would have been moments meaning you chose to leave your seat as the "trolley dolly" was making her rounds. People like you are scum. Sub-human scum.
  9. LARGE selection of electrical accessories available. All ex-stock and brand new. Consumer units, rcd's, isolators, enclosures, switches, sockets, pendants, metal back-boxes, surface boxes, junction boxes etc. etc...... Would be an absolute bargain for an electrician or builder. PM for details.
  10. Ikea computer desk with pull out shelf for keyboard. Glass top to protect desk. Superb, solid condition. Douglas £50
  11. Don't know if he's still there but I bet the single guy occupying the 5 bedroom property in Lord Street is getting a little nervous if he's reading this and the newspaper. He was certainly there about 2.5 years ago when I last worked there and he told me he took it over from his parents when they died. He'd have been mid/late 40's probably.
  12. I contacted them about mine in which the case had cracked just a few days over the 12 months. At first they didn't want to know until I mentioned the 1979 Sale of Goods Act (of which I'm sure you're aware) under which the retailer is responsible for the product being "fit for purpose". That means that should the product fail at any time in its lifetime (the definitions of which are variable but should be at least 4/5 years for something like a Kindle) then Amazon, as the retailer, are responsible for getting it fixed or replaced, at no cost to you. The fact that there was plenty of evidence th
  13. Utd have always spent big yes but the biggest difference is that their funds were self-generated and not lottery wins. Those players you mention above were big fees but are spread over many years (Ferdinand 10 years ago for example) and is often only a player or two at a time to complement an effective squad rather than wholesale changes. This accusation of Utd buying the league is pure myth as is your statement about them spending millions more than everyone else over the last 20 years. They're not even close to that as http://www.transferl...92-to-2011.html shows.
  14. Long shot I know but has anyone seen a black & white cat (smallish, looks like a large kitten but is older), black tail, in the St. Johns area? It's my sisters and she's over visiting my parents for a few weeks and last night it got out somehow and it's not been seen since. It's very friendly but obviously might be a little wary due to unfamiliar surroundings. Any help gratefully received. Cheers.
  15. I'm curious as to which flat this is as in the past 18-24 months I've worked in 99% of Lord Street flats and never seen one used as a store?
  16. 2001 Nissan Vanette E 2.3 Diesel. 72,000. New exhaust 12 months ago, new nearside front brakes 6 months ago, brand new battery, brand new spare tyre. £1395
  17. Ooh unlucky, it seems Slim disagrees with you? Also it has nothing to do with my (in)ability to drive a vehicle because as I've stated elsewhere I could be several vehicles back but you can still see what the selfish little group gets up to.
  18. Now that's a belter. I have regularly followed groups from Ballacraine to Douglas and have never, ever seen this happen.
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