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  1. my gov salery was put in this morning which I was pleased with
  2. My wages were due to go in my account at Midnight last night and nothing their and the banks are closed till monday now. My bank account has not been updated since tuesday,does anyone know if the bank accounts will be updated tonight?
  3. Hiya I was wondering if anyone knows about the heating oil which Laxey filling station sell as were finding it very difficult with the costs other outlets are asking for. Any help would be great Thanks ,
  4. manxland


    Do Tesco have Self service tills?
  5. All Public Sector Workers will Strike not just Postal workers
  6. You lot dont understand what goes on behind closed doors. I have worked for the post office for 13 years now and its time Managment sorted it all out. Its not just a payrise were moaning about.
  7. Hiya I am wanting to buy a few things from Argos, they are only little things. Does anyone know any carries that would get them items for me and deliver them to me and how much you think it would be
  8. Hello all I have a Isle of Man Bank Loan and been paying my repayments for about 5 years now and was wondering if I can claim back the PPI insurance over here (does anyone know if you can do that over here?
  9. I Just styed in fort new year
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