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  1. I think this is broadly right: arguing over the punishment is like arguing over what sort of lock to put on the stables after the horse has bolted. We need to get ahead of the game, and focusing on prevention rather than cure. I suspect that there are many things we could do to lower the risk, and I'm sure that the expert professionals in Public Health IOM could come up with additional things beyond: -having clear audio announcements at the sea terminal or airport; -testing arrivals for their comprehension and understanding of the rules; -fast Coronavirus tests on arrival to IOM
  2. I - like almost every other person in this thread - want to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading in our community. I think that the problem here is that through this Coronavirus episode, the Manx court system (like in the case of drugs and child sexual abuse) is failing to differentiate between crimes of stupidity and crimes of evil. In cases of crimes of stupidity, locking people up for lengthy terms has no meaningful deterrent effect because the next offender doesn't realise he's committing a crime when he stops to get petrol. Almost by definition, these crimes of stupidity are committed
  3. Hell of a post to make there, buddy: using someone's national background to try exclude them from a conversation about racism. The irony has been laid on thick!
  4. I think they did a really weird job of communicating the report, so much so that they accidentally buried the most surprising and interesting result: that self-identified Black, Asian, etc., respondents on the Isle of Man broadly identified racism as less of a problem than the white respondents did. 82% of all respondents thought that "a little, some, or a great deal of racism exists" on IOM. Only 60% of "Black, Asian, etc." did. 32% of all respondents thought "our island has already made the changes to give all racial and ethnic groups equal rights" but 50% of Black, Asian, etc., re
  5. This is literally why the ILO created a standard definition of unemployment: so that unemployment rates could be compared across jurisdictions. That's why the ILO definition of the word "unemployment" exists, and that's the honest way to compare unemployment rates between IOM and UK. Indeed, you've accidentally proven why such international standards exist: the 3.9% figure that you've quoted for the UK's unemployment rate is, of course, the ILO-definition of unemployment*. You've been tricked by the IOM Government into comparing the nonsense-IOM figure with the honest-UK figure. That's wh
  6. This - the Isle of Man Government is cutting support, not adding to it. Their support was much more miserly than elsewhere, that's probably a big part of why our unemployment is already up at 5% while in the UK, the latest figures have it below 4%.
  7. Uh, really? I thought that it was pretty mundane and obvious. Why would any normal person care about me? They shouldn't! They have far more important things happening in their lives: their families, their vocations, their communities, and so on.
  8. Because the underlying story is likely to be interesting to the audience. I don't think that the newspapers, Manx Telecom TV, or Manx Radio particularly care about me as an individual. I am very, very, confident that most people on the Isle of Man don't care about me. But the people of the Isle of Man are likely to be interested in housing being increasingly expensive relative to earnings, for a few key reasons: a) it means that our collective children are being pushed to leave and live somewhere more affordable; b) the high cost of housing puts a huge amount of stress on household b
  9. https://youtu.be/ctZFTmOT3rs?t=250 Short version: build more homes, especially on the brownfield sites of inner/central Douglas. Not only would that help make housing more accessible to more people, but further, it will help create new jobs and better protect the environment on the Isle of Man.
  10. Sorry, but no, it doesn't impact the dataset used: The dataset relates to 1988-2019, which is obviously prior to any Coronavirus-related issues and any repatriations. Judging from your comments, the future impact of the Coronavirus and "repatriations" will probably exaggerate my underlying point, since this sudden new demand for housing will further increase prices (as you say) while at the same time putting downward pressure on earnings (since unemployment etc. is spiking).
  11. I've published the underlying data at the bottom of this page online here for your use as you see fit: https://liberalvannin.im/liberal-vannin-investigation-reveals-state-of-manx-housing-crisis/ It includes the mean (commonly called "average") data as well- I prefer using the median data, as that is skewed less by big outliers, especially in a situation like earnings and house prices where there's a very obvious lower bound but no upper bound. But if you want to use the mean (average) you can use that as you see fit for your own usage. As I outline in the press release (linked
  12. This is another strong reason to do this:
  13. Oh no, I think there's a lot of other time I spent that wasn't effectively used. Indeed, the dozens of posts and articles on various policy issues I made on my website probably didn't help me to win as much as knocking on more doors would have. Continuing to volunteer on a weekly basis for the foodbank probably didn't help me to win as much as knocking on more doors would have. Spending time engaging on social media so much probably didn't help me to win as much as knocking on more doors would have. Meeting with various people with various policy concerns (everything from animal welfare campai
  14. The successful candidates knocked on more doors than I did. They didn't waste time responding to comments on here, instead, they talked to actual voters in person.
  15. The idea that this election turned on my lack of policy substance is completely bonkers and insane. It's a totally nutty take that has no meaningful relationship to reality. Addressing that point is impossible because it is not grounded in the reality of the universe that we live in.
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