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  1. Have at it, folks! https://michaeljosem.com/douglas-south-manifesto-a-strong-voice-for-our-community/ (I feel a little like I'm setting the lions loose here; enjoy!)
  2. Hah, thanks for the production feedback, but the lighting is awful. Getting a proper microphone helped though, as did spending 3 hours editing the thing last night at home.
  3. What is this nonsense? Please stop lying. Anyone can see all the posts I "liked" or "favourited" on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/MichaelJosem/likes
  4. Hah! I will not be Chief Minister, nor even a candidate for Chief Minister, anytime soon. You can rest easy!
  5. Sadly, the people elected in the by-election won't get to vote for Chief Minister in this Tynwald. But as for the next? I'll support the leader of the Liberal Vannin Party, which I expect to be Lawrie Hooper.
  6. I suggest that in the future, you steal from this guy and apologise with bacon instead*. *Don't apologise like this to vegetarians, they might not like it. But then they may apologise for punching you in the face twice (and that apology might come with bacon).
  7. In the current system, candidates for the House of Keys should declare who they would support to be Chief Minister. Voting to create a Government is literally the most important vote in the life of any parliament. I think that in almost every other parliamentary democracy in the world, candidates announce who they would support to form a Government*. (*I think the Israeli Knesset is an outlier here. There might be others with complicated proportional representation systems which require extensive post-election negotiations to form a Government - but even there, like in German provinces where no party has a majority, voters have an idea of who their representatives will support to form a Government - when they cast their ballot paper at the general election)
  8. Sorry should not be the hardest word. (With apologies to Elton John)
  9. I'm not familiar with the details of any transactions listed in Mark Kemp's tweet, but if someone was concerned about impropriety here, these seem like very easy FOI requests to submit: Just request a copy of the invoices/receipts/purchase orders/contracts involved here.
  10. I would prefer to say "Australian by birth, and becoming Manx by choice" - But the bio on Twitter is limited in the number of characters, and I think that the law requires that I list where I live, so I had to add that in around the start of the campaign. Hence: An optimistic modern liberal. Born Australian, becoming Manx. michael@michaeljosem.com // +447624488557 Tweets are by me at 1 Hillary Wharf, South Quay, Douglas
  11. I saw David Fowler out the other day (weekend before last, I think) and he seemed very friendly from the 15 seconds we spent chatting in Farm Hill. I bumped into Claire Christian at Cycle 360 and had lunch at the same table, and she seems like a decent human being. I don't recall seeing anyone else out and about.
  12. Haha, you do make a very compelling case!
  13. Fortunately, my limited intellectual capabilities are well matched to a maximum of 280 characters.
  14. That information comes from the Isle of Man Government Well, theoretically. But as discussed in the original Boot interview here with ManxRadio, not many people have benefited from that.
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