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  1. Yes, I think this is substantially right - Different sources have different numbers, so I sought to collate and publish those here: https://michaeljosem.com/isle-of-man-suicides-over-time/ For the ten year period from 2008 2017, there were* 9.2 suicides per year, with a standard deviation of 2.7. For the ten year period from 1981-1990, there were 6.1 suicides per year (which, given the different population size, is roughly similar per capita to the 2010s numbers)
  2. Both of the claims here are wrong. The reported figures for 2020 were not an increase or decrease of 2, 3, or 4, but rather, a multiplication by 3 or 4. 2020 wasn't just statistical variation, but a statistically significant increase outside the normal bounds. Media reports indicate that there were as many suicides in 2020 alone as 2017, 2018 and 2019 combined. That's not something that can be dismissed as not statistically significant. Indeed, Public Health IOM has also confirmed the surge in local suicides: “There has been a large increase in suspected suicides in recent months above the baseline of previous years" they said, and they were seeking to establish a real-time suicide surveillance and postvention in an initiative they are calling Suspected Suicide Rapid Response.
  3. Before the pandemic, from 2015-2017 (the most recent years for which I found data to be available) the suicide rate in IOM was basically the same as in England: 10.2/100k in IOM, against 9.9/100k in England. See here: https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/departments/cabinet-office/public-health/health-intelligence/mortality-reporting/ Although the 2018/19 Mortality Report has been published by Public Health IOM, I could not find any updated suicide rates for that period. My suspicion is that suicide is, to a certain degree, effectively contagious. That is, people can only commit suicide if they can consider it as an option, and more media/community focus on the issue lodges it in people's minds. Last year, we suffered an outbreak here in IOM, and hopefully it reduces now and into the future.
  4. Perhaps surprisingly, there was a reduction in suicides across much of the Western world: the Isle of Man is a weird outlier on this front. In the Isle of Man, there appears* to have been a big increase in suicides during 2020, but in many other Western nations, the suicide rate was flat or lower than previous years. *Manx data here is subject to a whole bunch of limitations relating to how and when suicides are counted etc.
  5. What odds and stakes are you offering?
  6. I think a better world would be improving the ability of people to prosper in different aspects of life, while improving our efforts to honour the heritage of our community. Different people want to prosper in different paths (some are driven by money; some are driven by family; some are driven by sport; some are driven by service; some are driven by faith; some are driven by community) and I think we can improve those opportunities for more people. Simultaneously, I think that we should honour, and be grateful for, the heritage of our community. That is partly the economic inheritance (because eating is important!), but more importantly, the cultural and legal heritage that allows many people to prosper in different ways, but also the service of our predecessors in different channels of life. I'm not hiding the Manx TaxPayers' Alliance. There are some people in this thread (and elsewhere) who have asked questions about the identity of supporters, and I think it is illegal for me to answer such questions. There are some other people who have asked about various statistical/demographic aspects of revenue from the Manx TaxPayers' Alliance, and I'm declining to answer such questions because as far as I can tell, literally no other not-for-profit organisation is expected to answer such questions. I do not think that any charity has provided such information (I don't know on this point for sure) and I suspect that not even political parties have provided such information (maybe they will in the future if they see a political advantage to doing so? maybe the newest laws require it? I'm not sure).
  7. I am a member of the Manx TaxPayers' Alliance, and yes I contribute financially. But that contribution is obviously more than offset by the fact that I am employed by the Manx TaxPayers' Alliance. As a result, I am a member and an employee of the Manx TaxPayers' Alliance, and a net recipient of money (in the form of my salary) from the Manx TaxPayers' Alliance.
  8. If you are unfamiliar with the various laws, rules and regulations that protect privacy, there's a comprehensive website online here: https://www.inforights.im/
  9. I guess this conversation has run its course.
  10. Well, if you get the law retrospectively, I would? But then it would move on to some other distraction or triviality. Ultimately, I don't think it is a good faith search, because none of this nonsense was directed at any of the other candidates. Indeed, some candidates were closely associated with establishing charities, or owned multiple properties, and no one ever asked them to identify either the donors or the people paying for the other properties.
  11. The Isle of Man election was held in 2021, not 2020.
  12. Thanks. I find it difficult to imagine there will be a "next time" - it would be like Lazarus having a triple heart bypass. I'll continue to have a deep interest in policy, and continue to have a deep contempt for politics. I ran, the public chose others, so be it! Just look at the awfulness of this thread. I ran as a candidate because I want to discuss ideas about making our world better. And instead, we live in a social media world focused on petty personal trivialities that make SW1 look like a place of great strategic leadership. Perhaps it would have been better to ignore all of it. Oh well.
  13. The simple reality is that it is illegal to answer your question. If you don't like the law, you should lobby to get it changed. I didn't make the laws, I just obey them.
  14. Exactly. I'm no longer a candidate (FYI, I lost!) so it isn't relevant any longer. Obviously, I will not be sitting in the House of Keys, and will not be voting on legislation etc.
  15. They probably made the right decision. So be it!
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