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  1. I've never seen a man speak for 20 minutes non-stop without drawing breath. That's the medical miracle he should be promoting!
  2. Well, IOM Today did report that Mr Heading was associated with His Majesty's plan "to design and build a £1bn ’egg kingdom’ off the Manx coast." An online CV purporting to be from His Majesty also touts their relationship.
  3. Of course this is a lie. Of course this is unsurprising from a proven fantasist.
  4. I guess "geography of birth" is one way that you can determine it. Other people might decide on the basis of ethnicity, or culture, or nationality. I don't think there's an objectively "correct" answer today. Why would you not expect to claim that? Literally hundreds of thousands of people do so every year, and saying that an immigrant can't become Australian* is an wildly offensive thing in the eyes of many people. There are community festivals and ceremonies held in figuratively every town in Australia where people claim the right to become Australian. Welcoming migrants to be f
  5. It's definitely possible - I do not know. The explanation by @Roger Mexico is persuasive to me. My gut feeling is that it comes down to how you define someone as "Manx" - our imprecise English language has a bunch of people that might be considered Manx in various contexts, and not in other contexts. For example: A) PersonA has 4 grandparents born in IOM and 2 parents born in IOM, but the mother gives birth in Liverpool. PersonA tragically dies a week after birth - is that person "Manx", despite never having been to IOM? What if they live be to 70 years old and never visi
  6. That's a really fascinating trove of data, thanks for sharing. I wonder how many of the things are due to odd "island" statistical/counting issues. For example, it reports that infant mortality (row 174) is much, much, lower in IOM (0.9) compared to England (3.9). Is it possibly because IOM mothers who are expected to have difficult births are transferred to deliver in Liverpool or elsewhere?
  7. I admire your consistency to keep telling the same lie, and to put your lie in quotes, to deceive other people into thinking it was an actual quote. Every time that I have even used the word "country" on Twitter is available here. Every time I have used "9th" on twitter is available here. Of course your fake quote doesn't exist. What I have said - and continue to believe - is that for a long time, the Isle of Man had one of the highest death rates in the world. That wasn't something that I decided, that was what the data showed at the time. Indeed, even today, despite having had just
  8. Oh, I'm sure that some people may think that way. I think that's because we live in an civilisation dominated by a fake expert political class, who take no accountability for any of their mistakes. Thus, it certainly takes a bit of confidence (or hubris!) to point out that the emperor is wearing no clothes. For years, we've had politicians who lie and mislead us. You should be angry at those who have lied and misled, not the guy who points out the truth.
  9. I guess this sort of hubris on "experts" and "qualifications" - rather than the actual facts of the matter - is why your infamous chart turned out to be deeply wrong, and my charts are right. This is what happens when intellectual-yet-idiots run our political system with such arrogance towards outsiders. It doesn't matter if you've the most credentialed person in the world, or you're a homeless guy who didn't finish school. It is the facts that matter, and true science is open, subject to scrutiny, and can be replicated.
  10. I think every role has its positives and its negatives. I actually think your zoo keeper analogy is perfect: I think the worst part about being elected would be being stuck in a cage of politicians. Our modern western society have a deeply arrogant political class that portrays themselves as experts, when they have no expertise, they have no skin in the game, and are generally clowns. So yes, being in a workplace with that sort of person makes my skin crawl! Someone asked me the other day about the factors that I was considering (and I think these apply basically any candidate who conside
  11. Not in its current form. The institution of Tynwald pre-dates Westminster, but the Tynwald of the 11th century is nothing like the Tynwald of the 21st century. The Tynwald of the 21st century is obviously a Westminster-derived form and model.
  12. The US certainly elects a lot more governmental officials. One place even elects their local dogcatcher. I know that this isn't the place for serious ideas, but in the world where we are unlikely to fundamentally change our Westminster political system, a smaller or more achievable reform might be to have term limits on managers in the public service. That might help re-weight the power towards democratically-accountable MHKs, etc.
  13. The people of Douglas South chose the other folks; Unlike folks in America, I respect the results of elections I don't want to absolutely rule out standing for Douglas South again, but it is difficult for me to imagine doing so. I think it is good that migrants have jobs sorted out before moving to a new country. That's why, for example, I think the IOM's work permit system (while probably not perfect) is a reasonable starting point. I think that much of the acrimony behind the Brexit debate and referendum could have been avoided if there was a return to the pre-1992 Maastricht t
  14. Yeah, I'm not sure who/what car you might have seen, but here's a video of my car on election day in the background: https://www.facebook.com/100139794914931/videos/800494937361808 A beast of a mighty three (!) cylinder, one-litre, engine!
  15. My car is a Volkswagen Up. I do not understand why you would tell untruths about such a dumb and obviously false thing.
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